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Nature 27.11.2015 08:47

Патч за 1 декабря
New God Skins

Demonsoul & Ebonsoul Serqet

The Ebonsoul skin variant is available only for a limited time in the Demonic Pack bundle. This is a limited promotion, and after December 15th, Ebonsoul will no longer be available.

Diva Aphrodite

Steel Scarab Khepri (Odyssey Week 13)

Father Time Chronos (New Year’s Chest, December 8th)

Isis Mastery

New Voice Packs

  • Demonsoul & Ebonsoul Serqet

  • Diva Aphrodite

  • Steel Scarab Khepri

  • Father Time Chronos

Updated Cards


Isis Mastery


  • Bakasura
    • The Butcher
      • Get 3 kills on enemy gods with the damage from Butcher Blades.
    • My Minion
      • Eat 25 minions using Eat Minion in a single match.
  • Sol
    • Supernova
      • Hit an enemy with all 8 strikes of Supernova
    • Disparate
      • Stun 2 or more enemy gods with the trail from Disapparate.
  • Thanatos
    • Death from Above
      • Execute 3 or more enemies in a single match using Hovering Death.
    • Reaper of Souls
      • Silence 15 enemies out of their abilities.


  • We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Clash Beta! The game-mode is going offline (December 1st) for revisions based on feedback and performance. More information on the game mode will be available in the future. We hope you all enjoyed your time in Clash!


  • Co-Op – Medium Difficulty
    “In this patch, we are introducing a more challenging Co-Op experience by converting all four of the existing Co-Op queues to a Medium difficulty. This difficulty is by no means going to challenge the higher level players, but is meant to give a more enjoyable option to the average and new players as they become more comfortable with SMITE.“
    • For now, all of our existing Co-Op queues will be converted to the Medium difficulty, with the addition of a new Arena (Easy) queue that will continue to be recommended for our new players.
      • Co-Op queues:
        • Arena (Easy)
        • Arena (Medium)
        • Joust 3v3 (Medium)
        • Conquest (Medium)
        • Assault (Medium)
    • All of the rewards for playing the Co-Op queues will remain the same.
    • All of the Practice queues will remain at the Easy difficulty.
  • Logitech Illumination Effects
    • Added option to Enable/Disable in Options → Controls.
    • Default will be off.
  • VGS Enhancements
    • VVGD will now show how many seconds left till your Ultimate will be available.
  • Change to how other player skins are shown on low spec PCs.
    • Now only engages when on 32-bit machines on Minimum World Detail settings (requires restart).
  • Updated Hunter Standard/Arena Recommended Item builds.
    • Ninja Tabi → Warrior Tabi.
    • Bluestone → Death’s Toll.

“This is an exciting time of year as we prepare for the SMITE World Championships and start designing larger changes for Season 3. With those two events coming up early in 2016, the balance changes in this patch are very much focused around having a solid competitive experience to wrap up Season 2.”

God Changes

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...15/05/1773.jpg Anhur
It’s been a little while since Anhur had some love. We wanted it to be more rewarding to land all eight hits of Desert Fury, and adding 5% scaling per hit should allow this ability to feel more potent when used effectively.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...1773_82011.jpg Desert Fury

  • Increased Physical Power scaling for 15% → 20% per shot.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...ardarachne.jpg Arachne
http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...699_105701.jpg Web

  • Arachne no longer loses web trails when her target becomes CC immune.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...15/05/2047.jpg Bellona

  • Fixed her T-posing in certain situations.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...2047_11127.jpg Shield Bash

  • Increased Mana cost from 60 → 75.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we.../11/Chiron.png Chiron
Chiron was galloping past some of the other Hunters when it came to his overall performance, so we wanted to curb away some of that horsepower to rein him in (puns intended). With these adjustments he will be making his grand entrance into League play.


  • Chiron no longer counts as a Healer for Assault.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...Chiron_A01.jpg Training Exercise

  • Reduced damage from 70/125/180/235/290 → 70/120/170/220/270.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...Chiron_A02.jpg Masterful Shot

  • Increased Cooldown from 14/13/12/11/10s → 14s at all ranks.
  • Reduced Slow from 25/27.5/30/32.5/35% → 25% at all ranks.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...Chiron_A03.jpg Giddyup!

  • Fixed cancelling ability and still having no movement penalty.
  • Fixed rank 5 dealing True Damage instead of Physical.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...15/05/1718.jpg Hel
Hel’s become very popular in the current meta, and this popularity has highlighted the potency of Inspire. No longer a sleeper, Hel’s getting an adjustment to the scaling of her Heal, and the Cooldown of her primary burst.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we.../1718_9185.jpg Repulse (Inspire)

  • Reduced Magical Scaling on Inspire (Heal) from 50% → 30%.
  • Increased Cooldown on Repulse and Inspire from 10s → 12s.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we.../08/khepri.jpg Khepri
Round four on Khepri! The Hug Bug continues to dominate, and overall it’s thrilling to see one of our most true support characters excel. That said, the changes below should help put him better in line with a reduction to Rising Dawn Protections and removing an element of Scarab’s Blessing that was a bit more than it needed to offer.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...15/08/sk-2.png Rising Dawn

  • Reduced Damage Reduction from 20/25/30/35/40% → 10/15/20/25/30%.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...15/08/sk-4.png Scarab’s Blessing

  • No longer provides Power.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...15/05/1958.jpg Nu Wa
http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...1958_10362.jpg Fire Shards

  • Fixed voice lines not playing when casting ability for all skins.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...15/05/1881.jpg Poseidon
http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we.../1881_8705.jpg Release the Kraken!

  • Fixed build up sound fx not playing correctly on Dread Beard skin.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...fault_Icon.png Sol
Just a small adjustment to Sol this patch. Overall we’re happy with her performance, but felt the length of the Slow didn't pair well with the difficulty of application.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...ns_Sol_A02.jpg Stellar Burst

  • Mana cost increased from 60/65/70/75/80 → 70/75/80/85/90.
  • Slow duration reduced from 2s → 1.5s.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...15/05/1924.jpg Tyr
Tyr often struggled to compete early on against other laners, especially since he needed to invest a point into his stance switch. By increasing the base damage on Power Cleave, he should be in a better position to box enemies and clear minions more effectively.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we.../1924_9013.jpg Power Cleave

  • Increased damage from 60/100/140/180/220 → 80/115/150/185/220.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...fault_Icon.png Xing Tian
Xing Tian has continued to perform exceptionally well. His high base damage numbers and % damage option allowed him to build exceptionally defensive while still being a top damage dealer. The changes below are designed to bring his Health more in-line with aggressive Guardians, and take the edge off of the damage he deals while also applying Crowd Control.


  • Reduced Health per level from 100 → 90.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...2072_11829.jpg Hook Slam

  • Axe Damage 30/50/70/90/110 → 30/45/60/75/90.
  • Slam Damage reduced from 60/100/140/180/220 → 60/90/120/150/180.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...dxbalanque.jpg Xbalanque
Xbalanque has long performed at the top of the competitive Hunter pack, and has been one of the most dominate late-game carries. His high ability damage has also made him potent through the early and mid-game, and combined with his reach very difficult to deal with.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we.../1864_8524.jpg Poison Darts

  • Reduced damage per Dart from 30/50/70/90/110 → 30/45/60/75/90.
  • Reduced Physical scaling on additional Poison Damage from 20% → 10%.

http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we...15/05/1672.jpg Zeus
http://hzweb.hi-rezgame.net/smite-we.../1672_8635.jpg Chain Lightning

  • Increased bounce delay from 0.2s → 0.3s.

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