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Просмотр полной версии : Близз думает о варлоках, может нам повезет :)

08.02.2005, 22:40
Я уже постил ето в другом треаде, но шас подумал, что надо запостить и тут.


Цитата поста Близзардпостера:

"I realize that Soul Shards have been a hot topic amongst Warlock players, so I wanted to address them first. Soul Shards are intended to take up inventory space as we want players to strategically manage the number of shards they carry at a given time. However, we do realize that the system as it currently stands is a bit cumbersome and we're investigating the possibility of making the necessary improvements. While we're not dedicated to any one decision, the developers are seriously considering the possibility of introducing unique Warlock specific bags designed to carry Soul Shards. This change is not definite, however improvements in this area are in the works and an update will be provided as soon as I have additional information.

Another improvement planned concerning Soul Shards is how they will be obtained in PvP environments. Once the Honor system is implemented, opponents that are defeated in a manner considered "honorable", will grant the Warlock a Soul Shard. Although there are no plans of allowing for opposing faction guards and NPCs to grant Soul Shards, players should rest assured that many NPCs appearing in the unique Battleground areas will be "soul shard friendly". Between both Battleground NPCs and honorable kills granting soul shards, we don't anticipate that the Warlock will have any problems participating in the upcoming Battleground feature, or be impaired during regular PvP."

09.02.2005, 13:48
Да, сумка для шардов, в которую бы они автоматом кидались, на которой бы писалось число шардов в ней и емкость которой была бы выше, чем у стандартных (хотелось бы в районе 30+ - в расчете на энклав демонов) - было бы очень здорово.

11.02.2005, 17:59
число шардов легко смотрится AutoBar-ом (/autobar6 [Soul Shard]) и их подсчет не актуальен.... а вот чтоб они в слот штучек по 5 клались, это былоб здорово :)