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Просмотр полной версии : Missions and you, a brief introduction

10.11.2005, 22:47
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Hi all, I’m Bert Harvey, one of the mission designers on Pirates of the Burning Sea. I come to Flying Lab from Monolith Production’s The Matrix Online, where I worked on the test team, designed missions, and wrote articles for the MxO webpage under the handle errorcode. Being one of the new guys (read – low man on the totem pole) and having some experience writing web articles, I was asked to give a brief overview of our mission system and talk about just what Pirates of the Burning Sea is going to offer players hungry for PvE adventures.

First, let me start off by saying the mission design tool is, simply put, amazing. From a designer stand-point it’s a wonderfully robust and flexible tool that lets me practically get away with anything my imagination (or rum-induced hallucinations) can come up with. We have a very talented dev staff to thank for this wonderful tool and now it falls to the mission design staff to use it for good.

Now, you may wonder how this matters to you. It does, trust me. If you’ve ever played a game and gotten frustrated because every mission seemed to be “same old, same old”, then you probably ran into a mission design team hampered with a limited or difficult mission tool. They could be the most amazingly brilliant folks on earth, but if they don’t have a tool that lets them actually be creative, they’re stuck. The mission team on Pirates is fortunate in that we have great tools to work with while creating our missions for your enjoyment.

Now, saying all that, let’s talk about the missions themselves. Generally speaking, all missions will come from one of our varied and colorful cast of characters inhabiting any one of our numerous ports. The mission I’ll use as my example here is given by a naval officer and starts with the NPC displaying the mission to the player. The mission is named Rum Runners. When the player clicks on the mission they are interested in, the NPC fills them in on some details regarding the mission. Rum Runners is a straightforward blockade mission, where the player is tasked with helping the local navy stop smugglers from making landfall and avoiding the local tariffs. The NPC also mentions payment for the mission, which is sure to be a large motivating factor for many players.

If they choose to accept the mission the player is then told where to go to intercept the smugglers. Should the player want to review the details of the mission, there is a mission window they can call up. This window displays both a quick summary of what the player needs to accomplish right now as well as a longer, more detailed summary of the mission they are on. We never leave the player guessing as to what to do next.

With destination in hand, the player sails in the navigation zone to the small harbor they are tasked with defending. They enter the instanced mission zone and arrive alongside naval allies, then are assigned a patrol route that takes them across the mouth of the bay. Before walking the line gets dull, smugglers show up and engage the blockade. Now it falls to the player to help stop the smugglers from reaching their destination. The player can attempt to disable and board them or blow them out of the water; the navy is happy with either outcome.

The player maneuvers back and forth, tacking for position to bring their guns to bear on the smugglers while the NPC naval ships engage a pair of surprise reinforcements that arrive on the smugglers’ side. When the smoke of combat clears and the player sails victorious they now need to head back to the naval officer who gave them the mission and see about a little matter of payment for a day’s hard work.

And that, my fine friends, is just the smallest of small inklings of what our missions have in store. Maybe I’ll be able to post again with details on a more complex and involved mission to whet your collective whistles.

Till then . . .

Bert Harvey

10.11.2005, 23:17
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11.11.2005, 13:56
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15.11.2005, 08:32
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