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Re: RIFT - Дополнение Starfall Prophecy. В игре появились новые зоны и подземелья

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The Starfall Prophecies have come to pass. The harbinger of doom is here. The Comet of Ahnket hurtles through the skies towards Telara, tearing pieces from the Plane of Fire and Plane of Life as it passes through and assimilating them into its ever-growing mass. Marshes, forests, deserts, and volcanic wastes have all merged together beneath the shadow of the colossal Tower of Ahnket, creating a new world of unnatural beauty... and unfathomable danger. Now the Guardians and Defiants must unite against the sinister intelligence that guides the Comet of Ahnket and stop it from swallowing our world.


A makeshift city constructed in the shadow of the Tower of Ahnket, Alittu is home to the Tenebrean mages and offers sanctuary to any who come to the Comet. While the inhabitants seem friendly and knowledgeable, do they hide the secrets to destroying the Tower and saving Telara?

Freed from the great dragon Greenscale’s insatiable hunger, the faeries, unicorns, and satyrs of Scatherran had returned to a peaceful existence. Unfortunately, when the Comet store their mystical forest from its home plane, it awakened an ancient and insidious evil. Ally with Shyla Starhearth and her ward, Tasuil the dragon, to defend the innocent from the return of the Tuath’de.

Every year the kobold followers of Saint Taranis journey into the Gedlo Badlands to test their spirits against the goblin hordes. This year, however, the Comet of Ahnket tore their battlefield from the Plane of Fire, trapping them in an unwinnable and inescapable battle. Join Cyril the Champion in uniting the scattered kobolds and helping them ascend to a higher plane.

The stagnant, murky waters of the Xarth Mire conceal terrifying secrets and terrible dangers. Whether it is falling prey to Greenscale’s mate and her ravenous brood or becoming another sacrifice for the Tuath’de, certain death awaits anyone fool enough to enter the marsh unprepared. Fight alongside Tasuil the dragon and Anthousa of the Kelari and put an end to Queen Una’s dark rituals.

Between the boiling rivers of molten lava and burning, smoke-filled air, Ashenfell is a land barely fit for devils and dragons, let alone the Ascended. The lines between good and evil blur as you join forces with the scholarly succubus Carli and the mysterious Messenger Ambriel to stop Duke Arcarax and the Adversary’s fiery legions from taking control of the Comet.

The narrow bridge that spans this gaping abyss is the one and only path to the heart of the Comet: The Tower of Ahnket. Don’t lose your footing, as not even an Ascended’s inhuman strength will save you from the great tail of the comet, let alone the intense, churning magic released by the unknowable intelligence locked within the Tower.

64 bit-With the arrival of the Comet of Ahnket we also welcome the arrival of the 64-bit Rift client. For those of you with 64-bit operating systems it will start up automatically just by hitting ‘play’

As the Comet of Ahnket draws closer to Telera, Ascended able to travel to the Celestial Lands can now obtain level 70!

A new porticulum has been added to Tempest Bay in the Canals, where the entrance to Stormbreaker Protocol once stood. In the room beyond, players can receive a quest from General Batua sending them to the Celestial Lands.

In Starfall Prophecy, gone are the days arguing over dungeon and raid loot and dreaded DKP calculations. The Individual Rewards system determines the spoils of battle on a character by character basis, regardless of what other party members receive. Spend more time adventuring and less time divvying up the plunder!

Planar Fragments are a new type of item that allows players to customize their characters the way they want. Players can seek out the Planar Fragments with the stats they need and upgrade them through the Infusion system. How can a player get their hands on some? Rift Assault, world monsters, dungeon bosses, and gaining Notoriety are a selection of ways. Seek out Anton Corvo in Alittu for an in-game tutorial on this new feature.

A new way to defend Telara has launched! Players may enhance some of their existing powers, which are identified by their impressive new borders, to further augment their strength. Legendary Powers must be chosen wisely as you may not invest more than 3 points into a single soul, and their power makes them important in the fight against Ahnket and her minions.

Upon reaching level 66, and every level thereafter, players are rewarded with a Legendary Power Point that they may spend in any power with a legendary version that they own, further enhancing the effects of that power. The more points you spend in a soul, the more powers you can make Legendary! Every soul can have at least one power enhanced by default, with additional points able to be spent at 15 and 44 talent points spent (Primalists must spend 7 and 23 talent points respectively).

Every soul has 5 powers that are Legendary, so mix and match to create the perfect build for you! Your Legendary powers are saved to your Role, so you can have many different unique configurations for each soul as long as you have more roles!

After the successful expedition to the Plane of Water, the Empyrean Alliance have opened a new series of planar gateways to bring the fight to new and distant planes, but the path is not a friendly one. New Assault Instant Adventures allow the Ascended to join together and defeat Rifts in all new planar arenas. Battle together with powerful enemies of the past and present as the Rifts now tear through the spaces between planes. A new faction and special rewards await those who can master these fiends and clear a path to new realms!

The Circle of Thirteen seeks forbidden power to further the plots hatched by Witch Queen Una of the Tuath'de. Enter the dread swamp, and stop the corruption of ancient paragons of the Plane of Life, as the Queen is attempting to bind Ankhet to her will and thus gain access to its power to create Simulacrum. Players must find a way to access the inner sanctum of the magical fae path to the ritual’s location and put a stop to it. Along the way they must also attempt to rescue the Unicorn queen Lanaria from the forces of the Tuath’de before she suffers a fate worse than death.

Ananke, feared pit fiend of Ashenfell, Oracle of the Alaviaxian Devils, holder of the lost prophecies of the Goddess Aia, has foreseen the return of the red dragon's power. The Ascended must make their way to the temple, confront Ananke, and if possible stop the prophecy from being fulfilled. Will you prevent the crowning of a new ruler of flame, or help bring the prophecy to fruition?

We've given a face-lift to another Classic dungeon! Try out the Intrepid Darkening Deeps to face down Scarn once more. It becomes available as an Expert dungeon once an Ascended reaches level 70.

We've taken the concept of upgraded items and supercharged them! Instead of only requiring other items to upgrade gear, Active Upgrades open up all new possibilities for advancement. Maybe an Active Upgrade item will require you to kill 100 creatures from the Plane of Fire, or to acquire 4 other items of a relic set of armor, or even to every zone on continent. There are currently Active Upgrades on Starfall Prophecy Expert gear and PVP gear, for the Chest, Leg, and Shoulder slots.

* With the level cap increase, we will be changing the bracket system for PVP for the short term along with a few other changes.
* All ELO scores have been reset,
* The level 65 bracket will be expanded to include levels 65 to 70. Players will be bolstered to 70 and everyone will use the same bolstered gear. We consider this bracket as a transitional state while players level to 70.
* Dedicated PVP players can earn Warmonger’s gear that goes above the bolster gear ceiling.

* A new season for leaderboards has started! As such, all leaderboards have been reset.
* The level 65 and level 60-64 chat channels have been removed, and have been replaced with level 60-69 chat. A new level 70 chat channel has been added!
* Characters who change their factions are added to the appropriate starter guild of their new faction, whether or not they are on their home shard.
* Fixed an issue with the Auction House's suggested price option that was causing incorrect prices for stacks of items larger than 1 when relisting auctions.
* Fixed an issue where LFG was not properly computing your stats when changing specs.
* A number of typoseses have been addresseded.

* The Instant adventure Ascended Disgrace debuff is no longer removed when a character enters and leaves a warfront.
* Close Rift quests are now re-enabled in Instant Adventures.

* Adjust Pixel Granularity under Settings>Video>Advanced now notifies players that it requires a client restart to update.
* You can no longer purchase multiple soul packs on the character creation screen.
* RIFT Store: The services tab now shows Void Stone as a currency in the lower left hand corner.
* Guild Perk: Updated tooltip for Cache Finder.
* Added more icon options to the macro UI.

* Raid Cooldowns - Enrage, Lava Field, Defend the Fallen, and Orchestra of the Planes now apply their damage bonuses to your raid for 40 seconds on cast. They now share a single 5 minute lockout called Planar exhaustion which prevents players from benefiting from their damage bonuses.
* Fixed an issue that incorrectly removed stacks of abilities with multiple casters applying the same ability.
* Pets when spawned will no longer be afflicted by their previous incarnations debuffs.


* Unholy Nexus now can correctly be used when any Rage or Greed damage over time effect is on the target.
* Furious Might will no longer inform the player they have learned it every time they log in.

* Resusitating Chant now restores 5% of mana per tick to be consistent with other resources.
* Benevolent Inspiration now grants a 12% incoming healing bonus, up from 5%.
* Deadly Insignia now increases damage by 2% per rank and absorbtion by 15% per rank.


* Earthen Rapport will no longer trigger on certain abilities such as Suspended Reanimation.


* Serenity now heals for 100% more for each additional player it heals.

* Corrected a bug in Tsunami causing it to deal roughly 1/3rd of expected damage.


* Triumphant Spirit now grants a healing bonus of 6% per point, up from 4%.

* Wild Growth no longer causes affected foes to take increased damage.

* Sticky Bombs now deal the correct amount of initial damage.
* Gaining charges out of combat will no longer be reported in the combat log.

* Power Core has been removed from the game.


* Enrage now increases raid member damage by 15%, rather than increasing damage, crit chance and crit power.
* Command to Stand Ground has had its health increase reduced to 5%, and its resistance increase reduced to 3%.
* Command to Recover ghas had its healing increase reduced to 5%.

* Legacy raid bosses now give each player the same amount of platinum no matter how many characters are in the party.

* The following crafting abilities have been removed from the game - Salvage Armor, Salvage Accessories, Salvage Planar Essences, Salvage Weapons. Salvaged crafting materials are now of grey quality and no longer used in recipes.
* A note: many older crafting-related runes, enhacements (such as soles, stones, etc) are not compatible with Starfall Prophecy gear.
* Attainium Crystals are now of grey quality and no longer used in recipes. They will no longer be rewarded from Minion adventures.

* Any Planar fishing lure can be used with any type of Planar fishing pole.
* The rewards for Stan’s Super Secret Lure have been heavily revised, and are now more heavily weighted towards dimension items.

* Aventurine is now capped at 5000.
* The quantity of crafting materials rewarded by short Minion missions has been reduced.

* Starfall Prophecy Preorders: Tenebrean Mystery Key are now available from the Maguk Representative!
* Ethereal Drakes from the Deluxe Edition of Starfall Prophecy now grant 160% mounted speed.
* Qil’s Defiler Synergy Crystals now modify Miserly Affliction.