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Re: Eternal Crusade – Патч 1.3.35. Появились дополнительные слоты для персонажей


• Lowered the prices on many items in the store. Prices Slashed! Everything must go! Our warehouse is overstocked! (Prices take a while to propagate)
• The original item bundles in the store have been disabled to make way for new upcoming bundles.
• Firing is now blocked while reloading a weapon.
• United Commissars increase space patrols
• The “Voice Volume” setting has been renamed to “In-game Voice Volume” to reflect the fact that it only affects barks.
• Extra character slots
• Inbox to spam inspire you with spicy heresy and the Emperors words of wisdom.
• Squadron and Imperium pack available in ingame buy credits screen
• Remove requisition cap
• Prevent players from interrupting their reload by shooting
• Added Squig Armour.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug where the Painboy's Bloodrage Juice did not give Buff Assist XP.
• Fixed a bug where the Warlock's Enhance psychic power did not give Buff Assist XP.
• Fixed a bug where the Aspiring Sorcerer's Flesh Circle psychic power did not give Buff Assist XP.
• Fixed a bug where some weapons were displayed in the Inventory and Loadout Screen with the incorrect tier.
• Updated the description of Embolden to reflect the fact that it does not reduce resist incoming damage.
• Fixed a bug where the Shuriken Striker did not have increased penetration.
• Fixed a bug where both Runik Bolt trinket descriptions mention that the Ork would take more damage rather than less.
• Fixed a bug where the Ceremonial Knife parrying blow chained to the incorrect fast attack animation.
• Fixed a bug where bullet casings would appear and obstruct visibility while scoped.
• Fixed a bug where overhead icons (e.g. spotted targets) would not be visible while scoped.
• Fix enemy icons not visible when in scope mode
• Fix ranged weapons sometimes being able to shoot through shield
• Fix VOIP option not visible in main menu
• Fix ork stick bomb sometimes not applying damage on uneven surface
• Fix “Need Health” icon sometimes appearing on wrong character
• The skulls on spikes that went missing from Chaos Veterans have returned from the warp
• Apothecary searchlights have also returned. Let’s hope they weren’t in the warp with the chaos spikes.
• Fixed Relic Collar for Iron Warriors
• Fixed the color of the Chaos Star helmet
• Polished the metal on the toes of the alternate Raptor feet. (maybe they are claws, I don’t know)
• Fixed the colors of the struts on some chaos backpacks to match the rest of their armour
• Tuned the material on the MK.IV shoulder rims. (Coming soon!)
• Fixed a really ugly texture seam then went right through the middle of chainsword blade 4. You likely never noticed it but it’s nice that it’s fix.
• Fixed the description of the Plasma Chompa that talked about multiple fire modes. It never had multiple fire modes and no other fire mode is planned. It still looks ded snazzy.
• Fixed a typo in the name of the Gold Ring Toof.
• Corrected the name of the “Brown Gloves and Chains” Ork arms.