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Просмотр полной версии : Patch Notes

22.10.2009, 20:22 Client Update

· All chat channels now have a level 10 restriction, both to join and participate
· Whispering now has a level 10 restriction,
o Players can receive whispers but cannot respond below level 10
· Players cannot send in game mail until level 10
o Players under 10 can still receive in game mail
· Players cannot search for ’who’ in game until level 10
· Players are now limited at the amount of in game mail you can send per hour
o If players exceed this limit, they will not be able to send mail. There is currently no message saying players have exceeded your limit
o Legion Abyss ranks have been fixed and will now display properly English Update

· Maps:
o Fixed alignment issue with Sanctum map
· UI:
o Fixed truncated text for chat channel listings
o Changed chat channel names to be consistant
o Changed “Sold Items” button in broker to “Collect Money”
o Support messages at account login are now correct for NA/EU regions
· NPCs:
o NPC Jielinlinerk now refers to himself correctly in greeting text
o Fixed NPC Cachus greeting text grammar error
o Fixed NPC item “An Account of the Expedition to Reshanta” grammar
o Fixed NPCs Garantin, Steinkel, Lukea and Bephax text to match other merchants
o Removed quotation marks from text inside various NPCs shop buttons
o Corrected various NPCs gender references
· Items:
o Items related to Halloween giveaways have been edited for grammar
o Fixed quest items that had titles cut off when viewed by players
· Quests:
o [Elyos]
§ Fixed html tag in Quest RM-78c
§ Fixed “Illegal Logging” quest to point to correct quest mob ‘Tursin Overseers’
§ Fixed reference to say ‘Loom’ instead of ‘Ormea’ for “A Flute for the Fixing” quest
§ Fixed quest dialog and journal to refer to correct quest MOB
o [Asmodian]
§ Fixed missing Quest Item name from quest journal for “Parica’s Special Order” Quest
§ Changed quest item from ‘scarlet brisket’ to ‘Daru brisket’ for “Irresistible Soup" Quest
§ Changed quest item from ‘Flag Box’ to ‘Gerger Insignia’ for “The Gerger’s Insignia” Quest
§ Fixed wording in “Helping Apelbine” quest to refer to correct quest item
§ Fixed crafting quest recommendation letters to refer to correct experts and crafting type
§ Fixed grammar in dictionary term for ‘Fine-haired Larva’ for “Pollution Solution” quest
§ Fixed journal entry for “A Polite Request” to refer to specific NPC
o Abyss
§ Corrected “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” quest text to be more detailed in when/where NPC appears
§ Fixed html tag in quest journal for “Meeting with the Brigade General”
· Audio:
o NPC Captured Engineer greeting/goodbye now appropriate to text dialog
o NPC Metea greeting/goodbye volume has been fixed
o NPC Jhaelas now has consistant greeting/goodbye
o NPC Tigares now has appropriate greetings and goodbyes

30.10.2009, 12:39
подредактировал бы хоть немного, раз перевод не осиливаешь, шрифт вообще нечитаем...

30.10.2009, 14:35
Уже не актуально.