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Re: Awesomenauts - Четыре новых героя на подходе
NEW Naut: Dizzy
  • Multi Dash: Save up to 3 dashes to unleash unto your enemies.
  • Explosive Clone: Leave a water clone at your location that explodes and deals damage in an area.
  • Bubble Shot: Fire a fast-moving bubble that deals damage.

Short backstory:
  • Using her mastery in Aqua-fu, Dizzy fooled the Scarg prison guards with her water clones and escaped along with her team. After being separated, she went back to her home planet to revitalize her singing career. There she formed a girl band called “the Dizzies” together with her water clones and conquered the Universal Music Charts in no time. A popularity poll showed that one of her clones was more popular than her, causing her to go on a graffiti spraying rampage. After being calmed by her old friends, she joins them into joining the Awesomenauts!

  • You can now try out skins in the armory
  • Added sound to the Solar shower in the testmap (the map where you can try out Nauts).
  • Tweaked when announcers will count down. For instance, it won’t count down in the test level in the armory anymore.

Map editor
  • Added two new options to AffectAreas: switchToClass and switchToSkinIndex. These allow you to swap which character and skin the player uses. This can even be used to switch to characters that are normally not playable, like droids and creeps. Note that a player can only be switched to a class or skin he or she owns. When switching to a class you don’t own, nothing happens. When switching to a skin you don’t own while you do own the class, you instead switch to the default looks of that Naut.

Quality of life change and changing/buffing unpopular upgrades.
  • Evil eye can now be shot when using rage. Rage will automatically turn off when using evil eye.
  • Angry Drawings, reduced price from 250 to 220 solar per stage.
  • Jail Food, increased damage over time from 105 to 135 per stage.
  • Jail Food, reduced price from 215 to 200 solar per stage.
  • Rubberband Ball, changed to a damage over time on the blood trail for 140 damage over 2 seconds.
  • Rubberband Ball, increased price from 150 to 200 solar.

Slight movement speed increase to make it harder to punish him.
  • Base movement speed increased by 8%.

Damage increased of slightly too weak upgrade.
  • Superconductor, increased damage per homing particle from 13 to 15 damage per stage.

Self knockback removed to allow him to stay in fights after lunging.
  • Power Lunge, removed self knockback on the impact.
  • Power Lunge, increased consistency by increasing the collision size by 10% while flying.
  • Power Lunge, now only ends on collision instead of stopping mid-way when flying for a long time.

Made placing traps less risky and less frustrating to deal with.
  • Grid trap, can now be thrown for a short distance. They deploy in place after flying for 0.75 seconds.
  • Grid trap, lifetime reduced from 11 to 6 seconds.
  • Strengthened Trap, lifetime increase reduced from 8 to 4 seconds.
  • Empowered Grid, now speeds up Grid trap flight and deployment time by 50% for 180 Solar.
  • Deployment Pads, knockback size reduced by 25%.
  • Deployment Pads, made the knockback visual faster.
  • Long Cat, now also increases the speed of Cat shot.
  • Long Cat, reduced range and speed increase from 33% to 28% per stage.

Power reduced as he was quite strong. Problematic upgrade replaced.
  • Butterfly Shot, base damage reduced from 70 to 65 damage.
  • Monarch Blessing, base duration reduced from 3 to 2.5 seconds.
  • Spiritual Cooking, changed to a 1 second duration increase.
  • Spiritual Cooking, price reduced from 195 to 155 solar.

Reduced potency of a strong upgrade.
  • Overcharged Metabolism, amplified damage duration reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.

Reduction of potential survivability.
  • Crystal Crunch, reduced healing per target from 8 to 6 health per stage.

Jimmy and the LUX50
Changes intended to make the character a bit more accessible and solid.
  • Missile barrage can no longer be canceled
  • Movement during Missile Barrage is no longer blocked, but reduced by 40% instead.
  • Charge, tick rate increased by 50%, knockback and damage reduced by 50%.
  • Charge, movement speed reduced by 10%.

Increased damage of some weaker upgrades.
  • Missile, increased damage from 100 to 125.
  • Another Missile, increased damage from 100 to 125.

Max Focus
Droid damage reduction both for consistency and reducing pushing power.
  • Brutalities of the Kraken unveiled!, the last projectile now deals 50% less damage VS droids like the rest of Scene Illumination.

A bunch of price reductions to help her early game.
  • Eternal Flame, price reduced from 200 to 180 solar per stage.
  • Autographed picture of Voran, price reduced from 180 to 160 solar per stage.
  • Misery Tarot Cards, price reduced from 170 to 160 solar per stage.
  • Blue&Orange Berries, price reduced from 185 to 165 solar.

Penny Fox
Reduction of pushing power and auto-charge makes her a bit easier to play.
  • Penny will now automatically generate one charge every 10s.
  • Cookie Monster Badge, the increased damage now only applies against nauts.

Reduction of stalling potential.
  • Timerift, increased cooldown from 9 to 11 seconds.
  • Laserpointer, now only applies blind on hit.

Increase of pushing power.
  • Rapid Arrows, added a small area of effect on hit (does not apply to SWCA Coin split arrows).

Increase in potency of some weaker upgrades.
  • Banner of the Triple Scoop, increase dps from 40 to 50 per stage.
  • Spoonman, increased damage when allies are near from 6% to 8% per stage.

Reducing hitbox size as it turned out to be too large and changing a frustrating upgrade.
  • Teleport Beacon, reduced teleportation pulse size by 20%.
  • Glass Case of Emotion, changed to a 5 second cooldown reduction.
  • Glass Case of Emotion, increased price from 115 to to 145 solar.

Making it a bit easier to land the 3rd punch.
  • 3rd punch will no longer collide with the ceiling.

Reducing strength in teamfights with this upgrade.
  • Ceremonial Mask, increased proc cooldown from 2s to 2.5s.

Ted McPain
Making stun-pack a bit trickier to apply to compensate for its strength.
  • Grénaide pour homme, reduced stun area size by 25%.

A bunch of changes that make Yuri more active and less frustrating, both to play and to play against.
  • Flight, acceleration increased by 33%.
  • Flight, maximum speed reduced by 10%.
  • Flight, maximum vertical speed increased by 20%.
  • Laser, firing it now reduces movement speed by 60%, instead of locking Yuri in place.
  • Laser, no longer bounces off walls.
  • Laser, range reduced by 15%.
  • Laser, time between damage stages increased from 0.5 to 1 seconds.
  • Hubble’s lens, now increases movement speed while firing laser by 30%.
  • Mine deploying, can now be thrown in an arc. Hold the button to throw further.
  • Mine deploying, damage reduced from 410 to 300.
  • Mine deploying, lifetime reduced from 10 to 4 seconds.
  • Toaster timer, added mine lifetime reduced from 2 to 1.5 seconds per stage.
  • Uranium Spikes, now reduces hit enemy damage by 10% per stage for 3 seconds, for 135 Solar.

Vinnie & Spike
Reducing potency of a strong upgrade.
  • Antique Machinegun, reduced silence duration from 1.5 to 1.2 seconds.

Making knockback drone a bit trickier to apply to compensate for its strength.
  • Cortex Tank, knockback size reduced by 25%.
  • Cortex Tank, made the knockback visual faster.

Known Issues:
  • Buying One-time-only Exclusive Retro Edition Sneakers as Dizzy causes the Speedup effect to appear when dropping down with the drop pod (this does not increase the drop pod speed).