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Старый 27.01.2018, 01:28
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Re: Revelation - Развитие EU-версии и “Мифы и биографии” на русских серверах
Сообщение от Kerayra:
Европейский регион тепло воспринял MMORPG Revelation
Вот некоторые посты

"Oh, look, a broken P2W mess is bringing its awesomeness to France and Germany! How long did it take for this over-hyped crap to die here? 3 months or so? Wow"

"avoid this game! really! botland and p2w and near empty now"

"P2W as hell, pay $100 and you gain 3 months of gameplay or more. They launched half the game and before the endgame, 80% of the player base had already uninstalled.
The level cap was supposed to be 79, but they chose to launch the game in parts. before the content lvl 60-69 was ready the servers were already empty."

Нельзя служить закону за деньги,нужно быть законом.