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Re: В Conan Exiles была добавлена система модификации экипировки

New Content!

Weapon, tool, and armor modifications

Introducing the modification system! You can now improve your weapons, tools, and armor with a host of modifications using kits. They can be used to improve certain aspects such as increasing damage on a sword, or improve harvesting on a tool!

Weather System

Only available in the north so far. The system allows for more dynamic changes in rain, snow, wind, and fog! Rain now puddles on the ground, but beware: if the weather grows severe enough, a thunderstorm might come.

New Armor Sets

This includes Aquilonian (medium) and Zamorian (cloth). Both include very good stats for their tier and will give attribute boosts once the new perk system is implemented.

Improved Thrall Capture Tools

This patch adds iron and steel truncheons for knocking out thralls, and higher tier bindings (rawhide, leather, and chain) for dragging thralls for longer distances.

New Weapons

New weapons include Acheronian weapons, two new axes, a new studded mace, and a corseque (pole weapon).

New Building Pieces

Ladders can now be built! Other pieces include inverted sloping walls, hatch frames, and hatches.

New Tools

Sickles have been added for harvesting fiber, and cleavers for harvesting meat.

New Placeables

New items include weapons racks, folded screens, papyrus scrolls, and more!

Patch Notes

  • Thralls will remain in combat and can keep attacking after teleporting to the player while in combat
  • It's no longer possible to equip a thrall with a two-handed weapon with an offhand item
  • The Thrall character sheet will now update correctly when items are placed in equipment slots
  • Placeable thralls that are converted no longer come out with a different skin color than they originally began with
  • Taking armor off thralls will no longer result in a glitch where they retain armor stats after a server restart.

Gameplay Fixes
  • Jumping into water should not give you frostbite
  • The health regen buff should now work as intended
  • Fence foundations can no longer be placed inside other foundation pieces to give non-diminishing stability
  • Fixed a case where your character could not perform actions after an avatar summon
  • Avatar of Mitra should now work properly after attacking
  • It should now be possible to ban users with the same name as the admin's name
  • A message now appears on projectiles that can be picked up
  • Wheel of Pain and Greater Wheel of Pain now take damage with regular weapons
  • Making a clan should now give the message "Clan Created", as intended
  • Drinking from Water Wells now correctly fills thirst meter
  • Shields take durability damage from other players again as intended
  • Fixed a case where it was impossible to place items down in the highlands
  • Foundations will no longer disappear when a player logs off away from a base in singleplayer.
  • Panthers are once again harvestable.
  • Toggling wield/unwield during a dodge roll no longer makes equipped items disappear
  • Fixed a case where it was possible to duplicate inventory items
  • Sewer Boss in the Dregs correctly attacks you when your character uses ranged weapons
  • Fixed an instance where any remaining dye in your dye window would be unusable
  • Avatar of Ymir should no longer be detached from the camera

General Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Update to crash reporter
  • Fixed textures in the Frozen North
  • Fixed floating Deep Sand in Komodo Cave
  • Destructible items have been optimized
  • Shellfish and fish trap health amounts have been balanced
  • Entertainer health regen applies correctly
  • Dryer no longer has a thrall slot
  • Plant fiber will no longer be used as primary fuel instead of branches when starting a campfire for the first time
  • Fixed some floating rocks
  • Siege foundations have a decay timer again.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ice Rocknose Kings, where they could not attack targets too close to them.
  • Corrected broken shaders on landscapes.
  • Putrid meat no longer weighs more than what it previously weighed.
  • The client will no longer auto connect to the dedicated server from the main menu or singleplayer
  • The "return to inventory" option is no longer greyed out for the Standing and Braketed Torch
  • The descriptions for the Green Dragon Head and Red Dragon Head were previously switched
  • Fish traps no longer display zero health when looking at it with a repair hammer
  • Descriptions for Inverted Wedge Sloped Roofs has been corrected.

Known issues
  • Weapon and shield racks have a visual bug where something attached to them might disappear. The item is still there, it's just not being rendered in.
  • Shields on shield racks may disappear, leaving the player unable to interact with the shield rack. You can still dismantle the shield rack and get your shield back