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Re: Sacred Fire - Пошаговая психологическая RPG от Poetic Studio


I wanted also to expand on the description of the NPCs in the voting pool. It list traits like Diehard, Leader, Genius, Intoxicating and Likeable. We call them elite traits and there is 5 of them and they define your playstyle, as they predispose you to solve conflicts in a certain way. Be it force, skill, smarts, looks or empathy. You can pick 2 in character creation and thus create your unique playstyle. Here are the descriptions:

Diehard - Your body is relentless, always ready to fight, to endure and to prevail. With this Trait you can go further, climb higher and fight harder, carving your own legend.

Leader - People feel drawn to you, as you have a natural ability to lead, inspire and achieve great things. Although there is no party of NPCs to lead, this Trait gives you power over yourself and others

Genius - You have the gift of insight. Your mind can walk paths no one has taken before. No matter where you start with your abilities, with this Trait, you will ultimately triumph

Intoxicating - You posses the gift of a unique, almost otherworldly beauty. This Trait will bring you Affection and Renown, but also Envy and Hate

Likeable - Authentic and graceful, you naturally attune yourself to others and easily win people over. Winning people over can take you further then any other talent

Btw. this morning was a nice surprise: we made it into the top 20 on Steam Greenlight, with over 3,000 YES votes, we reached #18.
Thank you all :) it shouldn't take long now, but we appreciate every fan, so if you like what you see, please please vote for us now.

Sacred Fire: Psychological RPG about revenge and loyalty
Develop your inner strength in a tactical choice-driven RPG inspired by Caledonia.
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