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Subject: Prototype Nation Vessel (ID:Shadow) Military Specifications: Heavy Fighter class vessel. Moderate microwarp velocity. Enhanced weapons systems. Reverse-engineering has been made possible through salvage of specific Sansha's Nation vessels. Additional Intelligence: At this initial stage conclusions are hard to form, but early indications from the recovery of three individual bomber pilots – all of them heavily augmented – strongly indicates that these crew members are the same planetary abductees found in other Nation prototype vessels. Cross-referencing recovered DNA with missing persons reports has so far revealed little, though even at this stage the origin of these pilots is in little doubt. Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0107. DED Special Operations.Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.
  • Mass2000 kg
  • Volume1800 m3
  • Inertia Modifier500 x
  • Maximum Velocity543 m/sec
  • Shield Capacity5500 HP
  • Shield recharge time1,000.00 sec
  • Structure Hitpoints100 HP
  • Signature Radius100 m
  • Tech level1 lvl
  • Maximum Targeting Range60.00 km
  • Maximum Locked Targets6
  • Scan Resolution520 mm
  • Meta level8 lvl
  • Ship Warp Speed1.5 AU/sec
  • Shield damage resistance
    0 %
    0 %
    0 %
    0 %
  • Sensor strength
    8 points
    0 points
    0 points
    0 points
  • Heavy Fighters1 lvl
  • Fighters1 lvl