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Просмотр полной версии : Юмор FF14 Мемы

22.08.2012, 11:35
Буду репостить сюда мемы (демы), с оф форума, с переводом.






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29.01.2013, 12:40
Хах) Не прекращаешь радовать) Но больше сонику не повезет)

29.01.2013, 17:23

05.03.2013, 19:53
Надо скоро продолжить.

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27.07.2018, 10:38
Не нашел более подходящей темы, так что пусть будет тут.

I've been playing this game since 1.0, back then I met this cool guy who wanted to start his own group and I joined him. There I met a lot of great people and we had a lot of fun and adventures together, fighting Garleans, killing Primals and so on. But then things started to really fall apart, I don't even know why it turned out like that, it was a very long but steady decay with a lot of shit happening.

I suppose it all began when the founder stopped showing up, he hasn't logged for the past 5 years now and for all I know he could as well be dead. But things weren't all that bad, you know, a girl in our group became the new leader and it was fine for a while, she wasn't like the previous guy, and she was a bit bossy while contributing little to nothing to our activities, but I guess it was fine.

Then a huge drama exploded after one of the kids started to recruit people left and right. Like he wanted us to become "big" or some shit like that, I don't even know who made him officer, but you can guess the rest. Half of those people were assholes and they did some very shitty things behind our back.

I should probably mention at this point that I wasn't exactly the most popular guy, people wouldn't really listen to me if I tried to stop that. That's because a few months before someone hacked my account and just wiped out my whole friend list and did other stupid things with my char. Anyway after I regained control of my account I explained what happened, but, you know, not everyone believed me and they never fully trusted me again after that.

Anyway after that shitstorm a lot of people left, and some stopped playing for a while, me included. I mean I think that was kind of natural, people leave and go, like that WAR that joined us and left after like not even a week. I was confident that we would go back together, because most of the core members were great guys.

The leader at this point was pretty much MIA, but then I finally saw her online, I was like "finally, welcome back!" but it turned out she just showed up to tell us that she decided to apply for a world transfer. I mean WTF? You haven't logged in for months and when you show up you just tell us you're transferring to another world? Well that's great!

Anyway we picked up the pieces of what remained of our group, but it's like nobody really cares anymore. The BLM logged out for the last time before SB, the Summoner just keeps to himself, I swear he's more interested in the game lore than the game itself. The MNK stopped playing a long time ago, but her sister took over her account, a total noob if you ask me and recently she announced that she decided to leave our group.

Then we got this Lalafel who got into crafting and now only thinks about making more and more money. Meanwhile I'm so broke I can't even teleport.

The most tragic case is the healer of our group which is one of the best players I ever met and a very nice person, but she's got some serious eyesight problem and she can't play like she used before.

I really wish we could go back to when we were a real group, you know, with a leader a proper organization and a purpose. Now it's more like everyone is doing their own stuff. I used to be part of a team, but now it's mostly just me and my nutkin minion.

I dunno, maybe I should just leave and join another FC, it's not like there's many of the core members that are still around and I might as well just be the next to leave. Still this sucks.

Anyway sorry for the long rant. If you are looking for me in game and want to befriend me, my name is Thancred.