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Re: Обновление "Celestial Storm" добавило в RIFT новую зону

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A powerful area of effect healer who can twist and bends the threads of fate to divert harm, adjusting the very flow of time itself to bring back their largest and most powerful healing spells!

A damage dealer who summons beasts of the wilds to augment their powerful swings with primal force. They deal with single targets incredibly well, and tear through their foes with bestial efficiency!

A stealthy burst damage dealer who emerges from the shadows to unleash death and fire upon their foes, striking with the fury of an Apex Predator! Their victory is assured because of the speed and ferocity of their strikes.

A support who bends the elements of Life and Air to empower and embolden their allies. Bringing the force of a storm under control to aid their adventures makes the Mystic a powerful member of any group!

A prophecy of doom, a war between destruction and tyranny, and the destruction of an alpine paradise by the clash of cosmic powers:
is the war being waged in Vostigar Peaks. The Storm Queen Crucia has descended upon the Comet of Ahnket to end the threat of the Tenebrean Tower. Victory for either side is not certain, but one thing remains clear: no matter who wins, Telara and the Ascended

Vostigar Peaks was once a beautiful mountain realm from the Plane of Life, where the flora residents guarded seculuded glens of power and mystery. Now the Storm Legion controls much of its ancient hillsides, and those that do not bow to Crucia still feed the Legions appetite for power one way or another. As terrifying as the Storm Legion is, the forces of the Tenebreans may still be worse. While to this point Ahnket has been content to observe and study the Ascended, once she engaged in battle Ahnket would burn the very laws of magic itself to fuel her ambition for total domination of the cosmos.

Travel with the Defiant general Asha Catari and her elusive mentor Orphiel Farwind— the recently revealed Tenebrean trickster— as they help the Ascended of Telara find a lasting peace, or failing that, an endless war to occupy their enemies.

The Tartaric Depths Normal difficulty mode is now open! Players can enter the new portal located near the LFR portal in Ashenfell. New challenges and loot await you!

Tartaric Depths Normal will be unlocked for all at
12pm PDT / 7PM UTC

Summer is here and it's time for fun in the sun! All your favorite activities have returned, like scavenger hunts and artifact pinatas! The festivities begin on
Friday July 21st at 3:30 PM
server time. With Summerfest comes...

* New Outfits and Vanity Weapons: Carriage Livery, Coral weapons, Fairy Catcher Pack, and more!
* New Seals!
* New weapon VFX runes

* Dimension Key: Turnis River Bunker
* Dimension VFX: Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles
* Dimension Terrain Paint Recipes: Vostigar Peaks and Scatherran Forest


* There are now a total of 30 Bank Vaults for purchase!
* Our very long menu list of Target Marks have been reorganized into 3 separate Mark Target submenus for easier use. There is a separate menu for Numbers, Roles, and Symbols.
* Fixed a bug that could cause ascended items to interfere with mentoring.
* Fixed an issue preventing players from using /loadequip with certain unique items. Now, players may use the /loadequip command if the unique items in different sets are in the same slot.
- IE: Having a unique earring in your first earring slot means that any other equipment sets must also have the unique earring in the first slot for /loadequip to work.

* Artifact Mission rewards have been totally reworked!
* Character level now has some impact on artifact rewards.
* Long and Premium missions now give 4 artifacts each now.
* Long missions give access to Standard, Twisted, and Fishing artifacts of all rarities.
* Premium missions give access to Unstable, Poison, Burning, Nightmare, Special (mostly Chronicle), and Bounty artifacts of all rarities.
* Some artifacts sets, such as those from World Events, no longer are returned via Minion Missions.
* Finally, rewards have been updated to include artifacts released up through the launch of Prophecy of Ahnket!

* Presets have been updated, and now have suggested Legendary choices!
* As Masteries can be changed at will, they no longer reset when purchasing a soul reset.

* Mastery: Punishing Strike cooldown reduced to 8 seconds.

* Condensed Obliteration should no longer fire when the Cleric dies.
* Sigil of Ruin and Sigil of Binding no longer benefit from Dominion.

* Righteous Protection mastery will now only trigger when consuming the Resounding Blow buff as expected.
* Legendary Resounding Blow now correctly affects all abilities rather than just melee abilities.
* Nature's Edict debuff increased to 7% per stack (up from 3%).
* Eruption of Life secondary damage increased by roughly 65%.
* Legendary Resounding Blow no longer incorrectly boosts Fae Mimicry damage.
* Legendary Resounding Blow damage bonus reduced to 75%.
* Legendary Fervent Strike bonus increased to 15% for 60s. Bonus doubled on elemental damage.

* Legendary Icy Blow now affects all elemental damage (up from just Air and Water).

* Eternal Weapon: Should now only consume stacks on abilities that can benefit from the proc.

* Archon's Bulwark: Damage buff generated by Primary Bolts has been increased to 100%.
* The following abilities no longer apply a penalty to the Mage when cast. Additionally, the mage now benefits from these Auras: Arcane Aegis, Burning Purpose, Shared Vigor, Vitality of Stone.
* The following abilities no longer incorrectly appear multiple times in the spellbook: Searing Vitality, Patron's Rage

* Conduit of Power has been buffed in the following ways:
- Air Elemental - Increased damage buff to 30% (Up from 25%).
- Water Elemental - CDR increased to 35% (Up from 15%).
- Fire Elemental - Channeled spell bonus also applies to spells who had cast times.
- Earth Elemental - Damage reduction increased to 25% (up from 15%).

* Fixed a typo in Ablative Crystals.

* Deathly Calling now correctly always has a stack limit of 5 without Legendary Condemn.

* Legendary Flame Volley now deals substantially more damage. (Roughly 65% more.)
* Pyromancer's Armor's damage bonus is doubled on critical hits.
* Legendary Fire Storm: Now causes primary bolts to apply the vulnerability to affected targets for 10 seconds.

* Legendary Conflux no longer has a stack limit. It now lasts its full duration.


* Legendary Flamewalker damage bonus doubled for Maelstrom abilities and ability is now instant cast."

* Cultivate is now correctly tagged as a Fury ability.

* Legendary Molten Wave has been reworked and now is an instant cast damage over time effect on a single target. It increases damage taken from fire and earth by 10% per stack (max 3). This bonus is tripled for vulcanist abilities.

* Eternal Weapon: Mortal Edge no longer breaks polymorph effects.
* Eternal Weapon: Buffs granted by Rogue Eternal weapon now last 10s. This prevents them from dropping immediately while below 75 energy.

* Poison Malice tooltip updated to clarify that it has a 1m cooldown after the buff ends.

* Planar Replenishment Mastery will now cast the correct version of Motif of Regeneration.
* Legendary Motif of Regeneration now only stacks 3 times and heals for 60% of the potential heal over time when cast with full stacks.

* Legendary Targeting Telemetry now affects Tactician Torrents.

* Rejuvenate Passive now correctly appears in the spellbook.
* Legendary Call: Razorbeast is now tagged as a buff in the UI.

* Fixed a bug involving Saboteur and mentoring.


* Gaping Wounds - Cooldown reduced to 15s.

* Light's Balm smart casting now works as expected.

* Legendary Rift Burst will now correctly show its cooldown when the player has no attack points.

* Legendary A Quick Death: Now can be used on targets below 60% hp. Damage increased by roughly 13%.
* Legendary Ready Posture: Damage bonus of A Quick Death Procs increased to 300%. Number of casts reduced to 1. The internal cooldown of this effect has been reduced drastically.


* The temp ability "Enter the Light of Draum" will now be removed on leaving the instance.

* Adjusted the damage reduction of certain bosses to better reflect their intended function.
* Fixed a reported issue in Ananke where players where supposedly able to get to the Maelfernus waiting area ahead of Tasuil without triggering Tasuil to teleport to the fight area.

* Adjusted the damage reduction of certain bosses to better reflect their intended function.
* Implemented a possible fix to prevent the last boss in Tuath’de Coven normal from unexpectedly resetting.
* Corrected minor text errors.


* Instanced daily quest titles now begin with "A Celestial Tale".
* The weekly quest "Celestial Tales" description now directs players to complete the Celestial Tale daily quests.
* Prophecy of Ahnket weekly quests now award sparkles if you are on the quest Phenomenal Sparkles!
* The Eternal Weapon: Feeding the Beast:
- Killing the War Bulwark during the zone event The Battle Of Cape Jule now correctly increments the objective to kill colossi. Thanks to Barbinrehard!
- Defeating the Nug Battler Nug during the zone event The Craft of Conflict now correctly increments the objective to kill colossi.

* Quest: Mael Salach: Added missing boss immunities to Mael Salach.

* Warden Xilmarth should no longer rest after using Horn Gore.

* The Eternal Weapon active upgrade requirement to defeat Malannon now counts both the LFR and normal versions.

* The Dimensions window now has Menu options to show Cross Shard dimensions for Weekly and All time best.