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Сегодня состоится релиз консольных версий Trove

Уже сегодня, 14 марта, состоится релиз консольных версий MMO Trove. Так что если вы играете в данный проект на Xbox One или PS4, то тогда приготовьтесь скачать новое обновление, исправляющее всевозможные ошибки и не только.

Также сегодня выйдет патч для ПК-версии проекта. Начался ивент “St. Qubeslick's Day”, который добавил в игру новую цепочку заданий и всевозможные награды. При разборке Lesser Stellar гемы теперь дают 500 пыли. Введены четыре новых подземелья. Умения боссов больше не будут срабатывать слишком часто.

Из chaos ящиков теперь можно достать Shadow Pinatas (но шанс довольно маленький). Нормализирована скорость прокрутки чата. Больше вы не найдете гемы только с одной характеристикой (теперь их будет 2 или 3). Новые товары стали доступны в магазине. При смене аур на Stellar оружии вы больше не будете видеть предупреждающее сообщение.

Полный список изменений патчей для всех версий Trove можно найти в комментариях к новости.

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Предводитель Nature вне форума

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Сообщений: 25,004
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Re: Сегодня состоится релиз консольных версий Trove

Патч для консолей  +
Loot Collector
  • Opening the Loot Collector imports your entire inventory and allows several new options:
    • If an item you're collecting has a style you haven't already unlocked you'll see this in the menu
    • Lock items to prevent them from being accidentally loot collected
    • "Collect All" button for quickly collecting all unlocked loot
    • Buy back up to 150 items you've collected within the last 24 hours will be available to buy back
Crafting Inventory
  • The spectacular new Inventory update is live!
    • Open the third inventory tab (marked with a icon) to check out the new storage system.
    • Any crafting materials collected will go directly into this new tab and can stack up to ridiculously massive numbers.
    • Items in your standard, adventure inventory will be moved to the new inventory slot when selected. Have no fear, your items are not lost - they are just finding their new home! Locate them by going back to the new tab
Learn all about the new Crafting Inventory and Loot Collector.

  • You can now select and purchase items past the first page of the Marketplace
  • The create button will now highlight properly in the marketplace
  • Fixed a bug that could cause marketplace purchases to fail, but still deduct currency
  • Fixed the Item Type and Currency drops downs in the Marketplace always being highlighted
  • Fixed a visual only Marketplace bug that displayed "Sold" even if you didn't have enough currency to purchase the item
Clubs and Social
  • Club roster UI should now show up properly
  • Added confirmations for promoting, demoting or kicking other Club members
  • The Club button legend now shows the correct options available
  • Only online members are selected when navigating the Club member roster list with the gamepad when Show Offline Members is toggled off
  • Added an option to directly invite players to your current favorite Club via the chat contextual pop-out menu
  • Fixed a bug causing selected Club members to highlight incorrectly
  • Fix for incorrect behavior of the ignore option in the Social menu
  • Fixed a bug that could cause multiple friends to be highlighted in the Social menu
  • Fixed broken ignore/un-ignore functionality in Social menu
Vault Clubs
  • You can now create Vault Clubs! These are small Club Worlds that are used for storage rather than building
  • Craft a Vault Club Card at the Builder's Workbench using Flux
  • Vault Clubs have 15 more storage slots in both the normal and officer club chests, but do not have modifiable worlds
  • The Vault worlds have a rejuvenation station, trading post, loot collector, personal chest, club chest, and officer chest
  • Club Cards can no longer be traded
  • Materials needed for crafting Club Cards have increased
  • Fixed a bug with Ringcrafting which could cause new categories to not be unlocked even if you had the required skill level
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Forge which could cause the highlighted button to not be highlighted
  • Fixed various Crafting Bench Tooltips containing hotkey icons that are too large
  • Fixed a bug causing the right states pane in the Forge to display incorrect colors for statistic increases/decreases
  • Fixed crafting tables having oversized text in some cases
  • Fixed the Dragon Crucible UI so that all items can be selected
  • Increased the speed by which the quantity increases in the crafting UI
  • Many of the interactions in the world that previously required you to focus the cross-hair on them now work by being within close proximity. This makes changing worlds, for example, immensely easier with a controller
  • Added analog steering allowing for full range of movement rather than being locked to the cardinal and ordinal directions. This change applies to movement when: unmounted, mounted, boat, magrider, and winged
  • Improved dead zone detection for analog sticks
  • Improved response time to controller input
  • Reduced the button hold time from 1 second to 0.25 seconds for opening the Character Sheet, Class Select UIs and the radial menu for selecting a Mount
  • The tool tip for the loot collector and chaos forge are no longer in ALL CAPS!
  • Removed cubits from the several UI's where they weren't needed to be displayed
  • Fixed the filter for the Class Select UI
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the loot collector
  • Fixed bug causing the chat menu to be available at various incorrect times, for example after going AFK or loading screens
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the inventory selector to display twice the first time you opened a chest
  • Fixed a bug causing the experience and mastery bar to show a gap at the end, even if they were completely filled up
  • Fixed a bug causing health bars to display incorrectly occasionally
  • Fixed incorrect button display for Terraforming
  • Fixed a bug causing you to be able to navigate inventory with the analog stick while opening chaos chests
  • Fixed a bug causing the D pad icon to overlap the up and down count of items when moving a stack
  • You can now use the virtual keyboard to add item quantities in various UI rather than only using the analog stick.
  • Fixed a rare visual only bug that could cause store items that have their credit and cubit prices reversed
  • Fixed the text "Return to Hub" being occasionally cut off when waiting for a Battle Grounds match to begin
  • Fixed a bug causing the hotbar to not be populated with the proper icons if your current character was in "Build Mode" when you entered an adventure world
  • Fixed a bug that could cause events to not always show up properly on the Welcome Screen
  • Fixed bug causing the featured Club Worlds in the Hub to always display Shaztopia. Shaztopia is gone, but it spirit lives on
  • Fixed a bug causing controls to be mapped incorrectly after repeated switching of mounts
  • Fixed a bug that could cause your personal chest to automatically close without input
  • Fixed a bug that could disable input when switching personal chest tabs
  • Fixed a big that could prevent you from navigating to certain parts of your personal chest
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the "Unlock Key" to disable further input
  • Fixed a bug that could cause statistics to be incorrect when switching from a Trial Character to a normal Character
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the player to become stuck in the throwing animation when selecting a throwable item
  • Fixed a bug that could cause gems to be lost when unsocketing
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from inviting players to a Shadow Tower
  • Fixed a bug causing store items to disappear when switching tabs
  • Fixed a bug that would cause you to continue moving after you respawned if you died while moving
  • Fixed a bug causing the Shadow Hunters Shadow Mark to work incorrectly
  • Fixed various audio issues
  • The Trove Store now has consistent mapping of buttons across Tabs
  • Added better messaging regarding which controller to use when swapping profiles
  • Added in a slight delay when opening chests if you just received a rare item
  • Added ability to scroll text chat to see previous messages
  • Updated the button legend for the Barber Shop
  • Updated the account linking screen, and fixed bug that could cause the selected option to show up incorrectly
  • Updated the location of the Currency Counter on the Personal Chest
  • Updated the "Screenshot" text in the Epic Pose menu
  • Quick chat settings now saving properly
Stability and Performance improvements already on PS4 but new for Xbox One
  • Fixed the most common crash from Beta, which occurred when multiple visual effects occurred in close proximity to the player
  • Fixed a potential crash when trying to equip an item in an empty slot
  • Fixed a bug that could cause you to not be able to reconnect after going AFK
  • Fixed a rare case that could cause players to get an error when attempting to connect to the Trove servers
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing worlds
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Loading Screen to become stuck indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug that should reduce the number of times you encounter a case where the world doesn't properly stream in
  • Fixed a potential crash when that could occur when using the Lunar Lancers attack near a cornerstone
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur as new parts of the world stream in
  • Fixed a potential marketplace crash
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the Trove Store was left open for too long
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when spamming health flasks
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when rendering other players
  • Fixed one of the cases that could cause you to get the "Failed to Join Session" error
  • Fixed a server crash that could occur if a player disconnected while linking accounts
  • Fixed a server crash that could occur when you first enter the world
  • Increased performance in various UI screens
  • Improved performance when loading multiple visual effects
  • General rendering and multi-threading performance improvements

Патч для ПК  +
St. Qubeslick's Day
  • A new quest chain is here! Help St. Qubeslick rid the land of tentacle invaders, and gain the St. Qubeslick ally!
  • Floating shadowy lairs have been spotted over the Medieval Highlands and they are crawling with tentacles!
  • Collect pieces of the slimy, shuddering shadow to craft the new Tranquil Tentacle ally!
  • Event rewards include Diamond Dragonite, gem boosters, Dragon Coins, a Pearl of Wisdom, Chaos Chests, and much more!

Some context for the following store changes:
  • We've been wanting to simplify the store for awhile now and this is our big effort to do it.
  • We've converted most of our real money packs to Credits and also removed the idea of rotating real money packs entirely.
  • For items we felt were priced a bit too high we've also used this as a chance to bring some prices down.
  • Credit Pouches are new items in the Trove Store that can be sold for in game currency/items on the Marketplace. They will be the primary method free to play players will use to purchase items with Credits.
  • Each Credit Pouch gives 250 Credits when consumed
  • New Radiant Sovereigns have been added as a bonus for some purchases and can be used at the Radiant Merchant to trade for goodies.
  • Finally, there are new limited time offers (Flash Deals) available for Credits, so keep an eye out for those.

  • Many Packs formerly priced in real-world currency are now priced in Credits and no longer give Patron Points (Patron Points are still provided by items purchased with real-world currency such as Credits and Credit Pouches). Some Packs have been reduced in price.
  • Credit Packs now offer Radiant Sovereigns, which can be redeemed for great rewards in the Hub. As part of this change, all "Deal" packs have been retired.
  • A new $30 Credit pack has been added, offering 5,000 credits and 6 Radiant Sovereigns.
  • Extra Life 2015 will now known as the Double Dragon Pack. It is otherwise identical. if you have purchased Extra Life 2015, you will not be presented with the Double Dragon Pack.
  • Two new Flash Deals will appear in the Store from time to time offering extreme value. Flash Deals are 4-hour long, occur every 4 days, and offer a 5x value deal on various consumable items essential to powering up. Power Deals unlock as you power up and are a 4x value, and appear for 6 hours.
  • An untradable 15 day Patron Pass is now available for 1,250 Credits (fewer than half the Credits of the 30 day pass). While not directly tradable it can be purchased with Credits from five Credit Pouches that can be purchased with in game currency from the Marketplace.
  • The tradable 30 Day Patron Pass for 3,000 Credits is leaving the Trove Store.
  • Some items have been removed from the Store: Costume Mystery Boxes, Eyes, Tentacles,
  • Some Store-bought items are now untradable (but old ones retain their tradability): Greater Dragon Caches, Pinatas, Club Megaphones, Rename Tags, Heart-a-phones.
  • Heart-a-Phones reduced in price from 500 Credits to 250, and Golden keys reduced in price from 2000 to 1500.
  • Older Twinkling Tomes, Golden Keys, Golden Gem Keys are now known as “Tradable” versions of those items, and must be Loot Collected in order to produce the actual Twinkling Tomes, Golden Keys, and Golden Gem Keys that do their respective function. Store purchases of these three items will now grant untradeable versions.
  • The Chaos Weekly Deal has been improved! Whenever it appears in the Store, it will now offer 2 Golden Chaos Chests (up from 1), and 75 Chaos Chests (up from 65).
  • The Patron Weekly Deal has been replaced by the Progression Weekly Deal. This will appear every 4 weeks in the Store, and offers 25 Golden Gem Keys and 5 of a special new item - Double Experience Potions, which double XP Gained for an hour.
  • A Starter Class Coin is available to claim from the Trove Store for free in new accounts. This replaces the previous requirement of reaching Mastery Rank 3. (Pro Tip: Use the Class Select menu ( J ) to get a free trial of any Class before using your free Starter Class Coin).
  • Spring Pinatas are in the store! Winter was coming, but it came and went.

Brazilian Portuguese and Regional Pricing
  • Brazilian Portuguese is now out of beta!
  • Packs are now priced in the Brazilian real on both the in-game and web stores for players from Brazil.

Gem Changes
  • The lower stat value for all minor gems has been increased by 30%!
  • Lesser Stellar gems now deconstruct for 500 gem dust.
  • Gem Booster boxes now award golden gem keys instead of dust.
  • Gem Booster boxes now give slightly more of some boosters at uncommon.
  • Gems no longer can be found with only one stat, instead only spawning with 2 or 3 stats.
  • There are new recipes in the Gem section of the Adventure’s Crafting Bench for Lapis Luckbug and Ninth Life.

  • New Llama Talisman has a very rare chance to drop in all adventure worlds with which you can craft many lluxurious llamas.
  • The basic versions of the Regular Centaur, Meownt, Pemblock, and Shmeep mounts are now craftable on the Adventure’s Crafting Bench but no longer drop in the world. In their place, Talisman versions of each now drop and can be used to craft any of the mounts of that type, including the base mount.
  • Corgi Talismans, Centaur Talismans, Shmeep Talismans, and Meownt Talismans are required to craft the special mounts that share their names on the Adventure’s Crafting Bench in place of the basic version of the mount.
  • The descriptions of the talismans have been updated to reflect where they drop.
  • The Regular Centaur, Meownt, Pemblock, and Shmeep mounts will also Loot Collect into the Talisman version.

New Dungeons
  • New Neon City Dungeon from Evilagician!
  • New Treasure Isles Dungeon from BrianVII!
  • New Cursed Lair from FiplyLonePly!
  • New Shadow Tower Dungeon from Pennry!

Additional Updates
  • Fixed Gunslinger Charged Shot to apply decreased descent.
  • Fixed bug where boss abilities triggered too frequently.
  • Legendary tomes now require the same amount of dungeons to fill as regular ones.
  • The amount of Chaos Cores that are gained from Loot Collecting Premium Collectable Chaos Chest prizes has been reduced, from 7 to 6.
  • One week out of every 4 will now have a megacore as the chase prize for the week and no new chaos collectible.
  • Shadow Pinatas now have a very rare chance to drop from chaos chests!
  • Mastery has been doubled (from 50 to 100) on the Cyclone Skimmer and Neverending Necrowmancer mounts. Players who have already these mounts collected will receive the incremental 50 Mastery. (Squeakers will eventually get this change as well.)
  • Untradable Class Coins now Loot Collect into 3 Double Experience Potions. Please note: the Double Experience Potions do not currently display how much time is remaining after you consume them. This should be corrected in the next patch. The time will only count down while you are online.
  • Experience Boost stat is now called Experience Gain and has a base value of 100 instead of 0. This is for the new Double Experience Potions, so it has a value to double.
  • Removed a warning message when changing auras on Stellar weapons.
  • When splitting an inventory stack, the input box correctly receives the keyboard focus.
  • Spring has sprung for the hub!
  • Updated Market Place comparison to show values < 1.
  • The scroll speed for chat has been normalized.
  • Fixed an issue where the ignore list would sometimes show the wrong name for players.
  • Navigation menu can be opened regardless of whether the inventory is also open.
  • Daughter of the Moon geysers now clean-up after twenty four seconds and no longer persist the entire duration of the fight.
  • Deconstructing Rare, Epic, Relic, and Resplendent Rings now rewards appropriate amounts of Flux based on rarity.
  • Number of charges now stays constant when using an ultimate ability with the Vial of Unleashed Power equipped.
  • The Fancy Carpet mount no longer adopts player movement speed as its gliding speed.
  • The Runecrafting bench description in the Adventurer's Crafting Bench has been corrected.
  • Fixed bug where Neon Ninja class gem shiruken would not deal damage when more than one hit in rapid succession.
  • Fixed bug where killing invaders didn't always increment the Invaders Killed stat.
  • Fixed a bug that could allow creation of Marketplace listings with larger than 9999 quantity.
  • Fixed very rare issue where the Marketplace could get into a state where it took payments for listings but never handed over the purchased items.
  • Fixed bug where no respawn text was shown after dying in the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug with /timelapseend.
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Re: Сегодня состоится релиз консольных версий Trove

Помню когда-то давно я купил доступ в альфу за 30 баксов в эту игру.

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