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Re: Eternal Crusade – Патч 1.3.20. Количество активных пользователей увеличилось в 3 раза

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• The missing weapons from the Steam DLC packs (Imperium Edition, Champion Pack, Mael Dannan Pack, Waaagh! Pack, Zealot Pack) are now enabled in-game.
• Added an ini setting to enable or disable the killcam.
• Delayed queuing during the Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine combat knife/sword parrying blow to make it harder to queue two parrying blows in a row by accident.
• Wolf Priests can now equip Boltguns.
• Improvements made to Plasma Cannon, Kannon Deffgun and Tempest Launcher mortar mode that will allow them to aim through windows far more easily.
• Increased the distance that Reaper Launcher Starswarm missiles can travel before disappearing.
• Tempest Launchers can now be braced.
• Improved melee hit detection against shields to prevent it blocking attacks from the side or rear.
• Storm Shield and Improvised Shield tooltips now display durability and regen.
• Updated some Space Marine appearance item names to help identify which Chapter they are for, where applicable.
• Adjusted the Kannon Wagon turn acceleration to reduce oversteering, which should make it easier to aim the weapon.
• We tried out 32-headed Squigs for servers, instead of 8-headed squigs.

Balance Updates

• Reduced the LP cost of Master-Crafted Storm Shields from 350 to 300.
• PBAoE and self-targeting psychic powers no longer suffer suppression induced recoil (blur effects remain).
• Reduced suppression induced recoil effects on non-tethered offensive psychic powers as they were previously too high.
• Removed recoil on existing psychic powers.
• Removed the upfront warp charge cost of 5 for activating Stream of Corruption.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug where incorrect accuracy values were being used on some ranged weapons.
• Fixed a bug with Plasma Cannons where the incorrect projectile gravity was used on some fire modes.
• Fixed a bug where Plasma Cannon mortar projectiles would frequently disappear in mid-air.
• Fixed a bug with some Plasma Cannons where the mortar mode trajectory preview was missing.
• Fixed a bug where the Space Marine Master-Crafted Lascannon's charge time was 0.1 seconds longer than intended.
• Fixed a bug where the Smart Sicky Slugga did not auto aim.
• Fixed a bug where the loadout icon for the Support Servo-Skull did not match its 3D visual.
• Fixed a bug where Kannon Deffguns suffered excessively from suppression induced recoil effects.
• Fixed a bug where Boon of Change, Flesh Circle, Embolden, Enhance and Protect displayed a reticle despite being PBAoEs.
• Fixed a bug where Boon of Change did not display the correct HUD icon.
• Fixed a bug where Boon of Change appeared in the HUD as Tzeentch Heal.
• Fixed a bug where Flesh Circle appeared in the HUD as Nurgle Heal.
• Fixed a bug where Stream of Corruption would apply its full poison ailment per second to the target as it disengages.
• Fixed a bug where Chaos Space Marine and Eldar Force powers displayed a reticle.
• Fixed a bug where members of the same squad could simultaneous spawn Rhinos from different vehicle stations.
• Fixed a bug where wrecked vehicles could be spotted.
• Fixed a bug where Fuegan's Resolve appeared as standard tier instead of unique.
• Fixed a bug where some Chaos Space Marine helmets were incorrectly coloured.
• Fixed a bug where Chaos Space Marine Veterans had grey face masks.
• Fixed the colours of some Raptor armour trims when using Cursed Raptor Armour.
• Fixed a bug where Raptors saw the MK.III backpack as a valid appearance option.
• Fixed a bug where a certain chest piece for Raptors had the wrong texture while fitted to an Iron Warrior.
• Fixed a bug where the MK.III arms had a metal skull at the base of the character.
• Fixed a bug where the default Devastator legs did not have a name in the appearance Tab.
• Fixed a bug where "Dark Angels 5th Company Knee Pad" was named "Dark Angels Company Knee Pad".
• Fixed a bug where Goffs got a camouflage bandana. Goffs don't believe in camo so they get an all black do-rag that looks pretty snaz.
• Fixed a bug where Stormboyz had an extra torso option in their loadouts that did nothing.