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Re: PlanetSide 2 - Система отрядов получила изменения
Squad/Platoon System:

Squad privacy toggle and recruitment is now controlled by the individual squad leaders in the platoon instead of PL

· PL can be assigned to any squad now instead of being forced to only be in Alpha
· PL can be promoted to SL by current SL
· Platoon Ban now functions correctly
· SL can be used to create a platoon via drag/drop interface from the squad member list
· /platoon setmembersquad # PlayerName will no longer work if a platoon is not present
· Squad browser filters ( Friend / Outfit ) should now function correctly and return the list of squads that have your friends, outfit members, or either if both are toggled on
· If a player is banned from any one squad in the platoon, he/she will no longer be able to join any other squad in the platoon
· Platoon mute should now save and reload state properly
· Linkdead state should now work consistently for platoon members
· SL auto-assign now looks for the member with the highest BR. PL auto-assign looks for the SL with the highest BR.
· Misc bug fixes that were causing mismatched state between server and client, e.g. players erroneously thinking they were SL on the client when they weren’t on the server

Cosmetic Changes:

· Updated Auraxium Color (NC auraxium should be more yellow/blue than white.)
· Updated Yellow Dot Size (VS yellow, red dot sight should be similar in size to the TR’s equivalent.)
· Updated some Vehicle Cosmetics (Vehicle cosmetic LODs should be noticeably further back.)
· Cosmetic bug fix: Camo coverage fix for the VS Darkstar Acolyte helmet


· Outfit “Invite All Online Members To Squad” should now function correctly
· Added “Send Message” functionality to the map context menu
· Speculative fix for minimap indicators not showing
· Fix for missing button assets for the [Customize>] button on the redeployment UI
· Bullet impact decals should now be showing up properly
· Accounts with experienced characters will no longer be able to create new characters to access Koltyr
· We’ve scaled up the Region Tool Tip to be more readable
· The PlayerStudio tool should now be functioning properly
· Explosive HUD icon fix
· Fixed facility benefits display bug
· Removed “Warp To” option to the same zone a player is already in