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Character Wipe

Due to the massive leveling changes that the community asked for as described inour previous post, we have issued a full Character/Account reset in the game assimply put, it would not be possible to transfer anyhing from the previousversion of the game due to the sheer amount of mechanic changes.

New Class: Primaris Psyker Inquisitor

Certain Inquisitors used to serve the Imperium of Man as Primaris Psykers before they have reached their current ranks in the Inquisition. They are among the rare sanctioned few who can wield Psychic powers legally. Since Psykers could present a potential danger to entire worlds, the Inquisition relentlessly hunts them down, and those who are strong enough are recruited into Imperial service, fulfilling vital roles – like the Primaris Psykers. Their powers are drawn from the Warp as a weapon to smite the enemies of the Emperor, and Inquisitors with the Primaris Psyker background are experts in harnessing these boundless energies. In combat they rely on their psychic powers, preferring light armour and psychically attuned weapons.

A Primaris Psyker Inquisitor channels otherworldly energies, but they always risk damnation, deadly backlash from the Immaterium, not to mention the corrosive consequences of this sinister power on his own psyche. In game terms, Psyker Inquisitors gain penalties for using psychic powers, which may spawn Warp anomalies, so this character class requires a very different gameplay style compared to the Crusader of the Assassin Inquisitor.

There are three main specialist Inquisitors with Psyker background in the game, depending on the special wargear they use. Aetherwalkers employ an ancient, psychically reactive armour that phases its wearer between the Immaterium and Realspace, permitting to travel short distances in the blink of an eye. The Empyreanists gain their most important power from the product of a secret research project: even the existence of this ceremonial armour is denied outside the Caligari Conclave, as it uses long-forgotten xenotechnology to create a Warp anomaly that halts the flow of time for a short duration. The Scryers have a lightly armoured, psychic-attuned suit, the Warpbound Armour, which permits the Psyker Inquisitor to project its disembodied presence over the physical world, to gaze beyond the veil and take a look around without being detected.

New Features and Changes
  • Revamped Leveling
    - There will be a separate post on this later, will be edited into the changelog as well.
    - Based on our previous Dev Letter
  • New map setting: Voidship
  • Implemented the first chapter of the campaign that also serves as the tutorial
  • New map clutter added: Blood Splatter, Decals, Corpses
  • Added Chatboxes above NPC heads
  • Intro video added

  • Main menu theme added alongside numerous other soundtracks
  • Tons of new sound effects added
  • Halved vendor buy prices when selling items
  • Refined AI & Patrol scripts
  • Mission select screen revamped - This change is temporary though, we will make mission starting faster in the future.
  • General chat has been regionalized
  • Cabal missions received a rebalance
  • Ally Guardsmen received a 100% HP boost and a +45 Defense bonus, while their damage was nerfed by 20%
Bug Fixes (Under Construction)
  • Fixed numerous issues causing item loss
  • Fixed an issue where players got thrown back to the bridge after successful missions
  • Fixed an issue where the spawn cutscene at the beginning of the missions got stuck
  • Attribute bar now fills up properly
  • Skill Trees now unlock properly
  • You can no longer sell items while the shop is reloading its inventory
  • Fixed a bug with the Hourglass Tarot card
  • Fixed a Fate exploit involving reselling blueprints
  • The small windows for missions are now displayed while in the Hub properly
  • Fixed issues with dual wielding 2 overheat-capable weapons
  • Added new rebel videos
  • Influence rewards are now given properly to players
  • In the stash, the tooltips can no longer freeze the game
  • Inoculator cooldown values now update properly
  • Fixed missing strings on the Glory window
    Fixed the Toughness III bonus
Chat Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where minimizing and restoring chat broke the whole window
  • Chat history no longer gets deleted
  • Chat is now updating while minimized
  • Right-click functionality no longer goes away
  • Chat no longer instantly appears on the character screen
Cabal Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where Cabal Assassinations could not be completed
  • Blessed Alloys can now be contributed properly
  • Electro Fragments can now be contributed properly
  • Cabal now updates members faster and smoother
  • Freshly joined cabal members can no longer disband and modify the cabal
  • Portrait frames will now only have the "Invite to Cabal" feature if the target
  • is indeed not a member of a cabal
  • Controller no longer gets chat window stuck
  • Lots of polishing done on the panel handling
  • Fixed force feedback issues
  • Redesigned Inventory/Comparision usage