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Re: Anthem - Обсуждение игры (основная тема)

Наткнулся на темы 1 и 2 о звуке.

BioWareJer Audio Director

Sorry to say, we didn't get an opportunity to patch anything audio related inbetween weekends - it is however, completely fixed (and polished) in the release build. Hopefully you can bear with us until then!

We are planning on improving and integrating better voice chat in the future. Didn't have time to make it perfect, but baseline functionality is there, at least in release.
Любопытно. То есть собирается параллельно релизная сборка, к которой пока у игроков нет доступа.

Ну и лишний раз на тему доната.

T0TALfps Community Coordinator

Microtransactions will indeed be cosmetic only and they won't touch power. It's earnable through playing the game too. All future content when it comes to additional features and story will be made available at no extra cost.
Только косметика и много гринда.