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Re: Conan Exiles - На тестовом сервере стало доступно подземелье "The Dregs"

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Patch Notes
  • (New) Added a new dungeon, "The Dregs"!
  • Added new armor set which requires crafting ingredients from the new dungeon
  • Re-enabled 2H hammer secondary attack
  • Disabled 2H spear secondary attack
  • Further tweaks to NPC camps to allow them to respawn despite players building close by
  • Bedrolls now let players respawn correctly
  • Upgrading foundations will no longer destroy the placeables on top
  • Fixed a case where stackable items (arrows) in a container would disappear on server restart
  • Fixed a client crash when having a thrall in your inventory and attempting to dye an armor piece
  • It is no longer possible to build floating buildings which lack the necessary stability
  • Imps, ostriches, and other non-humanoids no longer go bonkers if you hit them with a truncheon

Known Issues
  • Gate exit (shortcut) after the boss fight is not working as intended. For
    the time being, you will need to exit the dungeon the same way you
  • The Dregs is currently only accessible on dedicated servers.