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Re: Witcher 3 - Моды

Тестовая сборка GWYNBLEIDD 0.2a для 2.22. Сборка косая-кривая, ставить только из любопытства, в частности, часть итемов без имени и всё оружие-броня выпилены за исключением ведьмачих(остальное в процессе переделки).
Reverted Geralt's stamina and toxicity to 100 (vanilla values) - I discovered an easier way to manipulate these stats, and so reverting their values back to 100 was done to prevent any bugs from happening on effects which utalize their actual stat value rather than percentage value.
- Toxicity and stamina values on potions/mutagens and skills have been changed accordingly to reflect the values of 100.
- Added localized text (ENGLISH ONLY, FEEL FREE TO TRANSLATE) for *SOME* of the text used for this mod.
- FriendlyHUD merge is currently absent from this build, mod settings litterally do nothing right now.
- Alternate quen's healing amount is now also based on your current stamina, and heals for a MINIMUM of 60 HP.
- Made changes to the Swordsman skill tree to reflect the game's new UI for version 1.22 (Signs and alchemy tree still untouched)
- Rearranged some skills within the skill tree, as well as made a brand-new 3-rank skill which benefits Whirl and Rend
- Only 1 skill is present in the bottom tier, THIS IS INTENTIONAL! It's a new "master" skill which basically combines the abilities of some other skills which were removed from the tree.
Я в Ведьмака не играю сейчас - жду когда более-менее стабильная версия выйдет.
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