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Просмотр полной версии : Изменения между альфой и бетой

22.06.2010, 16:29
Here are some things from the videos, interviews and demos during E3 2010.

Note: The E3 client was a demo of the beta, not the actual beta version. Some things may have changed again in the version we get to test.

First up, I've already put this in another thread, but for the sake of completeness, here it is again:


HP/MP and elemental stats are no longer linked to Physical levels according to one of the E3 interviews and the stats themselves have changed:


There are 22 possible gear slots, including underwear

Stats have changed from alpha, they are now:

STR, VIT, DEX, INT, MND and Piety.

There are now separate accuracy and attack stats for main and off hand weapons.



Your available ability slots has increased from 20 to 30, however skill no longer cost 1 point each to equip. you can see from the pic that Rousing Provoke costs 3 points to equip, and also lists an affinity to Earth.

The pic also shows Traits, and Synthesis Actions, however we don't yet know details on them.

The Action bar itself also has been tweaked:


You can now see timers for recasts and much clearer costs for skills.


When you complete a leve now you get a popup window that shows your rewards.


The pic shows the gil and item reward, also a completion time and lists 5 Faction Credits as a reward. No details on that yet though.



Looks much more polished.

Also, the character status popup now looks like this rather than the whole paperdoll if your only looking for an update:



Note: None of this is my own work, most of it is copied from www.eorzeapedia.com

The below info is a compilation from various interviews.

For anyone who missed the videos, you can view them on the FFXIV Youtube Channel or at gametrailers.

The main ones were:

Character Customisation


Today’s playtest version, could it be called the beta version?
Tanaka: For sure it’s close. The final debug and balance are still in the process, and as such, it can be considered a step from beta.

This version’s character creation has drastically changed…?
T: To be sure, it’s quite close to the final version. Things like the color of the tails of the Mi’qote and the shape of the Elezen ears are not in yet, but they will be before we ship.

Regarding the battle system, the effect gauge appears to have been reworked.
T: Before the alpha test, it was considered an issue for replanning in the development side, but just to be sure, we wanted player input, and so we began the alpha test with it. As expected, there were many requests to up the tempo, and so the development team got to work. Having a system where the action gauge requires waiting for it to fill up before attacking was the wrong approach, and so we changed it to a gauge that fills and stores prior (to battle) and have it consume as you fight. We actually barely got this in for E3, it's still being debugged and balanced in Japan.

What other changes are there?
T: The size of the action bar in the alpha test has been expanded from 20 to 30, allowing players to more ably customize it to their tastes. Besides that, the HP and MP system have been attached to character growth. (I am a little shady on this next line)For attributes, the elemental bonus stats have been separated from the physical level bonus. It should result in a simpler system than the one currently in alpha.

As the version becomes beta, graphics also seem to have drastically changed. Are there changes to the specs of PC play?
T: Things like distance draw, ambient occlusion (drawing of shadows in the environment) and so on give quite a load, so those are options, but besides those, [the strain] will be lighter than the current alpha version. Also, the alpha currently uses a projection shadow system, but the new version will use a system called “depth buffer shadow” to make more distinct shadows.

Then for the beta version, more graphics will be customizable to a certain extent?
T: From the main menu, there will be a Settings listing. If you are playing from a PC, you can also configure this before loading the game. We’ve also begun to distribute benchmarking software. Players can utilize that to check their specs, I think.

Between Japan, North America, and Europe, what kind of communication system will there be?
K: Following FFXI’s system, this game is being concurrently developed for all over the world. Communication to support that will be in place.
T: We are planning for the beta test, to have a communication tool in place. (Not sure about this next line) Speaking of the player site, we will host a traditional page. We will also have individual bulletin boards as well.

Beyond that, are there any other elements of communication planned?
T: Again, like FFXI, we will probably have a simple translator tool. We will also have a linkshell-like system, but there will be a larger grouping system called “Company” being planned. At the moment, we are eagerly working on this, and will release further details as it develops.

Is there a plan for voice chat?
T: For now I'm going to say there are no plans. It's very hard to do between PC and PS3, and also real-time translation functions for voice chat to players from other places would be quite difficult.

Massively: Will Final Fantasy XIV retain the same difficulty as Final Fantasy XI? Will we be seeing the same sort of complexity as FFXI?

Tanaka: In terms of the amount of content we will have for FFXIV, probably FFXI will have more at launch, just because it's been in service for eight years. We'll make sure that we'll introduce the same amount of content as exists in FFXI, and we'll make sure that we go from there.

As for the difficulty -- your main question -- it's slightly different, because we will be focusing on solo players also. So you can be yourself and be very flexible -- in a short period of time, by yourself, you can level up by experience points, then customize yourself for higher levels. In terms of how difficult this is? We introduce [the game] as a very entry-level experience, so that a lot of people can enjoy it, but at the same time we'll be making sure that all the endgame players have enough content, and it will be as competitive for them [as FFXI].

Of course, one of the most popular elements of the series are the chocobos. Will there be chocobos at launch? Chocobo racing? Will they be mounts?

Yes, chocobos will be there. It may be further introduced toward a later time, but there will be something. Of course, chocobos are something for you to ride on, but any more than that? Yes, we are planning to introduce that later. Chocobos as mounts will be there.

The skill bar on the UI only has so many slots -- is that all a player can have at once, or are there multiple bars?

We have points that you will be using to set your abilities. They're slotted so that depending on your abilities, you'll be consuming more points, so they will run out. In terms of number of abilities, it's 30 abilities at most.

We've had so many wonderful and memorable stories from the Final Fantasy series, including FFXI. Will that be continued in FFXIV? Will the player continued to be involved heavily?

Not only that -- we will be introducing more gradual storylines, more involved, so yes plus more.

Will story progress be similar to what Star Wars: The Old Republic is promising, with heavy player choice, or will it be more linear like traditional games?

In terms of FFXIV storyline involvement -- it's pretty much the same as other Final Fantasy games or other MMOs. You talk to NPCs to start it and then you continue. As for the uniqueness, we are introducing more grand-scale voice acting and lip synching. In the concept of how we introduce the storyline, it will be pretty similar to a standard MMO.

Will the guild system be more involved this time around than linkshells were in FFXI? Will there be more features and incentives?

We have a system called "company," a little bit larger than a linkshell. At this moment we can only say that there is a gameplay element to grow a company, but we'll be announcing full details of the company shortly, so stay tuned.

We've noticed during character creation that there are places to select a guardian spirit and some sort of horoscope. Can you expand on that?

We still haven't started disclosing the full detail of what happens, but yes, something will change depending on what you choose.

Eorzeapedia: Will you be optimizing the FINAL FANTASY XIV client to take advantage of 4 or more cores for next generation processors with 64 bit architectures?

Tanaka: We will guarantee that it will work (in terms of the 64 bit technology). We don’t think it will have much benefit for the users, so we would like to stick to the 32 bit. It is compatible, but we will be using 32 bit. We are working very close with Intel for optimization.

Eorzeapedia: Will there be any kind of new tools available for linkshells such as a common storage area, ability to select a linkshell emblem/logo, member ranks or banks?

Tanaka: This time we have the company system which is like an advanced system of linkshell which you will be able to level up as a group. We will let you know more information shortly. We can’t disclose too much information at the moment. Also, as a community tool, we will have this community website, which you can check out company status and your own character status. You will be able to enjoy the game even if you are offline.

Eorzeapedia: Will surnames be optional? If not, how will you make it easier to send /tells to other players?

Tanaka: It’s going to be mandatory. You have to have a surname. The surname and the name will be unique. There will only be one person on the server who has that name. However, you will have a sort of short version – a nickname of the full name. So for example, Saori Hill will be my full name, but if you make it remember “Saori”, then you only have to use “Saori” to /tell someone.

Eorzeapedia: Is that nickname chosen by the player during the character creation?

Tanaka: When you make a /tell for the first time, if you type in “Saori”, you will have every Saori in every world appearing in the results. So you select which one is going to be Saori for yourself. The user will decide what the nickname is going to be for the other person.

Eorzeapedia: How many classes will be available at launch, and do you plan to add more post-launch?

Tanaka: We haven’t confirmed how many will be available at launch, but in the beta version you will see many of the classes which you can find in the launch version. Also, even after we release the game we will add more classes as version updates, so there will be tens-of classes which you can enjoy in the game.

Eorzeapedia: Will there be a way to group up certain pieces of gear so that when you change disciplines you don’t have to re-equip all your gear?

Tanaka: That was the initial plan actually, but after trying it out we found there were quite a few demerits by doing so, so at the moment we decided not to implement that into the game, but if that’s what the players want then definitely there is something we can do.

-I imagine there were many requests regarding the user interface. Have there been any changes made?

Tanaka: Aside from a revamped main menu, we’ve added a chat filter and changed the log system. We are also testing out being able to have multiple chat windows open.

-Are there other means of communication aside from chatting?

Tanaka: We have plans to include a macro palette, which you could use to combine skills and messages to make communication a little easier. Beyond that, we are working on a system where party members can tell which enemy their leader is attacking.

-Would that be something like highlighting the monster’s name or putting a number above its head, etc.; something that stands out?

Tanaka: You’ll have to wait and see! We are currently testing various methods of communication to prevent party members
from splitting up during battle.

-Are there any battle system elements that will be upgraded from beta onward?

Tanaka: Some of it has been included in alpha, but there is the Battle Regimen skill chain system. We are preparing a bagful of situations where well-coordinated party play using this along with the aforementioned communication tool will be integral to success.

-So will group vs. group battles be more frequent than not?

Tanaka: Many monsters act on their own right now, but there were plans for group situations such as one male beast among a harem of females, for example. The majority of guildleve fights, in particular, will probably have monsters in parties together.

-Crafting, Bazaars, and Community Systems
Are there any new systems planned for beta?

Tanaka: Weapons and items will lose durability. You will not lose a weapon because of it, but its battle potential will drop to the point where it will probably be useless. Since repairs will be necessary, we have increased the number of gathering and crafting classes. The next big planned addition would be retainers, hirable NPCs. For example, in FFXI you could not run your bazaar if you logged out. In FFXIV if you hand your items over to your retainer and set them up in the marketplace, you will be able to sell your goods even if you log off. Other than that, we have plans for linkshells but are unsure of when they will be ready for implementation.

-The Start of Beta
Will beta bring with it more areas to explore?

Tanaka: If we add even more, we are not sure how large the size of the beta download will become. We will test it, but it might be difficult.

-So the main hub will still be Limsa Lominsa?

Tanaka: We might have to test other areas as necessary, but currently we plan to conduct beta only around there.

-Then beta will start…?

Tanaka: We would like to start it in July at the latest. We will make separate announcements regarding the PS3 version.

-You had said that cross-regional servers would be implemented mid-beta. When, exactly?

Tanaka: Alpha servers are technically already cross-regional but are segregated only by time. If everything is stable, we would like to have them running nearly around the clock from the start of beta.

-Are there plans to increase the number of testers in beta on a large-scale?

Tanaka: There are already ten alpha servers, and testers number in the tens of thousands. For beta, first we would like to move all those players over. If all is well after that, we plan to add more testers. The improvements that make beta what it is would not have been possible without the voices of our alpha testers. Therefore, I would like everyone to experience beta and provide feedback in hopes that the game will improve even more. Of course we will continue to make adjustments after the official release, so do not hesitate to tell us what you think.

RPGamer: Will the auto translate function return?

Tanaka: Yes.

–Let’s talk about the new trailer. There are a lot of NPCs that appear in the trailer. What kind of creature is the white avatar-esque being?

Tanaka: That’s not an avatar. It’s an elemental. This time elements are a factor in a lot of things and are very important to the game. Those elements are related to the elementals. Unlike FFXI, the cycles of the moon and weather won’t have an effect on things. Instead, the 6 elements will affect a number of things.

–Next, can you tell us more about the brand new battle system?

Tanaka: The tempo has changed the most. With the prior system, your action gauge would fill up, and then after that, you would wait for your effect gauge to fill up in order to increase the strength or accuracy of your attack. However, that time spent filling up would translate into just empty waiting time for the players. So the first thing we decided to do was get rid of the effect gauge. Then we made the action gauge longer and made it fill naturally over time. Players could carry out any of the various actions available to them by using up a portion of that gauge. If you fill the gauge completely before attacking, you can pull off around 3 or 4 actions in a row. Even as you carry out those actions, your gauge will start filling again. In the end, we have a battle system that makes for a much quicker battle tempo.

–Are the linkshells going to work the same as FFXI’s linkshells?

Tanaka: Yes. However, there is going to be a broader level of community building as well and a lot of different things will be built into that system.

–Do you mean something like a power struggle between city-states? (Translation note: He is getting at the Conquest system in FFXI.)

Tanaka: Rather than having to do with the city-states, it’s like a company and the linkshells would fit in below it.

–So it’s more of a group that the players put together themselves versus something set system-side.

Tanaka: Yes. It is going to be reminiscent of guilds or clans.

Q. Is t here going to be chocobo breeding and chocobo racing in this game?

A. For this Final Fantasy, chocobo have a unique place but we can't tell you anymore about them at this time. There will be more information closer to release.

Q. Will there be player-owned land?

A. We will be making announcements shortly, so look forward to that. We are trying to implement that so players can have something that they own.

Q. Do you intend to have things like guilds and guild banks for people to share?

A. For FFXI there was Linkshells and for FFXIV we will have Linkshells as well along with something like a higher level Linkshell system called a Company. In this Company, things you do will affect things you own in the game. Also, larger Companies will be able to have something like a community website that is more personalized that will display stats. There will be more information about this Company later on in development.

Thats it for now. If you made it through it all I hope you got something out of it :grin:

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22.06.2010, 22:34
Спасибо. Порадовало описание изменений в самом начале.

23.06.2010, 10:59
надеюсь добрые человеки возьмуться за перевод+)

25.06.2010, 16:37
Greetings, Corians! I’ve missed you! This week, Dengeki Playstation (Volume 474) has a few more tidbits of information for us. I don’t have my hands on the magazine yet, but FF14-FAN was kind enough to make a bullet list of the information available in it. I’ll give you all a quick run-down and have the magazine sometime this weekend for you.

Translation by Manly. Enjoy!

Stats used in Beta

* HP, MP, and TP, which were raised by physical bonus points in the alpha, will now go up automatically.
* Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, Mind, Intelligence, and Piety will be raised by physical bonus points.
* Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Lightning, and Water elemental properties will be raised by elemental bonus
* Agility, Charisma, and Luck have been scrapped
* Physical and elemental bonus points will be earned when physical level raises.

Destroying body parts
By damaging or destroying a monster’s body parts or an enemy’s weapon during battle, a few things can happen. In some cases, they will be unable to use certain special attacks, the number of items dropped will increase, or the drop rate for certain items will increase.

Actions must be set to the main- or sub-weapon

* The action bar has been increased to 30 slots. Each action has an action cost which is used when set to the action bar, and even if you still have slots left in your action bar, you cannot go over your action cost.
* Actions must be set to the main- or sub-weapon. For example, phalanx, a move related to the shield, will most likely need to be set to the shield in your sub-weapon slot.
* There are three pages of slots for actions, for a total of 30 slots.
* There is a page of 10 slots for special class characteristics.
* There is a page of 10 slots for crafting abilities.

If there's more in it, I'll have it for you this weekend, hopefully with some pretty pictures!

Введены отдельные очки для атрибутов и для элементальных характеристик. HP, MP, TP (tactic points, дается за простой удар, используется в скилах) будет автоматически увеличиваться с уровнем.

Элементальные характеристики Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Lightning, and Water влияют на резисты и на определенные скилы (некоторые скилы имеют элементальную базу).

Не совсем понятно про части тела монстров. Написано, что если нанести урон или полностью уничтожить часть тела противника или оружие противника, то случится несколько вещей. Например противник не сможет атаковать или делать что-то поврежденной частью. Также будет увеличено количество дропа или шанс выпадения определенного дропа будет увеличен.

25.06.2010, 19:11
Members of the Botanists’ Guild will find that they are able to engage in either of two activities-logging, made possible through use of a botanist’s primary tools, and harvesting, made possible by secondary tools. Please be aware that even with botanist as the active class, a player will not be able to harvest without the proper secondary tool equipped.

How to Log
1. Use the Arbor Call ability to search for nearby mature trees.
2. Follow the Arbor Call results to approach a mature tree, and select the Log option when it appears in the system menu.
3. The logging process will now begin.
4. Excessive logging will result in a player becoming temporarily unable to log the same point.

How to Harvest
1. Approach a spot of lush vegetation to bring up the Harvest option in the system menu. Select it to begin the harvesting process.
2. Should an item be extracted from the lush vegetation, be sure to search again, as there is very likely to be another harvestable spot nearby. If a player is unable to procure an item, the point will remain and may be harvested again.
3. Excessive harvesting will result in a player becoming temporarily unable to harvest in the immediate vicinity.

- There are several types of regional guildleves available to botanists. Select Fieldcraft Leves when speaking with Piralnaut to bring up a list of guildleves specially tailored for Disciples of the Land.

Член гильдии ботаников может делать две вещи - рубать дрова и выкапывать полезные ископаемые.

26.06.2010, 15:56
Радует конечно.
Но пока слабая сторона игра, однозначно Guildleve.

26.06.2010, 17:20
Радует конечно.
Но пока слабая сторона игра, однозначно Guildleve.


Это пример guildleve . Что именно тебе не нравится и как бы ты сделал, что бы было лучше ?

Мне наооборот такой минимализм только импонирует. Все быстро и понятно. И самое главное - без тупой беготни по нпц.

С другой стороны минимализм второстепенных заданий компенсируется сюжетной линией. Благодаря роликам, отсуствию стрелок, восклицательных знаков над нпц приходится вчитываться в диалоги. Ну и ролики дают более развернутую картину происходящего.

29.06.2010, 18:57
И самое главное - без тупой беготни по нпц.

Это для меня было одной из самых привлекательных особенностей гильдлевов в Альфе.

03.07.2010, 20:03
радует что хоть какието настройки графики добавили.. и самое главное разрешения ^___^
хотя фуллскрина все еще нет... ~.~

03.07.2010, 20:19
Edit: Ступил, не обращайте внимания.

03.07.2010, 22:53
хотя фуллскрина все еще нет... ~.~

есть ... General -> Video Settings -> Display Mode

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есть ... General -> Video Settings -> Display Mode
доооо.. выбор очень богатый > Windowed :pandaredlol:

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доооо.. выбор очень богатый > Windowed

странно, у меня два варианта - windowed и full screen


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во... после смены разрешения появился и фуллскрин оО