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Re: RIFT - Патч 4.1 “Forged in Flame”. Новый рейд ждет вас

Venture deep into the prison created by the Alaviax to imprison the dragons of the Red Flight so as to never again be subjugated under their rule. With Mount Pyre sundered, the way is now open. Go forth and stop Queen Carli’s plan to bring forth the Apocalypse and fulfill the prophecies of Aia!

While primarily designed to be accessible by new raiders, the Tartaric Depths still contain a number of rewards relevant to experienced raiders as well, including tier currency and active upgrade triggers.

What’s better than getting new loot? Making it look awesome with armor dyes!

Thanks to our improved tinting system, your armor’s going to look better than ever. Not only have we updated our existing dyes so that the effects on your wardrobe are more accurate and more impressive (we have been adjusting individual armor pieces to maximize dye effects), but we’re also introducing 21 more dyes to increase options available to you, purchasable either together or individually!

Additionally, we have added another 27 Deep dye shades (darker than dark!) and these are all available immediately for free!

Are you ready for the next level of Planar Crafting?

There are a ton of exciting new recipes being made available to crafters. Best in slot helm and ranged options? You got it. Specialized rewards for each of the six crafting professions? Definitely. Ways to boost your gathering skills and get even more from every node? Of course. Find R23-jk in Alittu to get started!

Arm yourself with the power of Eternal items!

Eternal items represent a new tier of power for equipment in RIFT. Every Eternal item is best in slot, and each of them features game changing abilities, including raid-wide damage reduction, enhanced resource regeneration, and Calling-specific buffs!

There are two ways to get Eternal items: either find them as drops or take on the Eternal Weapon questline.

Drops are exactly what you’d expect: kill stuff and you might find yourself looting an incredible new piece of equipment. However, when your first pick up an Eternal item, it isn’t going to be quite as powerful as it could be. If you want to unlock your new gear’s true power, you’re going to have to complete its active upgrades first. Still, the reward of having one of the most powerful items in all of Telara is well worth the challenge.

The Eternal weapon questline (started by speaking with Lessa Korin outside of Alittu) is similar. While it will grant you an Eternal weapon near the beginning of the chain, you’ll be required to complete an epic journey that will see you battling deadly enemies, delving deep into expert dungeons, and even facing off against Malannon in the Tartaric Depths if you wish to unlock the weapon’s full potential.

The Carnival of the Ascended is back and better than ever!
NOTE: The Carnival begins on the afternoon of March 30/17, around 3:00 - 3:30 PM PST [Brasse]

In addition to all your favorite events, there are a ton of incredible new items available as event rewards and on the in-game marketplace. We are talking about massive Tuskar mounts, super cool Usukhel outfits, stylish Tenebrean Wings, adorable Tasuil Balloons and much, much more. Words really can’t do these justice, so take a look and then come on out and join us in celebrating 6 years of heroism and adventure.

Don't have Starfall Prophecy, but want to get the most out of 4.1's exciting new content? You can now purchase a copy of Starfall Prophecy using Credits or, if you're a RIFT Patron, Affinity!

* Earrings slots are now unlocked for all characters.
* Planewalker: Water has been removed.

* Fixed an issue with auto scrolling on Quest Log so that it now ends upon user interaction.
* Updated the quest sticky to properly show the Artifact tooltip and link to the Artifact tab.
* Removed Conquest from the UI.
* All mounts have been sent back to training and have learned how to walk. Even backwards!
* Experience gain from killing NPCs while sidekicking has been significantly reduced.
* The achievements pertaining to conquest have been added to legacy. In addition, the weekly and guild quests for CQ have been removed.
* Fixed a display issue with icons on the Artifacts Tab.
* Fixed issue with Alittu music entry stinger.
* On the search your bags tooltip you can now find information on additional commands to improve searching. These commands are:

* Players on different home shards can trade items and coin with each other via the trade dialog.

* New Challenger’s Mark gear is available in the store now! Seals and Foci now have PVP versions that can be purchased with Challenger’s Marks!
* Level 65 boost bundle is now purchasable in the store along with trade skill boosts to 450!
* Individual Reward charge packs can be purchased in the store in quantities of 5, 20, and 50.
* Six new Alittu-themed Building Block textures are now available in the store. Three can be found under Metal, and three under Stone.
* New Music Boxes are available in the store.
* A new dye bundle is available in the RIFT Store under Cosmetics -> Premium: Celestial Bundle of Dye Buckets.
* Just like all Dyes these will not show up as usable until you log out and log back in after purchase.
* Wardrobe – Some additional weapon skins have been added to the Storm Legion section of the Weapon Cosmetics area of the Rift store.
* The Nightmare Thresher mount, Sinister Cappie mount & Umbral Baby Budgling pet are now available in the Affinity section of the RIFT store.

* The damage and dps stat of ranged weapons will no longer be used in combat calculations. All such calculations will use the main hand or two handed weapon only. Ranged weapons will no longer display damage or dps on their tooltips.


* Mastery: Divine Favor has been reworked. It is now a 1 minute cooldown that applies 6 stacks of Divine Presence to all nearby allies for 30 seconds. Divine Presence increases the healing you do to the target by 5% per stack. One stack is consumed each time you cast a heal on a target.

* Legendary Rune of Alacrity now reduces cast times by 2.5s base (4s talented).
* Fixed bug requiring a talent point in Tempered Emblems to make legendary work as stated.

* Legendary Miserly Affliction damage reduced about 20%.

* Legendary Condensed Obliteration no longer fires Bound Fate while dead.

* Legendary Fae Mimicry: Now only affects 5 abilities for the damage increase.
* Legendary Summon Faerie Healer: Effectiveness has been reduced to 9% of maximum HP in PVP.
* Legendary Faerie Healer: Effectiveness in PVP reduced to 3% of max HP over 3 seconds (down from 9).

Legendary Bolt of Judgement can now only proc once every 6 seconds. Proc chance raised to compensate.
* Legendary Radical Coalescence damage bonus increased from 25% to 35%.
Legendary Perseverance damage bonus reduced to 20%.

* Mien of Leadership: Now also increases incoming healing cast by other players by 30%.
* Devout Deflection talent no longer interacts with Guard.

* Eruption has been reworked and now causes 50% of overhealing to be applied to nearby targets. Only works on healing applied from the original caster.

* Legendary Rune of Impending Doom deals 60% more damage per Runestrike and Rune of Castigation.

* Legendary Light of Redemption healing increased by roughly 60%. It now scales more aggressively with spellpower.

* Jolt base Damage increased by roughly 40%.
* Legendary Icy Blow now increases air and water damage by 24% per stack for 20 seconds and stacks up to twice.

* Legendary Bosun's Blessing's bonus has been reduced to 20% per HoT on the target.


* Legendary Prismatic Volley damage bonus increased to 80%
* Rushing Elements can no longer be cast twice if you have Legendary.
* Crystalline Missiles secondary damage procs are reduced to 6% (down from 15%).
* Legendary Elemental Forces damage reduced (roughly 40%).
* Legendary Elemental Burst damage reduced drastically, but proc chance increased to 80%.

* Arcane Ward now also increases incoming healing cast by other players by 30%.

* Archon's Bulwark now increases support abilities by 200% (up from 100%).

* Healing Torrent will no longer incorrectly consume Boon of Life when it shouldn't.
* Veils no longer block healing done by other veils. Veils now reduce damage dealt by 50%. This penalty is reduced by points in Chloromancer, down to 0% at 61 points spent. This damage penalty
affects non-Chloromancer damage.
* Lifebound Veil healing is now counted as single target healing.
* Lifegiving Veil healing increased by roughly 15%.
* Wild Growth has been reworked. It is now an instant cast ability that consumes all of your charge to heal allies immediately. This healing is increased by 0.4% for every charge consumed. It also causes affected allies to recieve 40% increased Chloromancer healing from the caster. This buff lasts 0.1 second for every charge consumed by Wild Growth.
* Legendary Bloom now has a 2 second cast time. Healing amount increased to compensate.
* Vile Spores that come from Legendary Bloom no longer trigger Bulwark of Souls. These Vile Spores no longer benefit from the Timed spell bonus granted by Legendary Empyrean Ascension as they do not have a cast time.
* Living Aegis no longer shows too many reactives for Vile Spores.
Rapidly casting Natural Healing now correctly grants stacks of Boon of Life as expected.

* Rime healing increased by roughly 20%.
* Legendary Earthen Renewal now ramps up more slowly and heals for a reduced amount.
Legendary Earthen Renewal now correctly consumes Opportunity procs granted by Warlock and Eldritch Armor procs granted by Harbinger.
* Infuse Magic now ramps up at 12% per tick.
* Ground Zero is now off the global cooldown.

* Legendary Soul Bond now reduces cooldowns by 25% and increases Necromancer and Pet damage by 120%.

* Ignition talent now reduces mana costs of all fire spells (rather than just non instant ones) by 8% per point, up from 4%.
* Legendary Fusillade no longer grants Surging Cinders when Flame Bolt or Searing Bolt is cast. Passive bonus on * Cinder Burst is increased to 60%.
* Legendary Internalize Charge now has a 20 second cooldown and no longer costs charge. Now affects cast time spells for a bonus of 100% increased damage. Tooltip clarified to show this ability does not cost charge.
* Pyromancer's Blessing's internal cooldown has been reduced to 3 seconds. Thee tooltip now mentions this.
* Legendary Internalize Charge is no longer overwritten by Charged Blade.

* Void Barrage now increases the damage of DoT effects by 50% (down from 100%).
* Legendary Neddra's Grasp now applies Lingering Torment for 8 seconds.

* Legendary Empyrean Ascension passive bonuses increased to 100% for Slashing attacks and 60% for Cast time Spells. Changed where they reside in the math to make the damage bonuses more consistent.

* Mastery: Savage Blow: Now only stacks twice.

* Non Legendary Icy Cleave can now be correctly cast without a target again.
* Legendary Icy Cleave now correctly affects area of effect abilities that use chain or cone shapes to do their effects.

* Legendary Seismic Smash is now only consumed by damaging abilities.
Legendary Seismic Smash range increased to 30m.
Legendary Font of Savagery increases Aftershock damage by 9% per stack.
Legendary Earthfall bonus damage reduced to 2.75x base damage.
* Legendary Tectonic Spike has been reworked. It no longer increases the damage of Aftershock or the maximum stacks of Tremor. It instead reduces the cooldown of Subduction to 4 seconds, and causes Subduction to also cast regular Seismic Smash when cast.

Legendary Flamewalker damage bonus reduced to 25%.
Legendary Effervescent Blast damage bonus reduced to 35% per stack.
* Singed Spirit no longer converts all damage to Ethereal when it procs. It instead increases all damage you deal by 12% when it procs.

* Blossoms generated by Legendary Deluge now correctly apply Conservation if known.
* Resilient Growth is no longer double dipping on PVP adjustments.

* Endless Shards talent has been reworked to reset the cooldown of Icy Shards when reaching 100 Fury or Cunning.

* Titanic Spirit: Now also increases incoming healing cast by other players by 30%.

* Legendary Vorpal Salvo no longer deals 5 times as much damage when in Cunning. Now passively causes your next Stroke of Brilliance to deal increased damage after passing through harmony.
Legendary Primal Avatar: Drake increases Fire and Earth damage by 40%. Abilities that deal both damage types get double bonus.
Legendary Ethereal Beam also passively increases Fire and Earth damage by 20%.
* Legendary Primal Avatar: Drake now counts as both Earth and Fire damage. Affects up to 20 attacks. Damage increased to 150% of AP.
* Furious Power no longer incorrectly increases AP by 4% per rank.


* Legendary Void Touch now increases the Void Touch and Night Cloaked Blades damage the target takes by 15%.
* Tooltip for Legendary Strengthened bonds corrected to say penalties reduced to 15%.

* Assassinate now has a 6 second cooldown.
* Legendary Poison Malice starting bonus has been increased to 275%, and now has a 1 second lockout where it cannot be cast after the first cast. It no longer incorrectly adjusts your Global Cooldown.
* Legendary Master of Poisons now
increases all damage over time damage by 85%.
Legendary Virulent Poison - Damage increase reduced to 30% and 2 finishers.
* Legendary Thread of Death damage penalty removed.
* Poison Malice can no longer be cancelled.
* Jagged Strike now has a 6 second CD.

* Legendary Motif of Regeneration: Healing when targets already have 5 stacks is now 100% of the heal over time. (Tooltip was incorrect, as it was 250%. Ability has been reduced to 100% of HoT value.)

* Dancing Steel now only affects up to 4 targets.
* Hundred Blades now only affects up to 4 targets.
* Legendary Hundred Blades now has a 2 second cooldown to prevent rapid reactivation.
* Deadly Dance now has its effect doubled on Bladedancer attacks.
* Improved Deadly Dance increased to 6% per talent point (up from 4%).
* Legendary Side Steps movement speed increase no longer ends when you stop moving. Duration reduced to 12 seconds.
* Side Steps is now correctly affected by the Counterbalance talent.

* Barbed Shot damage increased by roughly 100%. Targets affected by your Barbed Shot take 20% increased damage from your other Marksman abilities.
Legendary Free Recoil reduces the cast time of Deadeye shot by 1.5s
* Legendary Free Recoil now always forces Empowered shot to be instant. No longer applies a stacking buff, and no longer reduces the damage of Empowered Shot. Cooldown no longer decreased. Grants 3 CP.
* Legendary Rapid Fire shot damage
increased by roughly 35%
* Legenadry Deadeye shot damage reduced by 12%.
Legendary Deadeye Shot crit bonus reduced to 2x.
Legendary Free Recoil causes Empowered Shot to have a 2 second cooldown.

* Legendary Flame Blitz damage bonus increased to 80%.
* Legendary Dark Descent has been reworked. It no longer causes finishers to refund combo points. Instead, the affected finishers deal 30% more damage. Emptiness is still not consumed by finishers when Legendary Dusk Strike is selected.
* Legendary Dusk Strike now has a 20m range. The energy penalty has been reduced to 10% per stack. The damage bonus has been increased to 30% per stack, and the buff duration increased to 20 seconds.
* Ebon Blades debuff increased from 5% per stack to 12% per stack.

* Legendary Emergency Response now has a 6s cooldown.

* Fixed a bug where Saboteurs would lose sticky bombs after sidekicking.

Double Shot proc chance increased to 30/60% and restores 2 energy on hit.
Legendary Ace Shot bonus damage increased from 150% to 300%.
Legendary Animalism passive bonus increased from 65% to 80%.
Ace Shot and Trick Shot no longer make you take more damage while you have a Razorbeast summoned.
* Legendary Ace Shot procs now cause it to have no GCD.
* Legendary Splinter Shot is now instant.
* Rain of Arrows is now channeled for 1 second. Fully channeling it causes it to persist for up to 5 more seconds.

* Guardian Phase: Now also increases incoming healing cast by other players by 30%.

* Legendary Curative Engine Tactician healing bonus reduced to 100%.
* Curative Torrent has been reworked. It is now a smart heal, and total healing has been reduced by roughly 20% to compensate for the conversion. It now has a wider zone (roughly twice as wide), and heals bounce much farther after initial application- 25m instead of 15. It no longer heals pets during its initial beam, and the target of the initial heal can no longer be selected as the one target the heal bounces to. Now has a
30s cooldown.
* *NEW* 12 Points: Impurity Siphoning Flask: Removes 1 Poison, Curse, or Disease.
* *NEW* 28 Points: Wide Recalibration Matrix: Removes 1 Curse, Disease, or Poison from up to 10 party or Raid members. CD 10s.
* *NEW* 36 Points: Reanimation Battery: Brings the fallen ally back to life, restoring 50% health and mana. Usable in combat. CD 5m.


* Legendary Shock Pulse now has a .5s ICD
* Wavelength now passively increases Air damage by 35%.
* Legendary Double Pulse now triggers 3 1 Point Skyfalls.

* Legendary Thunderous Strike no longer stacks twice. Debuff amount doubled to compensate. Duration increased to 45 seconds.
* Legendary Punishing Blow is now half as effective on damage coming from Death Blossom, and now correctly affects area of effect abilities that use chain or cone shapes to do their effects.

* Shield of the Hero: Now also increases incoming healing cast by other players by 30%, and now reduces non Paladin and non Void Knight damage by 25%.

Legendary Alacrity 3rd attack chance increased to 75%.
* Alacrity no longer reduces PVP damage.
* Strike Like Iron increased to 50%.
Legendary Rising Waterfall mutlihit chance increased to 40%.

Legendary Icy Burst and Flamespear now have a .5s ICD
Legendary Rift Burst buff reduced to 65%.
* Legendary Icy Burst now scales with the number of AP on cast.

* Accord of Resilience: Now also increases incoming healing cast by other players by 30%. and now reduces non Paladin and non Void Knight damage by 25%.

* Reduced healing generated by Legendary Battlesong by 50%.
* Base Duration of Stand Tall increased to 2 minutes.
* Enduring Chants now increases the duration of Stand tall by 36 seconds per rank (maximum 180 seconds).

* Legendary Breaking Blow now consumes up to 30 additional Power maximum.
* Legendary Sergeant's Order is no longer overwritten by another warrior casting it.
* Legendary A Quick Death damage increased by roughly 35%.

* Legendary Viral Stream - Damage increased by 20% per DoT on target.
* Legendary Dire Blow - Damage reduced. Now correctly scales with Attack Points as intended.



* Added further optimizations to speed up LFR queue times.

* Fixed an exploit with the Maelstorm encounter.

* Phase 1 now has its own timer to complete. This should give people more time to gather for the more difficult phases of the event.

* Spiders no longer drop low-level loot.

* Reduced the price of Hexathel’s Individual Reward cost to 2.
* Thexahel no longer spawns adds.

* Attempted to fix the crash that has been reported for the Killthraxus fight in Temple of Ananke. Please note, that as this issue has not been able to be reproduced on our end this fix may not have worked.

* The ‘I Don’t Smell It’ achievement should now always be given out appropriately

* Many Starfall quests that previously did not have a minimum level now require level 65.

* A new weekly quest to complete the Cracking Xarth’s Skull zone event is now available from Jinan Tawniks in Alittu.
* A new weekly chronicle quest is now available. Pick up Celestial Tales from Viala Darkweather in Alittu.
* Strike Force Commander Korel in Alittu now offers a weekly quest to complete Planar Assault Adventures.
* New PvP daily and weekly quests are now available from Arthor Tourney in Alittu.

* Updated Lighting the Way to remove references to a torch that isn’t used in the quest

* Sidekicked players are now capped to level 67 in this zone.

* Sidekicked players are now capped to level 66 in this zone.

* The following Nightmare Rift bosses will now spawn as intended:
- Tier 1 - Nininkar
- Tier 2 - Dagalep
- Tier 3 – Ignakos
- Tier 4 - Aimontia
- Tier 5 - Vakimott
- Tier 6 - Yaphrok

Players over level 65 participating in Nightmare Rifts will now get currency and other rewards.
Note that these rewards are NOT scaled up to lvl 70, but are instead the same as what a lvl 65 player would receive.

* The new Alittu Mystery Box has been added to the Rift store! It contains many new items themed around the town of Alittu as well as a chance at the new Alittu Dimension Key! The Imperial Wonders Mystery Box is now retired.
* The dimension rewards from Minions have been revised - almost 600 new dimension items have been added to the game that are exclusive to 4hour (Premium) missions! The 8 hour mission stashes contain the previous minion dimension rewards and 5/15 minute missions now only provide building blocks.
- A lot more information can be found at The Dimension Touring Company (Thank to [email protected])!
* Dimensioneers! The Dimension lists for Public (weekly) and Public (All Time) now report dimensions across all shards instead of just your own!
Added a new dimension permission (for personal and guild) for the ability of visitors seeing the list of items used in the dimension.
Dimensions – Check out the three new Dimension Scratchers: Passel of Potions, Candle and Torch Bundle, and Banner Bundle (Banner Bundle can be found in the Affinity section).
Dimensions – The dimensional bartender NPC will now stay at the location where it was placed rather than snapping to the heightmap.
The usable perimeter of the Strozza Estate Villa dimension has been increased by over 50%.
Dimension invites now properly respect the ignore list

* Capes are now double sided!
* Empyrean Rage Runeshard can be correctly used on all level 65 Seals.
* Synergy Crystals: Healing effects should no longer incorrectly interact with HoT effects. Tooltips in synergy crystals are now more clear about this.

* Tenebrean Eel Lure will correctly fish up Tenebrean Eel sin both Deep and Shallow water.
* Crafting dailies now only reward planar attunement XP and coin.