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Re: Eternal Crusade - Команда собирается показать вам одержимого космодесантника Хаоса

• The new World Map visual update is in, paving the way for new functionality.
• There are reports of Skarboy Kommando on the battlefield but we’ve been searching and haven’t been able to locate him. (Premium version)
• A new advancement, Sneaking Skillz for Slugga Nobz allowing them to not find themselves anymore. (Free version)
• Three new Khornate helmets are in the rogue trader store for you fashion conscious followers of the dark gods.
• Chaos has a new campaign starting with a sweet looking reward. It’s a shoulder pad with a chaos star on a pile of skulls.
• The Shuriken Catapult 3.4x zoom scope is now available via supply drop.

Balance Updates

• Adjusted the damage falloff of the Kannon Deffgun shell fire mode such that direct or near-direct hits are required to do maximum damage.
• Removed the suppression effect from the Ace Dakka.
• The Chaos Space Marine anti-personnel default loadout now comes pre-equipped with the Frag Bundle. This item has also been added to the Chaos Space Marine starting inventory and can be equipped by Traitor and Traitor Assault classes.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug where Dakka Deffguns and Plasma Deffguns could not queue fast attacks.
• Fixed a bug where Deffgun fast and strong melee attack VFXs were not played in the correct direction.
• Fixed a bug where Slugga Boyz could not equip ammo consumables.
• Fixed a bug where all Eldar vehicles would incorrectly use forward maximum speed to limit lateral movement speed. It now has less lateral ability and Eldar vehicles will have further changes, making act more like hover vehicles and less like omnipotent Death Race participants.
• Removed a floating pillar in Medusa.
• Assigned heroes to players who already bought them on Website.
• Moved "Purchase Extra Slot" button top right and adjusted naming.
• Fixed a bug where the blood decals from Tyranids remained visible indefinitely, causing performance issues when many of them were stacked.
• Fixed bug where both of the Mark III Armours were clipping when the user has power armour equipped.
• Added a Ork Cloaking Device called Sneaking Skillz for veteran Slugga boys in advancements (Slugga Nobz).
• Fixed bug where the Skarboy Kommando and Striking Scorpion's grenades appear cloaked on other clients.
• Fixed bug where firing at a Ground Assault who had their shield raised would result in damage being taken.
• Fix a bug where double clicking on a zone in the world map would result in the zoom being interrupted.