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Re: Faeria - Патч за 11 апреля. Pandora обзавелась одиночным режимом
Pandora Solo

Pandora solo?! Yes, you read that right, we are adding a Pandora solo mode for those of you who would like a more casual approach to Pandora and battle it out against AI opponents. With the addition of the Pandora solo mode, we are hoping to provide more solo content, new ways of discovering Faeria and extra possibilities of getting more sweet sweet rewards.

How does it work?
  • Just like the PvP Pandora mode, the Pandora solo gate will open with a Practice coin or Pandora coin
  • The format is exactly the same as the Pandora mode playable in PvP
  • The more victories you have, the harder the AI opponent you face will be
  • The more victories you have, the more rewards you reap!

The Pandora solo is currently only available on PC, Linux, Mac computers and Android Early Access. The Pandora solo will be available on iPad tablets later this month.

Android tablet Early Access

As we've mentioned previously, Android support has been one of our major focuses since the release of version 1.0.
With such a large number of community requests that we have received to test it, we are happy to make Faeria available later in the day through the Play Store's Early Access feature. The current Android version of Faeria will be available for Tablets with Android 6+ (Marshmallow). We are looking at expanding this as we go and we are looking forward to your feedback.

You will be able to enroll for Faeria's Android Early Access here

Please note that the Early Access version of Faeria on Android tablets will be available between 4pm and 5pm CEST today.

New languages

Faeria is already available in 6 languages including English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. In today's update, we are also bringing Faeria to more languages:
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Czech
With these additions, we are now supporting a total of 10 languages with more to come!
We would like to thank our hard working community translators for the help provided in the process: Gravekper, uwlryoung, anatomic, ASML, weipeng, HAHATTAN, Ceyropaiax, YAAP, Naix, iya, Arrotanis and Ascalodon!

Fixes and improvements

  • Improvements of overall performances
  • Addition of servers in Asia (Singapore)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing servers to freeze on rare occasions
  • Addition of a redirect to an other world region if there are no game servers in the best region (based on player's ping)
  • Minor AI improvements
  • Fixed some server side game crashes
  • Global memory consumption improvements (Orb and Avatar graphics quality have been equalized and optimized)
  • iPads with 1GB of RAM or less will no longer be able to set their visual quality to "High" and be forced to play in "Low" quality settings
  • Our particle system has been completely reworked. iPads "Low" quality and PC/Mac/Linux "Lowest" quality settings have been adjusted. The particle effects are now either disabled or tuned down, leading to smoother experience, improved battery life on tablets and reduced RAM consumption but a decrease in animation quality.
Egg update

While we're at it, we wanted to give everyone a follow-up on what we've fixed since last Saturday's Monthly Cup regarding the free stream reward issues that some users experienced.
  • We've sorted all outstanding issues where players weren't correctly sent an Egg.
  • If you had an issue, you will have received an Egg in-game yesterday.
  • We've identified the underlying cause for the problems and it won't happen in the future.
We've sent everyone who was affected an email explaining all of this. In addition, to ensure everyone had a chance to hatch their eggs in time, we will be activating a special hatching event this coming Thursday, where your current Egg will be hatching. Sorry for any trouble!

Also, we'll be increasing the expiration date of existing Egg coupon from long ago some time this week before that hatching event.
One last thing we'd like to note is that if you ever change your Twitch username, you will need to unbind your account on The Hub, then rebind it - otherwise your account will not be properly linked.