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Просмотр полной версии : Kingdom Under Fire 2 (только для экшен фанатов смотреть обязательно)

22.01.2010, 13:16
Kingdom Under Fire 2

Кто не знал про данный объект! Обязательно ознакомтесь.
Может не открою для кого, что то нового: но данный проект любой уважающий любитель экшен рпг не должен пропустить.
Много роликов найдете на ютубе.
Предложу только один, и сделаю вывод - а разве не это хочет видеть любой геймер экшен направленности в ММО. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JrBnsNTW8s (2.42с ролика видимо пачку орки не добрали для налета)))).)
вот кстате немножко геймплея из одиночной миссии.
Про онлайн баталии пока мало известно, известно только одно в них можно будет участвовать до 1000 реальных игроков
И еще одно вы не поверите кто зарегистрировал домен KUF2.ru Сам только узнал от своих коллег по фансайту))))

22.01.2010, 13:59
И еще одно вы не поверите кто зарегистрировал домен KUF2.ru Сам только узнал от своих коллег по фансайту))))

domain: KUF2.RU
org: OOO "Innova Systems"
phone: +7 495 2219155
fax-no: +7 495 2219155
e-mail: yuliya.zagubina@inn.ru
e-mail: gevork.sarkisyan@inn.ru
e-mail: maxim.shaposhnikov@inn.ru
created: 2009.03.11
paid-till: 2010.03.11
source: TCI

22.01.2010, 14:07
есть больше инфы? Когда обт, релиз?

22.01.2010, 14:25
Вот самый информативный пост (https://forums.goha.ru/showpost.php?p=8268461&postcount=54) на гохе. Вот еще пост (https://forums.goha.ru/showpost.php?p=7262060&postcount=19) о том что там будут 3х3 инстансы.
Релиз в 2010
Как я понял это Action/RTS т.е. раздаешь юнитам команды и переключаешься в режим мяса. Не полноценной ммо, ни экшеном это назвать нельзя. Но ролики впечатляют.

22.01.2010, 17:04
Выдержка из игромании!))).

Для PC придуман специальный многопользовательский режим. Зарегистрировавшись в онлайне, вы попадаете на виртуальную карту Берсии, заселенную другими игроками. Все они будут делиться на расы, а внутри рас — дробиться на гильдии. Глобальная цель игры — захват территорий. К тому же обещают возможность торговли и обмена между игроками. Как с мультиплеером дела обстоят у консольной версии, пока неясно — авторы никаких подробностей на этот счет не разглашают.

Делаем вывод наконец- то начинают делать упор на PC)

05.02.2010, 11:04
есть больше инфы? Когда обт, релиз?
ну игра делается только для корейского рынка, издателем в Корее будет NHN, соответственно, эта игра будет представлена на Hangame....вот корейский сайт игры - http://kuf2.hangame.com/
скорее всего будет как всегда сначала игру в Корее выпустят, а через несколько лет в Европе и Америке...:'(

What is this game going to be like?
Basically there are 3 major elements to the game. The first is combat, which is done Dynasty Warriors style. You have a hero fighting droves of enemy troops like a hack ‘n slash game. Each hero has certain strengths and weaknesses, and can perform combos. In addition each hero can summon the help of his/her commanders, who each have special abilities to help you out. These special abilities cost SP, which are ability points generated in combat for certain actions (for example, each time your sword hits an enemy in combat you gain SP). These abilities can range from a volley of arrows to fiery explosions.

Secondly there is the RTS element, which is controlled through a mini map. In short, there are foot soldiers, ranged units, cavalry, and support units. Infantry squads are the backbone of your army, they will tie up enemy units and prevent the enemy from decimating your ranged units. Ranged units are for taking out things like airships or dragons, along with providing support to your infantry. Cavalry units power lies in the charge, but suffer when exposed to prolonged combat. In addition they are weak to spears but are also good at tying up ranged units like mortar squads (who wreck serious havoc on your army). There are countless other units that I’m not going into like sappers, catapults, and scorpions.
Lastly there is the level up, class, and upgrade system. As you battle you gain experience. After each mission you get to distribute experience points to your armies units. You can upgrade unit’s melee skill, range attack skill, amidst other things. You can even upgrade heroes and commanders. If you upgrade commanders they can learn things like magic and summon meteors to rain down on the enemy for massive damage (which also look insanely cool). Secondly, if certain units are leveled up correctly they can be upgraded. For example, a standard foot soldier may have a melee skill of 1. If they get upgraded to a melee skill of 15 they can become knights, who have far more health, do much more damage, but are extremely susceptible to lightning. You can also buy gear for your units or heroes. Better weapons will make them stronger, and better armor will grant them more defense. If you’re lucky you can get weapons that grant elemental properties like ice, which will freeze enemies when they are struck by it.

What are the teams?

There are 3 major factions over the continent of Bersia. These 3 factions can be divided into many sub factions. The 3 major factions are the Human alliance, the Dark Legion, and Encablossans.

Human alliance: They are a collection of humans, high elves, and dwarves who are working together.
Dark legion: They are dark elves, half vampires, orcs, ogres, and liches all working together. Well, sometimes anyway.
Encablossans: They are daemons from another dimension. They are twisted and deformed servants of the Dark Lord Encablossa.

The most well known sub factions include:
Ecclesia: Are a group of fanatically religious zealots. They look down upon all races that aren’t human, and are based off of the real life Church during the days of the Crusades.
Hironiden: A mostly human faction with Elfin and Dwarven allies (although Dwarves and Elves don’t get along too well).
Vellond: Are a nation ruled by half vampires. The send overseers to watch their vassals/slaves. They used dark elves and orcs as the brunt of their army since there aren’t too many vampires.
Hexter: Is a nation of Orcs and Ogres. They are known in the past to be poorly unified and suffer from a lot of infighting.
Kaedes: Are Dark Elves who look down upon all races other then themselves. They fight amongst themselves even more than Orcs and Ogres do. They aren’t so much a coherent nation as they are a collection of dark elves who fight amongst each other. The will use “lesser races” to their advantage.

Who are the characters:
So far we’ve seen only a small handful of characters.

Faction: Human Alliance
Subfaction: Hironiden
Race: Human
Who?: He is a captain of the Hironiden army, and is the son of Gerald and Ellen from Kingdom Under Fire the Crusaders. Since he is part elf he has an unnaturally long life, and has grown apart from the rest of society. In addition, both of his parents are long since dead, and as a result he has become dark and bitter. So he joined the military and soon found that the battlefield is the only place he can call home. The only people he can get along with are his two commanders, Olivia and Kenton. Since his two commanders are elfin and dwarven respectively, he has grown close to them due to their long lifespans.

Faction: Dark Legion
Subfaction: Kaedes
Race: Dark Elf
Who?: Very little can be said about Isabella apart from the fact that she is the leader of the Kaedes. It’s possible she overthrew Lucretia, the former leader of the Kaedes resistance (from KUF Crusaders and Heroes). She is also an albino.

Faction: Encablossan
Subfaction: ???
Race: Formerly human, and is now one of Encablossa’s daemons
Who?: Regnier was once a human named Rick Miner who was killed by the Lich Kiliani. However, he was revived through the power of an ancient artifact known as the ancient heart. His revival made him ungodly powerful and would soon change the face of the world. He is responsible for defeating Glen’s father Gerald, along with killing Gerald’s best friend and Gerald’s adopted father. He is also responsible for saving the world from the hands of Nibel and Encablossa, which is explained in further detail down below. There isn’t a man in the world who has down more to shape the fate of Bersia than him.

Вообщем все что известно об игре на данный момент....

06.02.2010, 22:48
релиз в этом году. Но то что инова уже застолбила домен это факт)