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Fractured Memories

Fractured Memories offers a different way to grow your characters, but also offers another way to obtain gear. Fractured memories pulls from all of the game’s content to create a unique experience each time with different difficulty levels, monster placements, and zones. You won’t get the same experience twice!
In additional to traditional gear, players earn Ability Points that increase their characters’ attributes and rewards—across the entire account! As you grow your Ability Points, you will be able to increase your difficulty level and challenge harder content.
In addition to character growth there is also a class-based Leaderboard. This quarterly ranking will reward a unique costume and cannot be obtained anywhere else.
Check out the full Fractured Memories guide for more details!
1.Entering and Rest Points
  • Players can enter starting at level 15 through Maril.
  • There is no Rest Point cost or penalty.
  • Town NPCs Ajax, Chiru, and Clodia can craft items required for entering. Items required to craft a key are: 3 Blue Kritium Shard, 1 Gold Kritium Shard, 3 Green Kritium Shard, 2 Violet Kritium Shard, and 20 Pure Kritium Shard.
Please note! We are aware that players are currently experiencing some Kritium shortages in-game. With this update, we're hopeful that we've tweaked the Kritium flow to the point where this entry should be less prohibitive. That said, give it a shot on the PTS and let us know! That's the exact sort of thing we're looking for feedback on.
  • Players can choose the difficulty level with Maril.
  • Players must complete the lower tier of difficulties before being granted access to the next higher tier of difficulty.
3.Game Play
  • The Danger Zone sectors are chosen randomly upon entering. Bosses and monsters are also random in type and location, as well as in the buffs they have applied.
  • The blue “boss bar” fills up as players defeat monsters and pick up the Monster Soul that drops. When the bar is full, the player can encounter a Boss.
  • Players can earn a bonus reward if they fill the boss bar and conquer the boss faster than the specific lap time (six minutes).
  • Parties can include from 2–4 players, but the rank rewards vary for each party size.
5.Fractured Memories Leaderboards
  • If players successfully complete a Labyrinth within 6 minutes, the players who joined are automatically ranked on the leaderboards.
  • There are fourteen kinds of leaderboards: 11 solo play and 3 for party play.
6.Leaderboard Rewards
  • Rewards will be distributed every 12 weeks for each of the 14 leaderboards.
  • The rewards can be duplicated. For example: Four times duplicated: Doom Blade rank, party of 2 rank, party of 3 rank, party of 4 rank.
  • Players could check the rewards in Rank window.
Major Rewards – Ability System
1.What is the Ability System?
  • The Ability System buffs players across their entire account.
  • Example Buffs: additional damage when attacking from behind, reduced damage taken from ranged attack, increased gold drop, reduced cooldown, etc.
  • There are three kinds of Abilities available to apply: Offensive, Defensive, Utility.
  • Each Ability has levels, and players can upgrade to higher levels with points awarded from clearing the Fractured Memories.
2.Ability Upgrade point
  • Player can gain Ability points from clearing the Fractured Memories.
  • When players clear Fractured Memories within six minutes, the player receives 3 Upgrade points.
  • Players receive 1 Upgrade point for taking longer than six minutes to clear Fractured Memories.
3.How to upgrade your Abilities
  • Player can upgrade an Ability’s level by spending Upgrade points.
  • Upgrade probability is low if the cleared Labyrinth level is lower than the Ability level of the player.
  • Unused Upgrade points are removed when the player returns to the town.
1. Space-Time Hexagram or Tarnished Hexagram

  • These materials dropp from Bosses in Fractured Memories. Players can exchange hexagrams for Strange gear.
  • The higher the difficulty, the more the materials drop.
2.Strange gear
  • These can be purchased from [Event Manager] Lilis with Space-Time Hexagrams or Tarnished Hexagrams.
  • Contains various items that range from Inferior to Legendary quality, determined randomly.
3.Novice Fractured Memories: Inferior to Legendary
4.Advanced Fractured Memories: Inferior to Legendary
5.Expert Fractured Memories: Inferior to Legendary
6.Master Fractured Memories: Inferior to Starhenge
7.Soul Gem
  • Soul Gems are dropped inside the Fractured Memories.
  • Whetstones and Gold Chests also at a lower rate.
Xanadu Side Quest

New Stages
We have added four stages to the Xanadu area.
1.Sentinel's Way - Tharia (Boss)
2.Azure Tiger Shrine - Stony Yaksha (Boss)
3.Luciana's Garden - Tarza (Boss)
4.Luciana's Pavilion - Vindon (Boss)

1.Entry Limits
  • There are no limits, but Rest Points are consumed, and players need entry items, when entering the dungeon.
  • The NPC Chiru (in Xanadu) can craft the required items.
2.Resurrection Delay & Initializing
  • There is a delay between death and resurrection on the Xanadu side quest.
  • If all players die during combat with the stage named monster or boss monster, its HP resets.
3.Recommended Combat Rating
  • Hard Mode: 30,000
  • Extreme Mode: 90,000
  • Added daily quests for the Xanadu side quest, which rewards evolution material when cleared.
  • Players acquire stage licenses by completing sub-quests.
5.Prior Quest: [Perumagion Pathway] (Identical to Shattered Table)
New Items
1.New Xanadu gear
  • Sentinel's Way: New earrings, and materials related to evolving earrings
  • Azure Tiger Shrine: New necklaces, and materials related to evolving necklaces
  • Luciana's Pavilion: New rings, and materials related to evolving rings
  • Luciana's Garden: New earrings, necklaces, rings, and legendary artifact
2.Gear Evolution
  • Players can evolve new accessories from Xanadu, without changing their special abilities.
  • Players can earn evolution materials by completing the Xanadu side quest and Shattered Table Danger Zone, as well as the Daily Zone.
  • Evolution progression is here.
3.New Exchangeable Item
  • We have added new exchangeable items in the Merchant NPC with Unit Insignia which is dropped in Xanadu side quest Danger Zone.
  • New Emblems: Attack 20 CP10, Attack Speed 0.25 CP10, Crit Damage 0.3% CP10
  • 100 Reappraisal Scroll Box
  • 100 Recalculation Scroll Box
  • Emergency Relief Set Box
UI - Stage entrance limit informing function
If an entry limitation exists on Danger Zone, the UI provides an explanation. For example: The message "Not enough entry pass" would appear, overlapping the Danger Zone images.

Reward Card Renewal – Shattered Table
We have revamped the reward table for Shattered Table stage:
  • Kritium Crystal Box (Acquire 20–50 Kritium Crystals, determined at random.)
  • Violet Boss Soul Box (Acquire 10–20 violet boss souls, determined at random.)
  • Gold Chest (containing 1,000,000 gold)
  • Ghost Shard (Charm crafting material)
  • Ghostly Scale (Charm crafting material)
Added Player Trading Between Party Members
We have added a new trading system allowing players to trade between party members.

It is possible to trade legendary gear acquired by party members who looted together, before leaving the stage.
The opportunity to trade is only available inside the stage where the gear was acquired. If players return to town or restart the stage, the gear will no longer be tradeable between party members.
Known Issue: We are working on a fix to disable restarting a dungeon through F3 while in the middle of a trade shortly, and looking to add a vote function for the future.

Know Your Damage!
1.We added a "Simplified Damage" option. If you activate this option, damage numbers will display as 10k, 20k, etc. You can also remove damage display entirely.
2.Added a damage meter showing recent stage clear damage. To see this meter, hit ESC and click on Result.

Accent Costume / Emblem Combining Function
Added accent costume and Emblem combiner in the item combiner.
1.If you combine 2 Emblems, you will receive one Emblem (determined at random), or receive a higher grade of Emblem.
2.If you combine 2 accent costumes, you will receive a new accent costume (determined at random), or have a chance to receive a wings or auras accent piece.
  • Please note that the granted stats from an Accent costume piece are retained after combining, along with the 30 days of expiration.
Replaced GameGuard with Xigncode
We are replacing GameGuard with Xigncode. This means that Kritika no longer requires elevated permissions to play, and should improve overall compatibility with other programs. Let us know your experience and we will work to continually improve your safety and the game’s security.
Hammer Colors
We have unified the hammer icon colors (which indicate evolution).
Devotion Buff Increase
We have increased the bonus Exp amount and Monster EXP Bonus from the Devotion system buff:
  • Level 1—EXP Bonus increased by 15%
  • Level 2—EXP Bonus increased by 30%
  • Level 3—EXP Bonus increased by 50%
  • Level 4—EXP Bonus increased by 70%
  • Level 5—EXP Bonus increased by 100%
Improvements and Fixes

Soul Gems
You can trade in Violet Boss Soul for Red Mega Boss souls

Challenge Letters
You can purchase the new Certain Challenge Letter box with Violet Boss Souls

Shattered Table Selection
The number of clears for the Shattered Table now appears in the Danger Zone Highway selection.

Arena Ranking
The ranking has changed from counting a stage as “cleared” to counting a stage as “challenged.” This means that you can challenge your rank each week and still be ranked.

Earring Adjustment
We are applying a 1 second cool down to the effect of 15+ enhanced earrings only on Fractured Memories. (This doesn't effect other dungeons.)
We are currently looking at a possible bug causing this to apply elsewhere, stay tuned for more info

Class Change Bug Fix
We have corrected the bug that caused the main story quest to disappear after a character chose their advanced class. Characters can now choose their advanced class at level 15 without having any main story completion requirements. Even after you choose your advanced class, your character can still go back and experience the main story below level 15.
Store Updates

**New Player Bundles Available on Steam and Web (Coming Soon)*
1.Free Elite Player’s Pack—FREE
  • DZ90-1h EXP Boost (3) * Resurrection Stone (10) * 7-Day Steamdrake pet * 3-Day Elite Status Voucher
2.Elite Starter Pack—$14.99
  • Smart Start Pack
  • 30-Day Elite Status Voucher
  • 30-Day Dye Mania
3.Elite Costume Pack—$29.99
  • Smart Start Pack
  • 30-Day Elite Status Voucher
  • 30-Day Dye Mania
  • Costume 4-Pack
Elite Templar Packs to Celebrate Steam Launch
These packs contain custom created Clockwork Weapon Skins, the Steamdrake pet, and the sought-after Templar costume. These are only available in-game until Wednesday, October 25.

Click Here for the details!
1.Elite Templar’s Pack—2995 Kred
  • Templar costume set (permanent)
  • Clockwork weapon skin (permanent)
  • Steamdrake pet (permanent)
  • Elite Status Voucher (30 days)
  • Dye Mania Voucher (30 days)
  • Smart Start Pack (containing a wide range of consumables)
2.Triple Elite Templar’s Pack—5995 Kred
  • White Templar costume set (permanent)
  • Gold Templar costume set (permanent)
  • Iron Templar costume set (permanent)
  • Clockwork weapon skin (permanent)
  • Steamdrake pet (permanent)
  • Elite Status Voucher (90 days)
  • Dye Mania Voucher (90 days)
  • Smart Start Pack (containing a wide range of consumables)
New Loot Boxes Added
1.Emblem Loot Box—contains a variety of emblems for 245 Kred
2.Accent Loot Box—contains a variety of accents for 295 Kred

Lucky Pandora’s Box
This item has been retired from the store—expect it to return with a new costume soon!

Smart Start Pack
The Smart Start Pack can now be purchased an unlimited amount of times.

Reach for the Starhenge!
Adventurers! Did you know daily happenings in Starhenge offer daily rewards? Let's go to Starhenge!

Making Memories!
Fractured Memories is open! Get the quest from Alandra and go help Maril for your reward! This event and rewards differ based on your character level:
Daily Reward: 3 Key Kritium Crystals
  • For Level 15–29: Earn 10 Tarnished Hexagrams
  • For Level 30–44: Earn 20 Tarnished Hexagrams
  • For Level 45–59: Earn 50 Tarnished Hexagrams
  • For Level 60–65: Earn 5 Space-Time Hexagrams
Do Your Level Best for Rewards!
Earn rewards for reaching levels 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, and 64 to help you level up even more.

Attendance Marathon!
Earn rewards for daily attendance plus more rewards for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 days of consecutive attendence.
(Attendance is based on account, not character. Check your mailbox[M] for your rewards.)

Steam Launch GM Event
Drop Rate Bonus 50% until 10/5/17 06:01
Enhance Fee Discount 50% until 10/5/17 06:01
Stage Clear EXP Bonus 30% until 10/5/17 06:01