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Re: Guardians of Ember - Патч 1074. 29 марта вы сможете поиграть за класс Dark Knight
  • Adding the Dark Knight: a new class focused around corrupted abilities
  • Adding German UI and Skill descriptions - more to follow in coming weeks
  • Fixed an issue where the Compendium card, Death Defiler, was not dropping, yet the Death Defiler was dropping the wrong card
  • Fixed an issue where the crafting area was showing symbols instead of proper text
  • Fixed an issue where the Engineering Research Station minimap text did not fit
  • Fixed the floating, empty, brazier found in the Tunneler’s Crypt
  • Fixed truncated “contribution” text within the guild interface
  • Fixed an issue where the minimap would show incorrect character location
  • Fixed an issue where the Frozen Reach Plunderer achievement was completed, but not claimable
  • Fixed an issue with the following Mire of Scars cards that would either not drop or the mob could not be located:
    • Noxus
    • David Osmond
    • Swamp Giant Chief (Should drop from the Bodyguard Captain) - revised
    • Commune Member - removed & updated
    • Ghostly Skull - removed & updated
  • Fixed an issue with the following Disputed Plains cards that would either not drop or the mob could not be located:
    • Koro the Touched - removed
    • Cunning Haru - removed
    • Burning Gakira - removed
    • Tunneled Hunter Lizard - removed
    • Lu Daka - now drops the card as intended
  • Fixed an issue where an invisible wall was being randomly generated in dungeons, preventing completion
  • Fixed an issue where mounting certain mounts turned player’s character into Mini-Me
  • Fixed an issue where the contents of the ending chest rewards for normal dungeons was predictable (i.e. choose left chest for purple)
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash to the desktop when clicking the ‘bug report’ button in the ‘esc’ menu
  • Changed order and frequency of skill unlocks with the Dark Knight
  • Adjusted Dark Knight Skills based on QA feedback
  • Fixed QA issues with the upcoming Horde Mode PvE Arena
  • Suggestion Accepted: Dungeon resets have been reduced to 15 minutes from the original 30
  • Suggestion Accepted: Housing Inventory Expansions are now tradable between other characters on account