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Re: Sacred Fire - Пошаговая психологическая RPG от Poetic Studio

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Heya! Thanks again for supportig ATOM, Andrej :) Looking forward to more info on Sacred Fire!

I was happy to back a great project. It looks very promising.

Meanwhile, we've been busy working on Sacred Fire. As over the summer most of the work was done on the script, here's a short update about it.

The final script has 13 chapters, 70 scenes and 11 different endings. Some of them are victories, some of them not so much and there’s a tragic one you have to work hard to avert. There are 30 different combat encounters and 10 stealth missions. Many of them can be avoided, if you prefer to resolve conflict peacefully.

They contain setting traps, planning ambushes and sabotages. There are plenty of one on one duels and two big battles. There are roughly 25 scenes where your actions decide about life and death of your companions. And more than 50 differences if you play as a female character.

How do we keep track of all the nuances and branches?

What really helps is to create a short treatment on the story. It’s a shortened and simplified version of the script that tells the whole story on a couple of pages. It’s now full of comments and marks for the different variants. This serves as the guide when implementing the scenes in the game.


Sacred Fire: Psychological RPG about revenge and loyalty
Develop your inner strength in a tactical choice-driven RPG inspired by Caledonia.

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