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If you want to get the best loot in the game, you don’t need to grind endlessly: you can also play these special missions for neat rewards. Since these missions are very important, we didn’t want to drop them randomly, so we came up with the idea of mission crafting. These are the “Uther’s Tarot” missions are assembled by the players using Fate points and special Uther’s Tarot cards.

Uther Tiberius is a significant character in the background story of our sandboxed Sector and you are going to assemble his unique heritage, the psychically active Tarot decks based on his designs. These decks can be assembled by collecting cards in the open world on the Star Map, and every new card will open up new opportunities in mission crafting. Major Arcana are used to determine the type of the mission, Minor Arcana will give new challenges and parameters.
Our goal is to let players assemble their favourite type of missions with the conditions they like the most, but also to give some sort of control to the players in what kind of loot they want to get.

Note: This „controlled loot drop” system isn’t fully operational just yet, so this will have some limitations in the Tarot system right now. Once this feature is fully realized, the system will also take your current equipment into consideration, what kind of skills you’ve unlocked, and the locations on the Star Map, these will modify or specialize the loot drop chance as well.

We wanted to make random mission grinds a bit more interesting, so we have the Investigations. We should emphasize that this is not the story based campaign and not the story of Events, so don’t expect that level of depth – those will be uniquely written stories. With the Investigations, writers are limited to work with a modular narrative that takes your choices into consideration, but is a randomly generated mini-campaign nonetheless, taking place on the Star Map.
The Investigation features and possibilities are currently still under development (this is where the Puritan / Radical morality system will come into play), and as we finish perfecting the base mechanics and add more content, we’ll add more narrative modules as well.

Power levels are basically more advanced and structured form of item levels, and an individual difficulty setting for the open world missions on the Star Map.
Is the game too hard? Try to play on a Power Level below you! Too easy and you want more challenges? Hit the higher Power Level, develop your character faster with better rewards!
This is an open world, so you can do quests wherever you like in areas where you’re comfortable with on the already discovered and traversable parts!

These are passive skills, but the main difference to the skills on the skill tree is that Perks provide not only bonuses, but they alter gameplay mechanisms as well. These are powerful boosts that affect your build significantly. You can configure them outside of battles any time.

Leveling up your character is a relatively short progression compared to other ARPGs, and soon it will be extended to Account Leveling, which has a great role in this game. Account level bonuses will carry over to all of your characters who have reached their maximum character level.

Or, we could say, ”Crafting, Level 1”. This is the most basic crafting feature in the game, more complex systems will be built upon this. You can use Blueprints to craft new items by disassembling old gear, so this is a very basic, familiar method.
But soon it will be updated, and you will be able to re-skin your gear, and later you’ll be able to modify and enhance equipment, salvage blueprints, refine materials and create catalysts from these materials, adding more slots, modifying enchantments, enhancing relic-like items, etc.
Our goal is to let players have the basic crafting system when they start the game, but if there are players who like this feature and want to immerse themselves in it, we open up a more intricate, specialized system similar to those from MMORPGs.

The Inoculator, in game terms, is a both a device and a booster skill that you can customise. By combining the various available components you can set up what your Inoculator does – it can be used for healing, buffs or active skill modifications, so this is basically skill crafting. Weapons and attack skills are a given, but we didn’t want to tie healing and booster skills to certain items or skill trees. This is a modular system where you can configure these skills in a skill slot to match with your playstyle, however you like. Healing, regenerating, combat boosts, protections can be combined with components, of which there will be a limited amount at the start. Components can be collected on the Star Map.
We have unlocked Inoculators with two slots, so far, but you’ll be able to find 3 and 4 slotted ones as well, so you’ll be able to combine components in a great number of variations.

  • New feature: Reconnect
  • Change: Mission XP reward: mobs don’t give XP, you’ll get the fixed amount in the end. If you fail the mission, XP reward will be calculated based on the progress you’ve made.
  • Change: In Hunt missions, now you must defeat 1 Elite and 2 Commander groups instead of 3 Elites.
  • You can’t invite players if the party’s full.
  • At the start of the mission, there will be a zoom animation instead of going to the loading screen immediately.
  • In Bunker Busting and Silence the Guns, towers were switched back to idle by turning them off, now they play the right animation.
  • Bunker Busting: It’s now easier to interact with the Bunker
  • If there’s a problem with starting a mission, the whole game won’t freeze
  • Further improvements for the in-game chat
  • Alarm Pole now has a new effect when activated
  • Daily Quest Reward fixes (now including Fate reward in the description)
  • Common and Glory Reward fixes
  • Grenade and Medkit drops can overcharge
  • Explosive Mines don’t detonate on enemy mobs
  • Fixed some issues with jumping skill in Co-Op
  • Fixed some issues with enemies falling behind terrain elements in Co-Op
  • Fixed some issues in Co-Op where enemies would attack from cover, facing away from the players