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Просмотр полной версии : Список гемов (умений) [v0.2]

17.08.2011, 01:35
Я хочу сделать перепись того, что навыбивали наши тестеры. Пожалуйста засылайте мне в ПМ скриншоты ваших гемов. Если я все опишу, то те кто не играет уже сможет приблизительно придумать какой билд они хотят сделать.

Blue gems - Интеллект

Shock Nova

Harnessing the power of raw thunder, the caster sends a crackling shock wave arcing out in all directions. The deadly voltage will harm anything it touches, but beware to those caught in the outer edges of the ring. Because the power of Shock Nova grows exponentially as it moves outward, it absolutely decimates enemies at its furthest reach. The skill is most useful when the caster is completely surrounded, dealing out electric death to many non-adjacent foes with a single cast.

A circle of lightning expands from the caster, damaging enemies. Deals maximum damage at its outside edge, and very little to enemies adjacent to the caster. As the skill levels up, lightning damage increases. Higher quality Shock Nova gems deal increased damage.

Ice Nova

Reaching deep within, the caster of the mighty Ice Nova assaults surrounding enemies with a shivering blast of pure rime. The shock wave from this nova is often enough to slay outright, and those who survive the blast will be frozen, their very blood chilled solid. As the caster of Ice Nova gains skill, the range and freezing duration of the spell ramps up quickly. With precise use, a master weaver of frost can annihilate his enemies without suffering a scratch.

A circle of ice expands from the caster, dealing cold damage to enemies it hits. Enemies hit also have a chance to be frozen. As the skill levels up, cold damage increases. Higher quality Ice Nova gems deal increased damage.

Cold Snap

Damage isn't everything. Weavers of Magic often find themselves facing a difficult dilemma in combat: fight or flight. When the latter option is decided, nothing does a better job of ensuring safety than Cold Snap. With a snap of the fingers, the caster summons a clump of freezing ice crystals from the ground. These frosty shards stab upward at the targeted location, impaling and freezing anything they strike. Though the damage from Cold Snap is low, it is a powerful when employed against other players in combat.

Deals cold damage to an area around the target. Enemies hit also have a chance to become frozen. As the skill levels up, damage and chance to freeze increase. Higher quality Cold Snap gems deal increased damage.

Frost Wall

The Bandits drew closer and they were gaining confidence. The first few volleys of Fireballs had been more than enough to drive them away, killing several in the process. They retreated to the underbrush, where they regrouped and planned. Now they advanced again, shields up, safe in their great numbers. The Witch surveyed her opponents, wand resting lightly in hand, waiting for the right moment. It came soon enough, for the Bandits raised their weapons aloft, and came on with a cry. Their blood lust overcame their caution, and the Witch made her move. She flicked her wand quickly, and at once a great wall of solid ice sprang up in the Bandit's path. They crashed into it full force, and before they could recover, three other towering walls rose around them, locking them in an icy prison. Smiling, the Witch conjured a roaring pillar of fire in the center of the freezing prison, and delighted in the shrieks of her trapped enemies roasting alive.

Creates a wall of ice which holds back enemies. Targets under the wall are dealt cold damage and pushed back. As the skill levels up, cold damage increases. Higher quality Frost Wall gems deal increased damage.

Ice Spear

Harnessing the freezing might of the far North, the caster conjures a lance of razor sharp ice crystal, and launches it at a target. The Ice Spear pierces armor and flesh alike, rocketing towards an enemy and exploding in a blast of deadly rime. The blast will freeze the blood of its target, locking them in place for a substantial duration. Enemies pierced by the spear take significant damage, but will avoid the paralysis of the main explosion.

Launches a projectile that pierces enemies close to the caster dealing reduced damage, before exploding on a distant enemy for full damage and freezing them. As the skill levels up, damage and chill duration increase. Higher quality Ice Spear gems deal increased damage.

Freezing Pulse

Sometimes a spell caster just needs crowd control. When beset by a hostile throng, masters of ice magic frequently employ the deadly Freezing Pulse. The spell pierces easily through the thickest hide and the toughest armor, spinning and freezing in an icy whirl until it impacts a distant target. The Pulse is at peak strength when it's cast, so it has the greatest effect on enemies that are right up next to the caster. Of course, these are also the enemies presenting the most threat, and they are left frozen solid or slain outright.

Launches a projectile which deals cold damage and passes through enemies. Enemies hit have a chance to be frozen. Damage and freezing are highest at close range. As the skill levels up, cold damage increases. Higher quality Freezing Pulse gems deal increased damage.

Raise Zombie

Wraeclast is a cursed place, where the dead walk freely. Novice occultists have learned to harness this quality of the land, summoning an undead minion to do their bidding. The incantation is a minor one, so the only required reagent is some fresh kill lying about. Once summoned, the mindless creature will wander about defending its master, but only within the general area it was raised. Higher levels of skill will summon an entity that moves quicker, hits harder, and decays slower.

Raises a zombie from a corpse. Zombies attack with a lot of damage, but are slow to follow the player. As the skill levels up, maximum number of zombies, zombie damage, and zombie health increase. Higher quality Raise Zombie gems cause zombies to deal increased damage.


Lightning is a fickle servant. However, skilled casters have learned to harness this frenetic element to devastating effect. With a single incantation, a pulsing ball of electric energy appears, and begins to move erratically around the battlefield. Whenever it contacts an enemy, it discharges, dealing tremendous damage and frequently causing paralysis. A practiced spell weaver can conjure multiple sparks at once, forcing foes to navigate a deadly gauntlet if they hope to deal any harm.

Launches an unpredictable spark which deals lightning damage to enemies. The spark moves at random, and rebounds off walls. As the skill levels up, damage increases. Higher quality Spark gems deal increased damage.

Raise Spectre

True masters of the dark arts learn to use their enemy's greatest strengths against them, binding the souls of the fallen to their bidding. With a dark incantation, the caster's words imbue a slain being with dark energy, animating it with sinister strength and purpose. The raised entity possesses all the abilities it had while living, augmented further by the skill of its new master. With practice, many raised specters can be controlled at once, creating an army of undead to lay waste to everything in its path.

Targets an enemy corpse and raises a spectral version of the enemy to fight for the caster. As the skill levels up, maximum number of spectres, spectre damage, and spectre health increase. Higher quality Raise Spectre gems cause spectres to deal increased damage.


Tapping into the chaotic, hungry elemental force of fire, the caster sends a roaring ball of flame hurling at the target. This searing projectile flies unerringly outward, impacting with tremendous force, and burning not only the target, but adjacent foes as well. Skilled wielders of flame can ignite the enemy, causing them to burn for additional damage. A master of the fireball lays waste to all who beset him, reducing his enemies to cinders.

Launches a projectile which explodes upon impact, dealing fire damage to nearby enemies. As the skill levels up, fire damage increases. Higher quality Fireball gems deal increased damage.

Red gems - Сила


Wielders of the axe and sword often find themselves beset by multiple foes. Expecting this, a trained armsman will employ the deadly Cleave. With a single practiced stroke, a Cleave sweeps sideways to inflict grievous harm to anyone standing nearby, lopping off heads and limbs with ease. As a player gains skill with Cleave, they strike harder, and hit more enemies with each swing of their blade.

Deals damage with all equipped weapons to enemies in a 180 degree arc in front of the player. When dual wielding, equipment requirement applies to both weapons, and each weapon does reduced damage. As the skill levels up, damage increases. Higher quality Cleave gems attack faster. Requires an axe, sword, two-handed axe, or two-handed sword.

Shield Charge

In the hands of a talented combatant, even a shield becomes a deadly weapon. With Shield Charge, a warrior dashes forward at a single enemy, slamming them senseless. The violence of the charge will push nearby foes out of its path, and inflict great damage on target. An opponent unlucky enough to be struck by the full brunt of a Shield Charge will be knocked back and stunned for a time.

The player charges at an enemy and bashes them with their shield. The target enemy is damaged, knocked back and stunned, enemies in the way are pushed to the side. Target damage and stun duration increase proportional to the distance charged. This attack cannot miss. As the skill levels up, damage increases. Higher quality Shield Charge gems deal increased damage. Requires a shield.

Enduring Cry

In battle, it's often someone's job to stand in the front line, and take most of the punishment. Few relish this task, but those who do know the secret of the Enduring Cry. This battle shout taunts all nearby enemies, compelling them to attack the offender, while simultaneously boosting his ability to absorb punishment in direct proportion to the number of nearby foes.

Taunts all nearby enemies to attack the player. Endurance charges are added proportional to the number of surrounding enemies. As the skill levels up, number of endurance charges added increases. Higher quality Enduring Cry gems add more endurance charges.

Glacial Hammer

Where Infernal Blow burns hot, Glacial Hammer freezes to the bone. The spell infuses a Mace or Staff with the essence of pure ice, making a weapon so cold it can barely be handled. A successful hit from Glacial Hammer deals grievous damage, and if the target is already frozen and near death, it will shatter into thousands of shards. The more skilled one becomes at inscribing the runes for Glacial Hammer, the greater the frostbite becomes, eventually leaving most foes frozen solid.

Deals damage to an enemy, with some physical damage converted to cold damage. If the enemy is frozen and has less than one third life remaining, they will shatter when hit by Glacial Hammer. As the skill levels up, damage and chance to freeze increase. Higher quality Glacial Hammer gems deal increased damage. Requires a mace, two-handed mace, or staff.

Ground Slam

Raising a staff or two handed mace high above their head, the player slams it earthward with a crackling thud. The force of this blow sunders soil and rock, forking outward to stun and damage enemies that stand ahead. At greater levels of skill, the fissures from Ground Slam travel a long distance, causing tremendous harm to anything caught in their path.

Damages and stuns all enemies in a 90 degree arc in front of the player. As the skill levels up, damage increases. Higher quality Ground Slam gems deal increased damage. Requires a mace, two-handed mace, or staff.

Infernal Blow

Tracing a series of fiery runes on the length of their weapon, the caster prepares to unleash the Infernal Blow. Once imbued with fiery energy, the weapon discharges the moment it strikes any enemy. Infernal Blow burns anything struck with searing Hellfire, incinerating bone, flesh and armor. Perhaps the deadliest property of the enchantment lies in what follows a fatal hit. Any foe slain by Infernal Blow will explode in a violent conflagration, showering anything nearby with flame, igniting and killing with abandon. Masters of the Infernal Blow delight in watching enormous chain reactions of detonating victims.

Deals damage to an enemy, with some physical damage converted to fire damage. If the enemy dies soon after being hit, they will explode, dealing fire damage to nearby enemies. As the skill levels up, damage increases. Higher quality Infernal Blow gems deal increased damage. Requires an axe, mace, sword, two-handed axe, two-handed mace, two-handed sword, or staff.

Leap Slam

Long ago, the marauders of Oriath perfected a devastating battle technique - the ferocious Leap Slam. With a guttural cry, the leaper hurtles forward and smashes the ground at the feet of the enemy. The force from this blow deals substantial damage in a circle around the targeted spot, and will even knock back and stun. The Leap Slam is useful not only as an offensive technique, but also because it can serve, in a pinch, to escape from danger. The Marauders of Oriath were famous for attacking their foes from above, leaping down from high ledges to crush their enemies' skulls.

The player leaps through the air, damaging enemies where they land. Some enemies are knocked backwards. As the skill levels up, damage increases. Higher quality Leap Slam gems cause enemies to be stunned for longer. Requires an axe, mace, sword, two-handed axe, two-handed mace, two-handed sword, or staff.


Sometimes a good blade just isn't enough. With a mighty swing, a player wielding a staff, two-handed axe or mace smashes the skulls of many enemies surrounding them. The furious blow breaks armor and bone alike, even knocking foes back a substantial distance.

Deals damage to enemies in a 300 degree arc in front of and around the player, and knocks some of them back. As the skill levels up, damage increases. Higher quality Sweep gems knock enemies back further. Requires a two-handed axe, two-handed mace, or staff.

Green gems - Ловкость

Elemental Hit

Cold steel tends to solve most problems, but sometimes it's not quite enough. With Elemental Hit, a player infuses their weapon with the heat of a furnace, the electricity of a Summer tempest, or the icy chill of the Winter night. The specific element is randomly chosen, but the result is the same: tons of extra damage dealt, often killing the target with a single blow.

Randomly adds cold, fire, or lightning damage to a normal attack. As the skill levels up, damage increases. Higher quality Elemental Hit gems deal increased damage.

Phase Run

In battle, the best offense is sometimes the best defense. Those who live to survive for a later battle recognize that there is no shame in flight, when flight is the only option. When haste is needed, there is no better tool than Phase Run. With a cry, the skill imbues the caster with incredible speed, allowing them to sprint past hapless enemies to safety. The enchantment also causes their form to blur, making them less likely to receive attack. If the phased runner chooses to melee an enemy, they will lose their speed burst but deliver a devastating blow to their target.

Increases movement speed and makes monsters react slower to the player for a short time. Attacking cancels the effect, but if the attack is with a melee weapon it deals extra damage. As the skill levels up, damage and movement speed increase. Higher quality Phase Run gems increase the damage bonus to melee attacks made while in Phase Run.

Detonate Dead

To a skilled practitioner of the occult, the corpses of slain foes are a tool to bend to their dark purpose. While most seek to animate the very souls of fallen enemies, a crafty handful have discovered an even more potent use. Infusing the enzymes and acids of the target's body with magical energy, the caster creates a volatile mixture that detonates violently when a final word is spoken. The explosion blasts outwards in every direction, showering nearby enemies with flame and toxic liquid. At higher levels of skill, the detonation will damage and stun foes in a wide area.

Targets a corpse causing it to explode and deal fire and physical damage to nearby enemies. As the skill levels up, damage increases. Higher quality Detonate Dead gems deal increased damage.

Poison Arrow

Borrowing a bit of toxic chemistry from the secretive Oriath Necromancers guild, a skilled archer infuses their arrowhead with a wicked venom. Once enchanted, the arrow will explode violently when it impacts a target, showering both foes and the surrounding area with a cloud of choking death. Anything living caught in the cloud will suffocate quickly, suffering heavy chaos damage until they move far away.

Fires an arrow which explodes in a cloud of poison. Enemies who enter the cloud are poisoned for a short time, taking chaos damage. Your arrows themselves also add additional chaos damage. As the skill levels up, damage dealt, poison duration, and poison cloud duration increase. Higher quality Poison Arrow gems attack faster. Requires a bow.

Blood Rage

Centuries ago, ravaging bands of Marauders swept across Oriath, and nearly toppled the monarchy in the capital. Before they met the order's Templars on the battlefield, they chewed the sacred root, and entered the "Blood Rage". Under the influence of the Rage, the Marauders knew no fear or pain, and every blow they struck on their enemies rejuvenated their depleted life. The root also drove the Marauders half-crazy with blood lust, causing them to attack with blinding speed as long as there was flesh nearby to hack. The only consequence of the Blood Rage state was a gradual loss of the Marauder's blood, but the magical invigoration from attacking was usually enough to compensate.

Player gains life leech and increased attack speed, at the cost of player life degeneration, for a specific time period. While active, killing enemies refreshes the skill duration and grants frenzy charges. As the skill levels up, attack speed, life leech, and skill duration increase, and player life degeneration decreases. Higher quality Blood Rage gems attack faster.

Double Strike

Originally perfected by the renowned Duelist Fammal during his reign in the arenas of Oriath, the deadly Double Strike brings fame and renown to those who master it. A Double Strike performs two regular melee attacks in the blink of an eye, dealing twice as much damage in a single span of time. Foes caught unawares will find themselves cut to ribbons or stunned into submission beneath a flurry of blows.

Performs two fast attacks on target enemy. Each strike does reduced damage. As the skill levels up, damage increases. Higher quality Double Strike gems attack faster. Requires a claw, dagger, axe, mace, sword, two-handed axe, two-handed mace, two-handed sword, bow, or staff.

Dual Strike

Double Strike was not the only attack Fammal mastered during his years in the arenas. He also perfected the technique of the Dual Strike, and used it to decimate countless opponents. Those who follow in his footsteps seek to duplicate the art, and at high levels of skill, a few manage. Dual Strike lashes out at a single target with tremendous force, slicing or smashing it with both weapons simultaneously. When executed by a master swordsman, just one Dual Strike is often enough to end the battle.

Attacks with both weapons at once. Can only be used while dual wielding. As the skill levels up, damage increases. Higher quality Dual Strike gems attack faster. Requires daggers, axes, maces, or swords.

Flicker Strike

They should have known the rule: never corner a Duelist. He was surrounded by four hulking brutes, each one uglier than the one before. They had come for the fine mail tunic he wore, but he had given them nothing but insults and injury. As the Duelist fought, his speed grew more frenetic, until he was a blur of whirling steel. After a time though, superior numbers took their toll, and the attackers began to find openings. With blood oozing from a dozen wounds, the Duelist gathered himself for one final assault. He waited until just the right moment, right as his foes rushed in for the kill.

There was a flash, and in the blink of an eye, he suddenly appeared behind the first assailant, plunging his sword to the hilt in the exposed neck. Then he was beheading the second in one quick swipe. Then the third fell with a shriek, his bowels spilling onto the cobblestones. The fourth turned to run, and found himself facing the Duelist, who met his momentum with a stab through the heart. Spent, panting on the ground, the victor wiped his blade clean, and recorded four more kills with Flicker Strike.

Teleports the player to a nearby enemy and performs a melee attack. If no enemy is targetted, one is picked at random. Discharges frenzy charges, increasing the number of teleports and attacks. As the skill levels up, damage increases. Higher quality Flicker Strike gems deal increased damage. Requires a claw, dagger, axe, mace, sword, two-handed axe, two-handed mace, two-handed sword, or staff.


The bread and butter of any effective combat skill set, Frenzy is used by many and feared by all. With Frenzy active, every successful attack dealt accelerates the next attack, transforming the player into an offensive dervish. Once the Frenzy is at full intensity, it can be maintained indefinitely as long as the player strikes a new target in time. Several skills consume Frenzy charges when they are activated, enabling new ways to decimate foes.

Performs a standard attack. If it hits, the player gains a frenzy charge. Frenzy charges increase your attack speed. As the skill levels up, damage and attack speed per frenzy charge increase. Higher quality Frenzy gems deal increased damage.

Split Arrow

The Ranger paused. She was surrounded. The enemy from the front was merely a diversion, the real threats now flanked her from the left and right. They closed silently in the shadows, believing themselves unseen. Seconds ticked slowly by as she waited, wanting them to be complacent, wanting them to believe her vulnerable. As they drew nearer, her bowstring hand slid gently back, the arrow cocked and waiting. Then, in a blur, her weapon came up, the missile rocketing forth, a streak of hissing death. There was a brief pause, and then if by magic, all three foes fell as one, apparently struck by copies of the same arrow. Lowering her bow, the Ranger smirked, and silently thanked her teacher for the hours spent mastering Split Arrow.

Fires multiple arrows at different targets. As the skill levels up, damage and number of arrows increases. Higher quality Split Arrow gems deal increased damage. Requires a bow.

Viper Strike

The thieves guilds of Oriath teach a wicked skill to all initiates, the feared Viper Strike. Employing the skill, a claw, dagger or sword user coats their weapon with deadly venom, a concoction so virulent it permanently marks any weapon it contacts. Once the toxin is applied, the weapon will poison any it strikes, burning deep into their veins, causing wracking, crippling pain. Additional hits will increase the concentration of the toxin, stacking it up to lethal levels quickly. Few have survived an assault of Viper Strike and those who have never forget the agony.

Poisons an enemy, stacking up to five times. Each time they are re-poisoned, the duration is extended. As the skill levels up, poison damage and duration increase. Higher quality Viper Strike gems deal increased damage. Requires a claw, dagger, sword, or two-handed sword.


17.08.2011, 02:06
Как же билд сделаешь, если не видишь пассивок? :3
Можно просто, выложить названия, сначала ведь нужно пассивки подбить, а потом уже и скилы под них, ну я так думаю :3
В игре пока будет 100 лвлов, потом увеличат сказали :3

17.08.2011, 02:36
Ребят, это тупак. Большая часть нужных гемов выбивается\собирается с квестов до 20ого уровня. Остальную часть видно в окне при выборе награды за квест.
Наименее доступны суппорт гемы, но о них никто и не задумывается минимум до 25ого уровня. К тому времени взору игрока предстают все скилы.
С увеличением кол-ва скилов, я почти уверен, что их добавят в базу на офф. сайте, как например добавили базу по предметам.

Немногое что нужно знать новичкам о скилах.
1. В игре всего один огненный скилл (Fireball), ветку огня соответственно качать не имеет смысла.
2. В игре два суммон скила (Spectral и Zombie) и оба почти что никчёмные. Прокачка суммон ветки также бессмысленна.
3. Ледяных скилов больше всего, поэтому ведьме имеет смысл качать лёд.
4. Единственный декс аое скилл - Detonated dead, незаменим для милишников.
5. Барб, дуэлист, ведьма (лёд), ведьма (лайтнинг), арчер - полноценность набора скилов по убыванию.

В пятницу (19) выйдет новый патч, обещали полностью переделать дерево пассивок, исправить баланс и т.д. К тому времени данная мной информация скорее всего устареет, может подправлю.

17.08.2011, 07:39
Откуда ты можешь знать вобще все скилы и утверждать что фаер всего лишь один? Может там на 60 дают еще 5 скилов фаер по квесту

17.08.2011, 08:36
Откуда ты можешь знать вобще все скилы и утверждать что фаер всего лишь один? Может там на 60 дают еще 5 скилов фаер по квесту

Полагаю, имелось в виду "на данный момент", то есть в бете.

17.08.2011, 12:40
Откуда ты можешь знать вобще все скилы и утверждать что фаер всего лишь один? Может там на 60 дают еще 5 скилов фаер по квесту

Я вообще такой фантазёр, вот всё выдумываю и пишу сюда.

17.08.2011, 13:03
Ты написал просто так странно будто так будет в релизе и ты советуешь не качать фаер из за 1 скила. этож всего лишь збт.
Есть патч ноут патча пятничного?

17.08.2011, 14:35
Невозможно знать, что будет в релизе, поэтому очевидно, что информация относится к настоящему времени.
Патч ноут будет на момент релиза патча.

19.08.2011, 18:40
Список активных скиллов (http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3657)

20.08.2011, 08:07

Нужны ингейм скрины умений: Raise Spectre, Viper Strike, Frost Wall, Spark, Fireball и прочих.

20.08.2011, 09:33
респект :nice) отличная работа.

20.08.2011, 09:42
респект :nice) отличная работа.

Благодарю :blush:

20.08.2011, 10:50
Ага, и жутко бесполезная.

20.08.2011, 10:59
Ага, и жутко бесполезная.

Жутко бесполезно здесь только твое сообщение. Не нравится/не полезно - пройди мимо.

20.08.2011, 11:08
Да я просто указал на бесполезность этой информации, почему сразу так в штыки.
Ты не думал, что я может быть прав? Ну вот правда, зачем нужна вся эта куча картинок, на офф. сайте не хватает?

Кстати, если хочешь заняться чем-то действительно полезным, то переведи лучше вот этот пост. (http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2750) Он действительно интересный и там есть что обсуждать.

20.08.2011, 11:42
Я подумаю над твоим предложением.

20.08.2011, 18:15
Нет, ты!

Нет, ты!.

Умники, лучше присоединяйтесь к обсуждению % выпадания вещей) Может вы чего подскажете) https://forums.goha.ru/showthread.php?t=634026&page=14

26.08.2011, 04:20
Нашел забавную штуку. :smiley)

29.08.2011, 09:10
Есть вопросик по сплит арроу - хоть в описании и говорится что при повышении лвл гема повышается дамаг и количесвто стрел, но в описании гема это нигде не отображаеться. Единственная характеристика которая меняется с повышением уровня это Reduce damage, которая до 4 лвл гема уменьшалась на 5% за лвл (собственно с 20% до 5%), а на 5 лвл снова стала 15%... Вот собственно я и не пойму что за "уменьшение дамага" - от какого значения??

29.08.2011, 11:34
Ну это как бы у каждой стрелы на 15% уменьшенный дамаг, чем у тебя был бы просто с удара. А то что она стала снова 15 это странно. МОжет количество стрел возрасло всё таки?)

29.08.2011, 13:43
Ну это как бы у каждой стрелы на 15% уменьшенный дамаг, чем у тебя был бы просто с удара. А то что она стала снова 15 это странно. МОжет количество стрел возрасло всё таки?)

ну да скорей всего так - просто это нигде не отражено.

29.08.2011, 15:30
На 5 лвле становится 4 стрелы вместо 3х, так что все верно.