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Просмотр полной версии : Обновление - 5 мая

06.05.2015, 08:43
Crafting and harvesting changes

Read the full details here: Upcoming crafting/harvesting changes (https://forums.daybreakgames.com/landmark/index.php?threads/upcoming-crafting-harvesting-changes.54307)

TL;DR summary:

Basic tier 1 resources are now free, you don't need to mine them at all to build with them. This includes dirt, stone, sand, ice, snow.
Composite items such as metal alloys and plastics are now crafted from component items (refined resources like smelted copper)
Crafting stations have been consolidated
Tree and plant harvesting have been simplified; all trees can now be chopped by all axes
Upgrading and salvaging have been removed
Item mods (e.g. “fast”, “biting”) have been improved
Heartwood, plant fiber, plant extract, and cut stone no longer exist
Founder’s Pickaxe can now be upgraded
Non unique plants are no longer harvestable; plants that can be harvested have a special effect sparkle to make them easy to identify:


Read the full details here: Upcoming achievement/progression changes (https://forums.daybreakgames.com/landmark/index.php?threads/upcoming-achievement-progression-changes.54344)

TL;DR summary:

You will gain your building tools as well as other useful items including starter home templates, cave sounder, and starting pulverizer via achievements
Recipes can now be tracked through the journal, replacing the recipe tracker
Recipes can be flagged for tracking in the journal or via the ‘watch’ button on the crafting stations.
Combat progression achievements have purple outlined cards in the journal, and reward character stats
Non progression achievements are for fun and give vanity rewards

Continent Changes

Read the full details here: Upcoming continent changes (https://forums.daybreakgames.com/landmark/index.php?threads/upcoming-continent-changes.54355/)

TL;DR summary:

New biomes: deciduous surface, deciduous cavern, volcanic surface, volcanic cavern. Also new flora for underwater biome.
Continent shapes are more varied
Continents are all new, and have brand new names (see below)
Surface caves are back, and can be claimed (surface caves only)
Underground cave networks are longer than previously
Combat NPCs no longer on the surface (except fungi)
Lower layer enemies are tougher
Caves are darker
More ruins have been added
Bedrock will now prevent you from digging too far towards the outside of the continent in directions in which there are no more caves

Claim Limit Changes

Read the full details here: Upcoming claim limit changes (https://forums.daybreakgames.com/landmark/index.php?threads/upcoming-claim-limit-changes.54384/)

TL;DR summary:

Existing players (who played prior to the wipe update) will be granted expansion slots so they start with 2 base and 8 attachment claims exactly as they have now. (The expansion slots are inventory items you consume.)
New players who join Landmark after the wipe will start with 1 base and 3 attachment claims
It will be possible to expand up to 8 base and 24 attachment claims

Marketplace bundle exchanges

Read the full details here: Builders Bundles Compensation (https://forums.daybreakgames.com/landmark/index.php?threads/dirt-ice-sand-snow-and-stone-builder%E2%80%99s-bundle-compensation.54424/)

TL;DR summary:

If you bought Builder's Bundles from the marketplace of common resources which will be free to place post-wipe, you'll be able to exchange them for your choice of tier 1 or 2 resources
This also applies to copper bundles, which is still not free to build with but has changed functionality
You will find a Resource Reclamation Chest in your inventory and an appropriate number of Orbs of Reclaimed Energy. Place the chest and use it as a crafting station with the orbs.

But wait, there's more!

Large humans are now available to play! Simply choose large human in the drop-down on character create.
Look for some new emissive props on the workbench crafting station in the light orbs category. These glow at night but do not actually shine light.

Additional props have also been added from the new biome flora. For example:

Materials from the new biomes are also available to build with.
The cooldown has been removed from teleporting to friends through the contact list, and from teleporting to claims through the gallery.
The Stone of Recall no longer has a cooldown.
You can no longer place material blocks outside claims.
Leyline crystals can now be found on the surface as well as in caves. Once discovered, they can be teleported to using the Local Travel option at a portal spire.
All humans, large or small, now have underwear underneath their regular outfits. (The two characters on the right are large humans.)

Bug fixes

Friends requests should no longer time out if not answered
Flora have returned and look better
Further fixes for the flashing lines across the sky visual issue
Jellyfish emitter scaling has been adjusted
Using Ctrl-X while in fly mode should no longer also move your character downwards
Halas Wall Lantern can now be disassembled
Emitter icons have been corrected
Fixed memory issues that could occur if the client was open for more than an hour or two
Key binding for chat reply can now be changed in settings
Underground caves cannot be claimed (surface caves can)
Flames on Chandelier (intricate) should now move with the prop when prop is rotated
Further improvements to sensitivity of the select tool
The prop menu can now be closed by clicking the red X
The contacts menu right click options now disappears when you click off the window
Prop palette should no longer roll back up to the top after each prop placement
Zoning or opening the map no longer unhides the watch list
Continued performance improvements, especially around water
And lots more ...


There will be multiple worlds (servers) as before, each of which contains the islands below. The names of the worlds have not changed (e.g. Adventure, Courage, Understanding).

List of islands by name:

Arid Thicket ......... Jungle & Desert
Snowcapped Wilds ......... Jungle & Tundra
Whistling Tangle ......... Jungle & Old Growth
Forgotten Hills ......... Jungle & Deciduous
Roaring Scars ......... Jungle & Volcanic
Windy Barrens ......... Desert & Tundra
Ancient Crag ......... Desert & Old Growth
Hidden Bluffs ......... Desert & Deciduous
Lost Caldera ......... Desert & Volcanic
Lonely Glacier ......... Tundra & Old Growth
Silver Shallows ......... Tundra & Deciduous
Burning Frostlands ......... Tundra & Volcanic
Singed Timbers ......... Deciduous & Volcanic
Emerald Vale ......... Deciduous & Old Growth
Sleeping Ridge ......... Old Growth & Volcanic
Twisted Shoreline ......... Jungle & Desert
Endless River ......... Jungle & Tundra
Winding Creek ......... Jungle & Deciduous
Shattered Cliffs ......... Jungle & Volcanic
Frigid Steppes ......... Desert & Tundra
Timeworn Dunes ......... Desert & Old Growth
Singing Mesa ......... Desert & Deciduous
Golden Sands ......... Desert & Volcanic
Grand Fjord ......... Tundra & Old Growth

List of islands by biome:

Roaring Scars
Lost Caldera
Burning Frostlands
Singed Timbers
Sleeping Ridge
Shattered Cliffs
Golden Sands

Forgotten Hills
Hidden Bluffs
Silver Shallows
Singed Timbers
Emerald Vale
Winding Creek
Singing Mesa

Snowcapped Wilds
Windy Barrens
Lonely Glacier
Silver Shallows
Burning Frostlands
Endless River
Frigid Steppes
Grand Fjord

Arid Thicket
Windy Barrens
Ancient Crag
Hidden Bluffs
Lost Caldera
Twisted Shoreline
Frigid Steppes
Timeworn Dunes
Singing Mesa
Golden Sands

Old Growth:
Whistling Tangle
Ancient Crag
Lonely Glacier
Emerald Vale
Sleeping Ridge
Timeworn Dunes
Grand Fjord

Arid Thicket
Snowcapped Wilds
Whistling Tangle
Forgotten Hills
Roaring Scars
Twisted Shoreline
Endless River
Winding Creek
Shattered Cliffs
Оригинал (https://forums.daybreakgames.com/landmark/index.php?threads/update-notes-5-may-2015-the-big-wipe-update.54485/).

06.05.2015, 23:07
Claim Limit Changes

Existing players (who played prior to the wipe update) will be granted expansion slots so they start with 2 base and 8 attachment claims exactly as they have now. (The expansion slots are inventory items you consume.)
New players who join Landmark after the wipe will start with 1 base and 3 attachment claims
It will be possible to expand up to 8 base and 24 attachment claims

Прямо скажем: не халява ;)



07.05.2015, 08:17
Выложили карты островов: Landmark Islands List (https://forums.daybreakgames.com/landmark/index.php?threads/landmark-islands-list.54514/)

Shattered Cliffs ......... Jungle & Volcanic

Silver Shallows ......... Tundra & Deciduous

И тд.

07.05.2015, 09:26
На форуме пишут, что теперь все покупки в кэш-шопе привязываются не к аккаунту, а к персонажу.
Это означает, что потерять всё купленное теперь можно вообще ни разу не заходя в игровой мир ;)
Набрал имя перса неправильно, нажал ОК, потом спохватился и "исправил".
А вот и не исправил!
На самом деле ты стёр созданного чара и создал нового.
И, стирая "неправильного", заодно удалил все свои покупки.

Ну и, конечно, теперь нельзя создавать чара, чтобы просто посмотреть как он выглядит в игре.

Система настолько дикая, что не хочется верить.
Особенно учитывая, что игра ещё даже не в ОБТ.
Но, глядя на то, как они категорически отказываются компенсировать расходы на удалённые из шопа товары, приходится и к такому привыкать :(

07.05.2015, 22:14

Claim flags (root & attached) are now free to craft.
Terry Michaels (https://twitter.com/terryjmichaels/status/596077631138725888)

08.05.2015, 05:31
we will have four (4) worlds:

Satisfaction (EU)

If we find things getting too crowded on any other the worlds and islands, we can add additional worlds (servers) in the future.
Landmark Worlds (Server) Updates (https://forums.daybreakgames.com/landmark/index.php?threads/landmark-worlds-server-updates.54533/)

Итого, 4 сервера по 24 острова - 96 зон под клаймы.
Было 9 серверов по 50 островов - 450.
Теперь появится небольшой шанс случайно встретить незнакомого человека ;)

11.05.2015, 17:17
Item mods (e.g. “fast”, “biting”) have been improved

Pickaxe Mods List (https://forums.station.sony.com/landmark/index.php?threads/pickaxe-mods-list.54710/)

MOD / Dmg / Spd / Size / Reach:

LIGHT 122 / 109 / 220 (-40 dmg/+47 Spd)
HEAVY 284 / 47 / 220 (+122 dmg/-15 Spd)

LONG 162 / 62 / 220 / 30 (Reach)
BITING 162 / 62 / 264 (+44 Size)
FAST 162 / 109 / 220 (+47 Spd)
STRONG 284 / 62 / 220 (+122 dmg)

EXCEEDING 243 / 93 / 220 (+81 dmg/+31 spd)
SWIFT 162 / 109 / 264 (+47 Spd/+44 Size)
DEVESTATING 284 / 62 / 264 (+122 dmg/+44 Size)
GREAT 162 / 62 / 264 / 30 (+44 Size/Reach)
MIGHTY 284 / 62 / 220 / 30 (+122 dmg/Reach)
QUICK 162 / 109 / 220 / 30 (+47 Spd/Reach)

Consuming 243 / 93 / 264 (+81 dmg/+31 spd/+44 Size)
ENERGETIC 243 / 93 / 220 / 30 (+81 dmg/+31 spd/Reach)

TANSCENDING 243 / 93 / 264 / 30 (+81 dmg/+31 spd/+44 Size/Reach)

Note: 162/62/220 Seems to be the base stats.

default harvesting distance is 6 units. That makes harvesting distance with a reach bonus 9 units, or a 50% increase. AFAIK that hasn't changed.

Reach determines how far away you can harvest from your character’s spot. The current base harvesting distance is 6 units.
Reach adds units onto the base according to this formula:
Units Added = Reach / 10 That means:
Total Distance (in units) = 6 + Reach / 10

I have done some calculation and came up with this matrix with percentages:

Name / Dmg / Spd / Size / Reach
LIGHT / -25% / +75% / 0% / 0%
HEAVY / +75% / -25% / 0% / 0%
STRONG / +75% / 0% / 0% / 0%
FAST / 0% / +75% / 0% / 0%
BITING / 0% / 0% / +20% / 0%
LONG / 0% / 0% / 0% / +50%
EXCEEDING / +50% / +50% / 0% / 0%
DEVASTATING / +75% / 0% / +20% / 0%
MIGHTY / +75% / 0% / 0% / +50%
SWIFT / 0% / +75% / +20% / 0%
QUICK / 0% / +75% / 0% / +50%
GREAT / 0% / 0% / +20% / +50%
CONSUMING / +50% / +50% / +20% / 0%
ENERGETIC / +50% / +50% / 0% / +50%
TRANSCENDING / +50% / +50% / +20% / +50%

12.05.2015, 14:26
В чатике игры настойчиво обсуждают слух о том, что ОБТ через две недели.
Пора, конечно, но состояние игры такое печальное, что я бы предпочёл новый вайп и смену статуса обратно на альфу.
Массово эксплойтят "loot caves", не то что не скрываясь, а открыто зазывая новых участников.
По слухам, те, кто переживал о потерянных миллионах ресов, уже восстановили все свои потери.

14.05.2015, 00:31
Народ проявляет активность, почти как раньше :)
NOTE: Islands have a limit of 500 claims, which people are reaching. We’ll remove this limit when we restart the servers at 5AM PDT Thurs.
@LandmarkGame (https://twitter.com/LandmarkGame/status/598588225083482112)

Правда, у меня самого сейчас 14 клаймов (базовых, не приставных, конечно), будет ещё больше.
Думаю, я такой не один ;)

15.05.2015, 01:25
Pick mods are identical to Pickaxe mods, Axe and Sickle mods are a little different - both lack the Size modification, reducing MOD variety, and sickle uses different default damage and speed values.

Axe Mods

LIGHT 122 / 109 (-40 dmg/+47 Spd)
HEAVY 284 / 47 (+122 dmg/-15 Spd)
LONG 162 / 62 / 30 (Reach)
(No sign of the identical GREAT 162 / 62 30 (Reach))

FAST 162 / 109 (+47 Spd) or
(No sign of the identical SWIFT 162 / 109(+47 Spd))
QUICK 162 / 109 / 30 (+47 Spd/Reach)

STRONG 284 / 62 (+122 dmg) or
(NO sign of the identical DEVESTATING 284 / 62 (+122 dmg))
MIGHTY 284 / 62 30 (+122 dmg/Reach)

EXCEEDING 243 / 93 (+81 dmg/+31 spd) or
(No sign of the identical CONSUMING 243/93 (+81 dmg/+31 spd))
ENERGETIC 243 / 93 / 30 (+81 dmg/+31 spd/Reach)
(No sign of the identical TRANSCENDING 243 / 93 /30 (+81 dmg/+31 spd/Reach))

Sickle Mods

LIGHT 9 / 105
HEAVY 21 / 45

FAST 12 / 105
STRONG 21 / 60


Тем временем, вроде как начали потихоньку фиксить баги и восстанавливать испорченное вайпом:
- "loot caves" или пропали вовсе, или стали встречаться очень редко;
- пофиксили кучку графических глитчей;
- сильно урезали дроп костюмов;
- вернули возможность ставить дополнительные клаймы в местах пересечений с буферной зоной соседей;
- мобы и травки кое-где стали респиться, и не на одном месте, а рэндомно;
и тд.

У некоторых игроков в инвентаре не оказалось сундучка для обмена купленных до вайпа и ставших теперь бесплатными ресурсов, по этой причине разрешили пользоваться чужими аналогичными сундучками. Заодно стало можно пользоваться и чужими персональными станками для массового производства ресов и просеивания мусора, вроде камней и грязи.

Так же, до сих пор не привязаны к персонажу и продвинутые версии оружия, которые крафтятся абсолютно бесплатно. Халява! :)