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Re: Eternal Crusade -

- Blackbolt got a new flanking route
- Massive melee combat balancing
- Reduced strafe speed across the board so that it is no longer as high as forward run speed.
- Most FOVs has changed from 70 to 90.
- Default graphics quality is now the new Medium instead of High.
- Medium and Low presets have been reconfigured based on community efforts in EC, PUBG, and other UE4 games.
- DirectX 10 launch option for older hardware, works great with the new Low setting. Right click on the game in the library.
- Optimised performance of the radar, which is the first part of moving from Scaleform to the native UE4 UMG UI framework.

Balancing Updates:

- Short stagger duration increased to 1.1 seconds long.
- Adjusted melee attack damage so that they reflect the animation length.
- Reduced Chainsword of Fury cost from 370 to 320.
- Reduced Git Prod cost from 450 to 370.
- Auto targeting now locks onto a lower position on Ork targets.
- Modified shield break warning VFX to be yellow instead of red to better reflect its warning state.

Map changes

- Brend new flanking route to Capture Point C. You will see more of these.
- Fixed raised terrain behind Blackbolt Capture Point C.

- Fixed LOD of a pipe asset at several places around point C on Zedek.
- Improved bracing on ruined buildings between A and B on Zedek.
- Characters can now brace downwards on most of the ledges.
- Fixed vault issue on the pipe inside the ruins North East of A on Zedek.
- Fixed bracing on the railing on the balcony near A on Zedek.
- Fixed a rock that was lacking collision by the ruins near Capture Point B on Zedek.
- Fixed issue where characters can become stuck in a corner behind a railing after falling from the top of the broken Aquila pillar on Zedek point B.
- Fixed texture gap on Zedek next to the ramp outside of point A.
- Removed a low cover asset that was duplicated on A top floor.

- Fixed vault on a railing outside of point B on Maggon.

- Fixed misaligned floor tile on the east side of the fortress wall on Agnathio.

- Fixed collision where the character can become stuck between a barrel and pillar next to Capture Point B on Torias.

General fixes

- Fixes to the matchmaker, primarily, you do not auto-queue to the next match, so war parties don't get assigned to a match and disappear as canceling the queue usually happened after you were assigned to a match often resulting in an imbalanced start.
- Fixed black smoke VFX that was originating from an incorrect position during explosions.
- Ork Skull DLC now shows properly with all armor types.
- Fixed rare crash when entering an Eldar character's HUB from the Character Selection screen.
- Fixed issue where the wrong audio line is played for defenders when a gate is destroyed on Fortress game mode.
- Fixed issue where creating over 127 Loadouts would cause a Character Creation Failed message.
- Fixed issue where Settings Menu can be seen briefly after closing it.
- Fixed issue where the Warlock's hand appears in a pistol grip when Embolden is equipped.
- The announcer's voice is now based on the subfaction of the current highest ranking player on the scoreboard.
- And a metric intercourse ton of minor fixes