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Просмотр полной версии : Сентинел №3

10.11.2004, 22:06
Все, что вы хотели знать о ПвП в Матрице (или не очень хотели):

In last week’s newsletter, we revealed the first of three major forms of player versus player (PvP) combat inside of The Matrix Online: the Dueling System.

The Dueling System allows individual characters to challenge other players to one-on-one combat inside of the game. For more information on the Dueling system, please refer to last week’s newsletter.


The second type of PvP action inside The Matrix Online is a variation of the single character Dueling System: the team vs. team Dueling System. The team vs. team Dueling System allows groups of up to eight players to challenge an opposing group of players to team vs. team combat.

The Team vs. Team system will closely resemble the player vs. player PvP dueling system.


The third form of PvP combat available at launch also introduces another feature: Constructs. Constructs are “pocket worlds” which exist outside of the actual Matrix. In The Matrix Online, the Archive is a special Construct where players will be able to take on others players who work for opposing Organizations.

To enter the Archive, a player needs to purchase a network key code from a special Archivist NPC within the Matrix. Once passage into the Archive has been obtained, another NPC must be found for teleportation into the Construct.

Each of the three main Organizations (Machines, Merovingian, and Zion) has secured a section of the Archive that they use as a base of operations. These sections are no-PvP zones, heavily guarded by NPC members of those Organizations. Players will automatically teleport into their respective Organization’s safe zone. A player’s Organizational affiliation is determined by the player’s highest ranking reputation with the Organizations, or by their specific crew’s affiliation.

As was hinted at already, the Archive is much more than a PvP arena; it is a remnant from a much older version of the Matrix. It contains valuable secrets for those strong enough to seize them. In this particular situation, strength is measured by the ability to survive massive conflict, not only with rival Organizations, but with the Archivists themselves, who will fiercely guard their order’s secrets.

The Matrix Online team plans to open the Archive Construct to Beta testers later this month.