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Re: Armello - Патч 1.8. В игре появились новые предметы и режим Fury
Features and Changes

New Cards
  • Reaper’s Trident (Treasure): In Battle, -2 Dice and gain 3 Poison Swords.
  • King’s Guard Armour (Item): In Battle, First two rolled Sun or Moon that misses are considered a Defence.

Card Changes
  • Hare’s Halberd (Item): New effect In Battle, +1 Die and opponents suffer -1 Die.
  • Chainmail Shirt (Item): New effect In Battle, +1 Shield, and first rolled miss, instead Reflects.
  • Armistice (Trickery): New effect (Play on) Hero (Not Self); If either Hero attacks the other, they'll be named a Traitor.
  • Spy Glass (Item): Gain Scout on all your perils.
  • Saboteur (Trickery): (Play on) Hero, King's Guard, Settlement; Target's Dice will not Explode, until the end of target's next turn.
  • Sailor’s Lantern (Item): Reduced cost from 2 Gold to 1 Gold.
  • Palace Perils: Effect reword to Hero is forced to retreat.

King Presence
  • New Animations and treatment for End Game Victory Sequences: Spirit Stone, Rot and Prestige. This includes unique audio and particle effects.
  • New Dusk and Dawn animations.
  • Updated animations and textures that demonstrate the King's degeneration in-game .
  • Updated Combat Defence animation

Fury Mode
  • New House Rule under “Turn Timers” for those who want a higher pressure Armello experience. These changes include:
    • All players turns locked to 15 seconds (down from 60 seconds)
    • Turn Timer pauses in Combat and Perils.
    • Burndown Timer in Combat and Perils reduced to 10 seconds (down from 15 seconds).
    • Card Draw Timer should be 3 seconds for each card, minimum 5 seconds (from global of 20 seconds).
    • Add 2 seconds to Timer when moving (Action Points).
    • Add 10 seconds to global timer for Questing and Hidden Encounters instead of separate 60-80 second timer.
    • Palace Entry / Highway Fees etc confirmation should not pause the Timer.
    • Whenever time is added a “+X secs” will appear next to the timer.
    • 10 second Timer for the King’s Declarations (down from 45 seconds).
    • Timers on screen at all times.
    • Audio SFX added to support timers.

Audio Changes
  • Skeeve’s store now has it’s own theme song.
  • Tuned the ambient audio, made all aspects more even, including zooming.
  • Tuned all Tile audio to be more consistent.
  • Tuned all character SFK levels to give the character more unity throughout the game.
  • Made sure all stings are consistent in level.
  • Made the UI sounds more subtle, gave them some sophistication.
  • Added ominous tone to background of King voice over.
  • Augmented Burn-Down sound and made it increase in tension as it burns down.
  • Improved End Turn sound to make it feel more a part of the UI.
  • Updated Card Burn sound.
  • Updated Lightning event to have more clarity and focus and excitement.
  • Gave Settlement capture a sound design augmentation that better matches the action.
  • Peril sound now has a little more body.

Games Analytics
  • We’ve implemented various game analytics, an EULA update will also appear on Steam and our other various platforms.

Gameplay Changes
  • Removed the short delay after when a Bane spawns on their turn.
  • Peril Crossbones now appear on all buffed Perils, not just from Cursed Lands.
  • Bane to play Taunt and Screech before fleeing from Spirit Walkers

UI Changes
  • You can now select AI’s hero skins and Dice skins within the “Select AI Heroes”.
  • Language Options now in the game menu.
  • Added Tabs to Skeeve’s store for easier navigation.
  • Added tooltips to Player Badges in the multiplayer lobby.
  • Ribbon appears over Heroes that are unplayed yet.
  • Settlement owner now reads “Claimed by <hero_name>”.

Command Line Dice
  • Allows users to upload and use their own created dice in Singleplayer Armello.
  • Uses the Steam command line, pointing to a file path to upload a dice created by the user.
  • Can upload a texture and a normal map.
  • Image file types accepted: PNG, JPEG.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed NMA when an AI Barnaby hero equips an Item.
  • Fixed NMA when AI Barnaby is taking over a human player.
  • Optimised various particles that would result in gradual loss of frame rate.
  • Fixed rare occasion when two DLC heroes could be played in-game.
  • Fixed Palace Perils tool tip.
  • Fixed tween order of Quest denizen and their speech bubble.

Known Issues
  • [Mac] 3D previews not showing in Skeeve’s store and Steam Inventory.
  • Visual glitch when opening the last of a Chest of a particular type.
  • Horace’s Black Company skin cannot be selected.
  • Chainmail Shirt’s & King's Guard Armour reflect doesn’t work correctly against the King.
  • Find Game is able to be selected by all players in a 4 player party (this will currently kick the player from the party).
  • Hero Shelf on the the End Screen not showing Inventory items.
  • Large text on the Hero Shelf.
  • Pixel line asset on Pause Screen, Game Guide and various other places.
  • When Arson is played on a tile Ghor occupies, he’ll stay in Tree form for the rest of the game.
  • The Sana prologue can skip the Rot tutorial.
  • Combat Screen has visual glitches.
  • 2 King’s Guards can spawn on one tile.
  • Chat Icon is sometimes cut off in certain resolutions.
  • Graphical issue with accepting a Multiplayer Game from Singleplayer.
  • When changing languages in-game there can be some text that goes blocky.
  • Transparency issue with Fog/Castle/Tilt Shift.
  • Skeeve store tabs text hasn’t been localisted.