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Старый 12.01.2019, 12:34
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Re: Не даёт пригласить/присоединиться к команде
ни у кого проблем подобных нет?
вышел патч 10 декабря, проблема осталась
приглашение кидаю, а у друга его нет

написал в беседку, они ответили:
If you are experiencing this issue, we recommend to firstexit the game entirely and restart it.

If that does not resolve it, proceed to the troubleshootingbelow:

Ensure that your ports are accurately opened
These are the required ports for Fallout 76:
  • TCP: 80
  • TCP: 443
  • UDP: 3000-3010
For exact directions on port forwarding your router, pleaserefer to your router's manual or website.

Bethesda.net Only

If you are not able to add a friend as they do not appearand you know they are online, have both of you exit the game and come backonline. Alternately, have a third player add you and your friend to theirfriend list and then add you to the same group. From there, add your friend toyour friend list.
но это тоже не решило проблемы, порты открыты, игру 100 раз перезапускал..