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Named after one of the co-creators of the first Caldari warp drive, the Sotiyo-Urbaata Drive, the Sotiyo serves as a mega-scale manufacturing and assembly site for everything from subcapital ships and modules, up to supercapital class hulls. The Sotiyo is the Engineering Complex fit for megacorporations in the Upwell Consortium’s new line of structures, and is able to use Upwell's Standup Service modules, allowing flexibility and customization of its functions. This dedicated industrial structure also provides access to Upwell’s XL-Set line of rigs designed to improve productivity and optimization of various aspects of manufacturing and research. Due to its extra-large size this engineering complex can accommodate construction of supercapital ships using the Standup Supercapital Shipyard I Service Module. The Sotiyo provides tethering technology and has docking capabilities for capital-size ships and below.

Ship bonus:
  • While this structure has at least one online service module it enters full power mode and will gain increased shield and armor hitpoints and an extra reinforcement cycle.
  • 1% reduction in material requirements for manufacturing jobs
  • 5% reduction in ISK requirements for manufacturing and science jobs
  • 25% reduction in Engineering Service Module fuel consumption
  • 30% reduction in time requirements for manufacturing and science jobs
  • 30% bonus to the rate of fire and capacitor consumption of Standup Burst Projectors and Guided Bomb Launchers
  • Mass50000000000 kg
  • Volume800000 m3
  • Armor Hitpoints48000000 HP
  • Shield Capacity48000000 HP
  • Shield recharge time1,000,000,000.00 sec
  • Structure Hitpoints72000000 HP
  • Capacitor Capacity400000 GJ
  • Capacitor Recharge time7,200.00 sec
  • Signature Radius150000 m
  • Maximum Targeting Range400.00 km
  • Maximum Locked Targets8
  • ECM Resistance0.00001 %
  • Scan Resolution45 mm
  • Capacitor Warfare Resistance0.00001 %
  • Remote Electronic Assistance Impedance75000 %
  • Shield damage resistance
    20 %
    20 %
    20 %
    20 %
  • Armor damage resistance
    20 %
    20 %
    20 %
    20 %
  • Structure damage resistance
    20 %
    20 %
    20 %
    20 %
  • Sensor strength
    500 points
    500 points
    500 points
    500 points
  • CPU output38000 tf
  • Powergrid Output3000000 MW
  • Calibration400 points
  • Launcher Hardpoints3
  • High Slots6
  • Medium Slots4
  • Low Slots3
  • Rig sizeX-Large
  • Rig Slots3