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Re: Paladins - Патч 49 добавил в игру героя-фею и новую карту

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NEW CHAMPION: Willo, of the Summer Court

Willo, of the Summer Court (Click to see image.)

  • Abilities

    • [LMB] Wand of Overgrowth
      • Fire a blast of fae energy that deals 500 damage every 0.75 seconds.

    • [RMB] Dead Zone
      • Fire out a toxic spore that prevents all healing in an area for 4s. Enemies affected by the spore that move out of the infested area cannot heal for 2s.

    • [Q] Seedling
      • Toss a seed that explodes after a 1 second fuse, dealing 500 damage and spawning 4 additional seeds that each explode for 500 damage after 1 second.

    • [F] Flutter
      • Quickly flutter your wings and propel yourself forwards and upwards.

    • [E] Fae Flight
      • Harness the power of the Fae and take to the sky for 10 seconds.
  • Cards

    • Legendary - Scorn [Default]
      • [Weapon] [Seedling] Increased the damage of each seedling by 350.

    • Legendary - Blastflower
      • [Weapon] Targets hit by your attacks take 50 additional damage from you, stacking up to 5 times.

    • Legendary - Scorched Earth
      • [Dead Zone] Dead Zone damages shields for 50% of their maximum health over 1s.
    • Flitter
      • [Flutter] Reduce the Cooldown of Flutter by .5/1/1.5/2s
    • Pixie Dust
      • [Dead Zone] Heal for 20/40/60/80 Health per second while standing in Dead Zone.
    • Sprouts
      • [Seedling] Reduce the Cooldown of Seedling by .5/1/1.5/2s if you hit an enemy with Seedling.
    • Hijinks
      • [Flutter] Heal for 50/100/150/200 Health when activating Flutter.
    • Nectar
      • [Seedling] Heal for 50/100/150/200 after activating Seedling.
    • Spritely
      • [Flutter] Gain 15/30/45/60% increased Air Control for 3s after Flutter ends.
    • Twilight
      • [Dead Zone] Reduce the Cooldown of Dead Zone by .5/1/1.5/2s
    • Antics
      • [Weapon] Gain 5/10/15/20% Reload Speed.
    • Fauna
      • [Armor] Gain 8/16/24/32% Movement Speed when Out of Combat.
    • Flora
      • [Armor] Gain 50/100/150/200 Health.
    • Germination
      • [Seedling] Generate 1/2/3/4 ammo when activating Seedling.
    • Hummingbird
      • [Flutter] Generate 1/2/3/4 ammo when activating Flutter.
    • Photosynthesis
      • [Seedling] Gain 10/20/30/40% Reload Speed for 3s after using Seedling.
    • Shenanigans
      • [Dead Zone] Gain 10/20/30/40% Movement Speed for 2s when entering Dead Zone.
    • Sparkle
      • [Dead Zone] Increase the duration of Dead Zone by .5/1/1.5/2s


Brightmarsh (Click to see image.)

  • New Siege Map: Brightmarsh
    • Environment
      • “Brightmarsh is an exotic, colorful setting with lots of interesting spaces. Taking the idea of a marsh but making it feel lived-in and giving it character with bright, cheerful lighting really lent itself well to creating an aesthetically unique map.”
    • Level Design
      • “This map embodies moment to moment gameplay in both corridor and open-air spaces. The capture point promotes “tug of war” firefights while the payload route provides strong options for defenders.”
  • Test Queue Rotation
    • Added: Arid v2

    • Adjusted collision on the wall side of Frog Isle to fix a Kinessa exploit.
    • Fixed a collision bug on Fish Market giving Kinessa an unintended sniper spot.


  • ‘Heads’ category has been renamed ‘Accessories’
    • “We are excited to change the format of this cosmetic category. For the most part we have adhered to this slot modifying something in or around a character's head area. Moving Forward, the Accessory cosmetic can still modify a character's head if we choose, but may also be a more iconic part of a character’s model. A good example of this is Willo and her accessory piece being her wings! ”
  • Willo
    • Lilac
      • Accessories: Lilac Wings
      • Body: Lilac
      • Weapon: Lilac Wand
    • Bluebell
      • Accessories: Bluebell Wings
      • Body: Bluebell
      • Weapon: Bluebell Wand
    • Misc
      • Voice Pack: Willo
      • Emote: Flower Dance
      • MVP: Criss Cross
  • Grover

    Invader Pip (Click to see image.)
  • Pip
    • Invader
      • Accessories: Invader’s Antennae
      • Body: Invader
      • Weapon: Invader’s Plasma-Caster
      • Voice Pack: Invader
    • Availability
      • Direct Purchase 400 Crystals
      • Can also be found in the Colossal Chest

    Overgrown Chest (Click to see image.)
  • Chest
    • Overgrown Chest
    • Availability
      • 75 Crystals Per Roll
  • Overgrown Weapons
    • Androxus: Monarch Revolver
    • Cassie: Undergrowth Crossbow
    • Maeve: Splinter-blades
    • Drogoz: Caecilian Rocket Launcher
    • Skye: Dragonfly Wristbow
    • Grohk: Tropic Lightning Staff
    • Sha Lin: Lotus Long Bow
    • Fernando: Tiki Torch Lance
    • Pip: Ginseng Potion Launcher
  • Card Art Sprays
    • 50 new Sprays added for the following Champions:
      • Androxus
      • Barik
      • Bomb King
      • Buck
      • Cassie
      • Drogoz
      • Evie
      • Fernando
      • Grohk
      • Grover
      • Inara
      • Kinessa
      • Lex
      • Maeve
      • Makoa
      • Mal’Damba
      • Seris
      • Pip
      • Ruckus
      • Sha Lin
      • Skye
      • Torvald
      • Tyra
      • Viktor
      • Ying

================================================== ============

  • All PTS players will receive ample amounts of currency in order to purchase and test all of the new content on the PTS server!

================================================== ============


  • Fixed an issue where the 3rd item received from Radiant Chests wouldn’t display sometimes.
  • Fixed various lobby sound bugs (mouse over Champion Audio clipping and countdown timer volume dropping).
  • Fixed incorrect art displaying on gold card when unlocking Sprays in Radiant Chests.
  • Fixed an issue where players who just gained their 12th Champion Mastery couldn’t join Competitive until relaunching the game.
  • Fixed an issue where kicked Party members sometimes had their UI lock up after being re-invited.
  • Fixed Top Play displaying incorrect border and Mastery.
  • Fixed an issue where scrollbar was not working for Referred Friend list.
  • Fixed reticle bloom sometimes not working for Tyra and Viktor.
  • Fixed wrong values being displayed for all cards containing description “cannot be slowed”.
  • Fixed match lobby portraits displaying as an incorrect icon.


  • Competitive Rating Adjustments
    • “We have tuned the rating system to remove the large and drastic ratings changes. The new ratings calculations should be more accurate and consistent as you play competitive”
  • Integrated Voice Chat
    • Voice chat is available in match lobby, during matches and end of match lobby.
    • Voice settings are available in Options > Audio
      • Enable voice chat (Enabled by default).
      • Use voice chat push to talk (Disabled by default).
        • Push to Talk setting found in Keybindings (Left Alt by default).
      • Voice chat speaker volume.
      • Voice chat microphone volume.
    • Mute
      • Match Lobby: Mute Teammates by clicking on the speaker icon next to their portrait.
      • During Match: Open Scoreboard and click the speaker icon next to the player you wish to mute. Also available in the ESC Menu under Mute Players button.
  • PvE Challenge Que is being temporarily retired.
    • “A big thankyou to all of our players who tested our Beta PvE queue! We are really pleased with the early results and involvement. We look forward to bringing you even more ambitious and polished encounters in the future! ”
  • Added new server region: LatAm North
  • Unique Per-Champion Keybindings
    • “We are excited to make per-Champion keybindings available. A big part of mastering the game comes from customizing your interaction with it, and now you can! In order to ship saved keybindings per Champion, all player keybinds will be reset. Thank you for your understanding”
  • Removed the item tally on the Radiant Chest screen
  • Founder’s Pack purchase option added to Champion screen and Store


  • Bomb King
    • Sticky Bombs
      • Fixed a typo in the description that displayed the throw rate as 0.6s instead of 0.7s

  • Barik
    • Barricade
      • The cooldown on Barricade will now start when it is destroyed or despawns
        • “Our shielding system was a little too favourable in regards to it’s cooldown mechanics. It allowed players to begin counting down their ability cooldowns while still benefiting from the ability. With certain card combinations this lead to an extremely high shield uptime.”

  • Buck
    • Shotgun
      • Increased Shotgun damage from 550 to 570
        • “ As a flank buck was packing less of punch than some of his peers, obviously he has some other attributes to make up for this (larger Health pool, Healing, etc) but we feel he should bring a little more damage to the table. ”

  • Cassie
    • Scout
      • Fixed a bug where this ability was not applying superior crowd control Immunity.

  • Maeve
    • Increased maximum health to 1900 from 1800
      • “In terms of survivability Maeve could stand to be a little tougher. Without the defensive attributes that other flanks benefit from (Damage immunity / Damage absorption and reflection / Stealth / Large health pool) she’s been falling short (Figuratively, no disrespect to her stature)”

  • Makoa
    • Half Shell
      • Shell Shield will now start it’s cooldown timer once it is destroyed or despawns

  • Ruckus
    • Price Reduced to 4000 Gold 150 Crystals from 5000 Gold 200 Crystals

  • Seris
    • Soul Orb
      • Seris can no longer apply Soul Orb stacks to Evie while she is in Ice Block
        • “This is a bug and was never intended. Even inter-dimensional Soul Orbs cannot harm Evie while she is encased in her enchanted ice refuge!”
      • Convergence
        • Ultimate Projectile will now bounce off of players

  • Sha Lin
    • Fixed animation clipping when using emotes in lobby